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The Gran Turismo series has been Sony's "go to" driving games for 15 years. The sixth title in the series was announced on the 15th anniversary of the original release. This announcement received some negative feedback as GT6 was to be released on the PS3 and not the next-gen PS4. Luckily, GT6 pushes the PS3 beyond its limits as it looks as close to next-gen as possible. Offering the biggest library to date and a new physics engine that changes how every car drives, this is the best Gran Turismo to date.

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mewhy321799d ago

Gran Turismo has always been the best simulator racer. I kinda wish that it would have released on PS4 instead.

caseh1799d ago

Day one purchase for me had it been on PS4, guess i'll have to wait for Driveclub

abzdine1799d ago

nice review.. i love GT can't wait to buy it.
i'm still playing GT5 having a blast.

Keyser1799d ago

Time to go back through the couch cushions and dust up my panhandling sign.

VonBraunschweigg1799d ago

There are so many things wrong with this game I understand some reviewers give low scores, but it takes about 2 or 3 corners to forget about that and enjoy the ride like never before. I have a simple Logitech GT wheel mounted on a simple Fanatec wheelstand, the feeling you get with all assist off including the hud and the music, fighting the Nurburgring with the sun going down...

Wow:) that's when I truly love this game, it's just that good.

Jls11799d ago

my only problem with it is not having the 24hr endurance races.

GrizzliS19871799d ago ShowReplies(1)
Pintheshadows1799d ago

I think Gran Turismo 6 is the best racer I have played to date. In fact, it isn't just a racing game, it is an interactive car encyclopedia. A game for car geeks. It is still so beautifully po faced.

It doesn't put you in a supercar straight away as you have to earn that. Not the car itself, but the skill to actually drive it properly. Instead, it shows you the very accurate joy of driving a light, front wheel drive car, with a bit of power, and skinny tyres.

I love it. The cars I am having the most fun in are the Fiat 500 Abarth and the Subaru BRZ (I think it looks better than the GT86 even though they are the same car).

And to the sound critics, you know the ones, they say things like 'the engine sounds are bad' when they have just watched a clip of the Tesla going round the track, I say drive an actual car in anger on a track before you comment. All the piped noises you hear on the likes of Top Gear are not how cars sound in reality. They are edited to make them sound nicer. Why do you think car manufacturers have started piping artificial engine noise into the cabins of cars?

And if you still want to complain go put a new exhaust on your car. Put one on the Shelby GT350 Mustang.

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