Ryse Son of Rome vs. Deep Down: The Next-Gen Matchup

Take a trip to Ancient Rome or crawl through New York dungeons in 2094? Ryse: Son of Rome and Deep Down are exclusive titles for Xbox One and PS4, respectively. How do these action-adventure RPGs compare to one another?

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Bigpappy1710d ago

What I think I would like about Deep Down is that I will have more RPG elements and exploration. But I like Ryse's macho aggression and brutality.

hellzsupernova1708d ago

This will only lead to fanboy rants, can we not do this.

And if you have to compare deep down to anything compare it to ac cause there was that future shot of the apartment.

Revolt131708d ago

I think it looks a lot like dark souls to be honest

JohnnyTower1708d ago

They are almost a year apart and there isn't even a playable demo of deep down yet. This is comparing apples and oranges.

360ICE1708d ago

Agree. Almost every screenshot comparison is, though.

Except this one:

SolidDuck1708d ago

I haven't played Ryse, but from what I've seen and heard, it's a fun , pretty, but kinda shallow experience. And with deep down being F2P, I don't think it will end up being great either. If we're talking rpgs I think the witcher 3 and the new dragon age will be much better games. And I don't know what to think about the elder schrolls online yet.

1708d ago
asyouburn1708d ago

"Like Deep Down’s slow-paced gameplay, Sony is running a slower console race. The company launched its console in two countries. Xbox One, on the other hand, is running a fast race, quickly outselling PS4 on black Friday and launching in 13 countries across the globe. "

Wtf are you on about, dude

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