EA Sports Releases New UFC Screenshots, Roster Reveal Incoming

EA Sports UFC gets new screenshots and details on a full roster reveal.

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I am interested in this game but I need fight night to come back.

LOGICWINS1712d ago

I really liked Fight Night Champion, but it was marred by a few issues.

Isaac Frost is one of the most frustrating, unenjoyable bosses to fight of ALL TIME.

There are too many flash knockdowns as well. I think devs wrote a code in the game that gives you a higher probability of getting knocked down if your ahead in the fight...just to make the fight interesting.

There were glitches as well. Me and the other fighter would be slugging it out and the crowd booed. Or I hit the fighter with only body shots, but damage appears on my opponent's face.

LOGICWINS1712d ago

Best character models this gen...and its not even finished yet. AMAZING! I'll have to set some money aside for this and the Witcher 3.

MADGameR1712d ago

I CANNOT WAIT for this game! I'm an MMA fan as well as a gamer. I am very excited and am definately picking up the PS4 before Spring hits.

Clover9041711d ago

See you online MAD... I loved EA MMA, loved schooling people using overpowered Creat-A-Fighters online using Randy Couture.

One of my favorite moments was when I foolishly used up all my stamina, and I KNEW my opponent was going to take me down and mount me (it was impossible to get a seasoned player off from full mount). Sure enough he went for the takedown, and I countered with a guillotine. Ten seconds later he was tapping out. Haha, his raging messages made the victories even sweeter. Moments like this is what the Share button was made for. Cannot wait!

curtis921712d ago

Glad they're giving this proper next gen treatment

Outlaw19861712d ago

Wonder if I should get this on xbox one or ps4?

LOGICWINS1712d ago

The XB1 version might implement Kinect in some unique/cool ways. You may want to consider that if your deciding between the two versions. I'll be sticking with the PS4 version since I prefer the symmetrical analog sticks for fighting games.

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The story is too old to be commented.