'The Division' dev on buying an Xbox One or PS4: 'I play games, not brands'

One of the biggest games that was unveiled at E3 this past June was Tom Clancy's The Division and an extremely common question that consumers, journalists, developers are throwing around is, will you buy an Xbox One or PS4?

While answers to this can cause some uproar from extreme fans of both consoles, The Division's lead game designer Mathias Karlson gave a smart answer to the Xbox One vs. PS4 question.

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Walker1798d ago

But i play games on the which console runs games better, so my choice is the most powerful console on the market or PS4!

darthv721798d ago

And yet it isnt always the power of a system that denotes if a game is fun and entertaining.

some of the most addictive games have been from the least powerful platforms. no fancy graphics or heart thumping sounds but just straight up fun and addictive gameplay.

Fun is subjective when it comes to different people but it is universal when it comes to everyone. Everyone enjoys things that are fun.

zebramocha1798d ago

@ darth which one? As I recall people liked resi 4 on the gc because it was fun and after the ps2 version came out looked better,you really can't use the ps1-2 as an example because they both were released befor any nintendo console excluding the ps3.

Kemistri1798d ago

I'm inclined to agree.

Hardware can only take you so far. It always boils down to the studios that actually develop the titles. This is the key point everyone keeps missing.

Take Nintendo for instance. They generally have what is concerned to be "under-powered" systems, especially when it comes to competing with the consoles put together by Microsoft and Sony. Yet the games they are able to produce still have some of THE BEST art directions and addictive game play of pretty much EVERY generation.

Titanfall is another example. Everyone is going on and on about how it's using a dated Source engine and that it doesn't "look" next-gen. But really, does that matter? I'm in it for the fun GAME PLAY. I think that's literally the only reason why the COD games are so popular as well. Fun overall game play, on yes indeed, a dated graphics engine regardless of the platform.

Another example would be essentially most Crytek games. The engine produces gorgeous visuals, at the cost of overall game play. Which generally struggles to hold my attention for more than half the games produced. I have tried all the Crysis games and the recent Ryse.

At the end of the day, I still look forward to being blown away by visuals and game play. Which is why I hold such studios in such high regard such as Naughty Dog, 343 (yes halo 4 was fun and looked great), Bungie, etc. The studios make the consoles, not the other way around.

riverstars861798d ago

I have PS4 for single player games and Xbox One for online games.

I'll take dedicated servers over better graphics any day of the week.

RuleNumber51798d ago

Couldn't have said it better. It's about the games.

EasilyTheBest1798d ago

I choose the X1 as it has more features than the competition.

Insomnia_841798d ago

We are talking about games here.


It also has more and better new next gen games.

At the moment the xb1 is offering a better gaming experience...which is kind of ironic.

pompombrum1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

^^^ It has better games now maybe but if the last three years is anything to go by, I know where I'd be putting my money if I could only choose one system. The old saying fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me comes to mind.

KingDadXVI1798d ago

For the PS4 You have: Killzone, Knack, Drive Club, Infamous, Daylight, The Order, Outlast, and Uncharted.

For the Xbox One you have: TitanFall, Dead Rising 3, Ryse Son of Rome, Forza 5, Quantum Break, Halo 5, D4, Fable Legends, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, LocoCycle, Killer Instinct, and Max the Curse of Brotherhood.

IMO there is a much better selection of games available now or in 2014 for the Xbox One which is why I got that console first. I will probably get a PS4 next holiday.

Currently PS4 does not have any exclusives that are at the level of TitanFall, Quantum Break, or Halo 5. We will probably have to wait until 2015 for them.

The games really determined which console I bought first.

TH3BR3W1798d ago

@KingDadXVI I'm sorry to say but if a game is coming out for PC as well that does not make it an exclusive. Yes I am talking about titanfall. The rest of those for the moment, yes they are exclusives. Titanfall is not an Xbone exclusive.

BTW Halo doesn't have the same appeal anymore. It's the dead horse of last generations 'Exclusives'. It's Xbox division's way of trying to capitalize on the mouth breathers who still buy that just like they still buy the carbon copied COD games.

Killzone is not safe from that same zone either. It's a dead horse as well. Don't think I am fanboying Sony because they are just as bad in capitalizing on games that should have stayed dead. Forza 5 and GT 6 are suck for the reason being they have now graduated to the MicroTransaction era which will lead to nothing but paying full price for half a game.

Out of all the exclusives the only two that caught my interest (this is solely my opinion and nothing else) are Infamous Second Son and Quantum Break. Will I pick up some of the others? Sure if I'm bored with NHL next year and need something to try out. The order I will check out but I feel failure surrounding the game outside of it's graphics. Is Ryse any good? 6/10 across the bored.

Dead rising 3 seemed fun for about an hour than it got old. Knack was ok but it is like beer, you have to drink it for a while to start liking it. Uncharted is just Tomb Raider without tits IMO. The multiplayer is fun but I was 'meh' about the storyline in all of them.

Fable died after 2. Project spark is a meh at best. Sunset Overdrive *rasberried*. Killer Instinct is all right but we all know a new tekken will cure that one.

I'm tired of typing so I'll just close with:

The line up for the next year from both is pretty bland until Destiny comes out. Lucky enough for everyone except PC players it seems we all get to enjoy that one.

Point I will make about the consoles is that we all have our preferences and I will probably be shunned like a leper just based on my opinions/preferences I stated in this comment. At the end of the day you need to let you control your gaming happiness based on what you like and not what everyone else likes. Why do you think indie games are making a huge statement right now?

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Activemessiah1798d ago

You're right, the XB1 does have more features... expect them to "Flip the switch" back very soon ;)

Majin-vegeta1798d ago

I'm sure people here also play games.But when deciding with what console to go with.You gotta put everything into position.Price,games,support for the system,.

Some us just rather spend are money wisely or we can't afford both systems.


infectedaztec1798d ago

I had that attitude too and went with an xbox. But being a gamer ill prob buy a cheap ps4 went it has games worth buying. May be a while though, i only considered the ps3 when TLOU cane out. Uncharted and GOW doesn't do it for me. Hope the ps4 has a better choice

Joe9131798d ago

This is why this whole thread is stupid the guy was just trying to not sound like a fan boy but most of us buy brands if you got hooked on uncharted, The last of us, God of war, and Infamous and if you want to play the next game in that franchise you are going to go with the Sony brand if you like Gears or Halo then you will go with the Xbox brand yes you can get both consoles but ppl like me do not want to spend $1000 on consoles and even though I think the new kinect features are great Im already invested in Sony franchises and can not justify paying for a Xbox one so far there are only 4 games i want to play on that system in the next year or so unless something pops out of nowhere.