Top 50 Games of the Last Generation | 10 - 2

Dealspwn: "Here we are, folks. The Top 10 Games of Last Generation. Well... the top nine. These are the games that (a really small sample of) democracy has chosen. When we look back on the past seven years, these are the games we'll remember -- the titles that will come to epitomise generation six, for us anyway.

We have multiplayer mainstays here, some of the finest storytelling to grace any medium, we have an indie smash hit that shook the industry to its very core and changed things forever, we have Rockstar's finest game of the generation (no GTA in sight), and two peerless RPGs fighting out to the very last. Welcome to the final countdown..."

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xHeavYx1556d ago

I got an uneasy feeling when I realized there is no COD so far, but I'll wait till they show the #1 before I lose my mind

MestreRothN4G1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Did you get which one is the first game? The greatest game missing?

I won't say to avoid ruining their next article. They have a heart of gold. I won't let me take it.

Then again, it also could be a much played multiplayer game, the 4th in the franchise... I seriously hope not, despite it being the most important and influential game of the gen by far, on par with its 6th entry.


Really interested in what number 1 could be...most of the big shots are used already. Galaxy 2 maybe?