The importance of food and water in 'The Division', plus player communication

There is quite a lot we do not yet know about The Division and we discovered some brand-new information that may help explain some of what we do not know.

The game seems to have a strong survival element to it and Axel Rydby, who is The Division's design director, talked about how important food and water are going to be to players, and in what ways.

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princejb1341559d ago

I want this game so bad. This is my most anticipated game for next year

listenkids1559d ago

I'll hazard a guess, regrettably, that this won't hit til 2015.

malokevi1559d ago

I hope they take all the time they need to make is as incredible as it's shaping up to be.

JetsFool35001559d ago

Amazon says December 2014 but I think its a placeholder

zRude1559d ago

I'm really happy they decided to bring this game on PC as well.

_cyrax1559d ago

DAMN this game is going to be awesome

HighResHero1559d ago

I want to see some video of this game!
Really hoping for at least one mode with no health regen.

XiSasukeUchiha1559d ago

Damn realism in the game this going to be amazing

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