Battlefield 4 Xbox One Game Update Available Now

Bill Lavoy (Prima Games): It may be a few days after the PS4, but Xbox One players finally have their Battlefield 4 game update. Although all platforms have experienced hiccups, Xbox One watched as its next gen counterparts received two game updates. Well, the wait is over and the details are in. Check out the full list of fixes below.

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bacrec11682d ago

They can go ahead and fix the campaign glitch. It completely erased my file. Twice.

atlys1681d ago

They did. I had the same problem but I'm happy to say I was finally able to finish the campaign this morning.

Ashby_JC1681d ago

I almost didn't bother with the sp based on reviews saying it wasn't good. And one review even said the characters were forgettable.

I disagree...Irish, Hannah, poc...The crazy Russian dude....etc...I really liked the sp.

I was really thinking....Dan
Damn...that's it....that's the ending. I wanted more!!! 7/10

I usually never finish cod, bf sp modes. This mau be the first. I think the reason is I understood the story. Where some games are just hard to follow.

malokevi1681d ago

Thats a great list. If it all works as intended, the game is fixed. Off to give it a try.

Ashby_JC1681d ago

I played last issues. I believe I did download the update.about to go play some today.

GearSkiN1681d ago

Duuude this update made it worst for me!! Can't even join a game wtf

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The story is too old to be commented.