Amazon Japan Received New “Sizable” Allocation of PS4, But Was Sold Out Again

Japan is preparing for the local release of the PS4, scheduled to come in about 70 days, and the local branch of Amazon announced that on December the 9th that it received a new allocation of PS4 units with the tweet you can see below.

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NatureOfLogic1459d ago

Will be the best selling console ever in Japan.

Eonjay1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Hard to say. The system has been the best selling console launch in every country it has encountered (except for Australia). Japan is probably the hardest to predict out of everyone. I think a healthy goal would be 500k Day One.

liquidhalos1458d ago

So is the PS4 sold out everywhere? Man im feeling rather lucky i remembered to preorder this time around

SIX1459d ago

Indeed. Hot cakes comes to mind.

TheEnigma3131459d ago

I don't think Sony was expecting the PS4 to sell this much so fast. The supply and demand is crazy.

Lovable1459d ago

They do...They're just slow at producing it. We step up our game as a consumer, step up your game as a supplier!

frostypants1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

It's not up to them entirely. It's also up to the suppliers of the parts. If some factory in BFE China can't produce some 2-dollar EX4472642 UltraWidget capacitor fast enough, then they are SOL.

Supply chain management is hard.

rainslacker1459d ago

Yeah, they're really slouching by only producing a million per months.

pwnsause_returns1459d ago

yea... Its safe to say this thing is going to break 5 million before March..

TheEnigma3131459d ago

The ball is n their court. They'll definitely get there, it just matters how fast they can produce them.

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The story is too old to be commented.