Some women are successful at game writing because they’re legitimately better at it than you are

GameZone's Josh Wirtanen writes "Let me tell you a little bit about Britt Brombacher. She runs a site called (and you should totally check it out) where she talks about video games, zombies, and a lot of other nerdy things that are awesome. (She’s also a denizen of several podcasts, including We're Not Dead and the n00bketeers.) To top it off, IGN blogger Holly Grand recently did a neat interview with her.
I promise you, Britt loves video games. Like, she loves loves LOVES them. Like, she plays more games than I do, and I spent over two and a half years writing about video games for a full-time living. So it seems weird to me that random commenters would try to call her out for being a “fake” gamer."

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Why does gender have to be an issue? It should just be an individual thing. If someone is good at something it means they are talented it doesn't mean the opposite group is inferior.

zeal0us1830d ago

Because using the gender, race, religion or nationality card draws more attention and gets more hits.

MestreRothN4G1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )


That's also why in the top5 PS4 streamers always exist at least one with a girl on the background doing nothing at all. But it's enough to put the stream at the top while some clown dances or answers random question in the not-static part of the screen.

Blacktric1830d ago

I love how the article preview paragraph up there is just a few lines of "TRUST ME GUYS! SHE'S A GAYMHURR AND SHE DOES AWESUMMM THINGZZZ!!!!" tier crap. As fifty other people pointed out, gender doesn't matter. Stop trying to bring it into forefront of everything to create controversy.

This is why "white knight journalism" is absolutely the worst goddamn kind.

IcicleTrepan1830d ago

Agreed. Being a good game 'writer', whatever the hell that is, has nothing to do with what gender you are. Nobody cares what gender you are, just bring on the great games.

This is more of this flamebait crap.

slimeybrainboy1830d ago

That's true. But that also means that if a female sucks at writing or whatever, she can't just say it's because she's female. It's better if nooone brings up gender.

Amy Hennig is the woman though, love that Uncharted.

RedHawk021829d ago

Exactly, it shouldn't matter. Those who make it into an issue are morons.

(Spoiler to One Piece...maybe)

P.S. Make sure to beat up Doflamingo, Luffy. Sabo is counting on you.

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-Foxtrot1830d ago

No offence but that IGN commenter has a point, I mean it's the same story with most female gamers these days or writers/gamers in general.

You can't blame people who being skeptical, when video games first started to become bigger with the NES then later even bigger thanks to the PS1 you hardly ever saw female gamers and when you did you knew they were legit and can you be surprised back then gaming was targeted towards men, it was a mans thing, it's why most developers now are mostly male. Now people, men and women like gaming because of a variety of reasons...mostly to fit into this new "geek" culture but with experience in high school, college, Uni and even work it's usually females who do it.

Hell it's even spread to some celebs who look at gaming to stay relevant because the "hot girl geek" works better then most things. Take Felicia Day for example, she obviously uses the gaming industry to keep herself relevant since she's not the kind of actor who's in Hollywood movies or a main character is a highly popular TV series.

joab7771830d ago

Video games are different now...the variety has increased it stands that more ppl in general, and the facts prove, would be playing games now. Yes, it may be dominated by a particular typeof person, but its the same tropes that have defined gamers for a long time now. Today, though, it simply isn't true. U can't paint a broad stroke any longer.

Yeah, I know a couple female gamers that r really good at what they play. I could care less what gender they r. It is also true that marketers and advertisers know how lucrative it can be to infuse a smoking hot girl into the video game atmosphere. This doesn't neccesarily mean that they don't love games as much as men do. I am sure there are cases of women and men using the genre to push their careers...good for them. Like it or not, gaming has become more mainstream. Fortunately, its a huge industry and everyone can carve out their own little corner.

wheresmymonkey1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

this article is insulting to both genders.

kingcasper1830d ago

MASS EFFECT 3 female writers ?

oh yea lol

and how popular is she..

thats all i remember when i hear female and gaming..

-Foxtrot1830d ago

The only good one I can think of is Amy Henning who did Uncharted.

She's the role model for Women in this industry I think

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