'The Division' dev on buying an Xbox One or PS4: 'I play games, not brands'

One of the biggest games that was unveiled at E3 this past June was Tom Clancy's The Division and an extremely common question that consumers, journalists, developers are throwing around is, will you buy an Xbox One or PS4?

While answers to this can cause some uproar from extreme fans of both consoles, The Division's lead game designer Mathias Karlson gave a smart answer to the Xbox One vs. PS4 question.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1442d ago

Well that's your opinions. I play the cheaper better experience. Which is PS4. I will not pay $100 more for weaker hardware and Kinect which I don't care about at all.

malokevi1442d ago

So, if I am understanding you correctly, you play brands, not games?

Because you prefer one, the thought of gaming on the other fills you with dread and terror?

Are you telling yourself that all Xbox exclusive games aren't worth your time? Are you going to bang off an itemized list of Xbox One exclusives, making snarky off-base comments as you address each one?

Just out of curiosity, is all. Harmless questions, is all.

Insomnia_841442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

When it comes to games, everyone knows Sony has an unmatched gang of studios pumping out GOTYS every single year with unique experiences and some even winning technical recognition awards.

When choosing one console, the choice is obvious.

TheUltimateGamer1442d ago

@Insomnia: You say that as though Sony is the only company making good games. I have both systems and can honestly say I prefer the Xbox One at this point. Maybe that'll change in the future due to quality of titles but I wouldn't be so quick to judge that "the choice is obvious." Both systems have their strong points and make amazing games. This generation of consoles is phenomenal, regardless of your fanboyism.

XabiDaChosenOne1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

"I play the cheaper better experience. Which is PS4."

"So, if I am understanding you correctly, you play brands, not games?"

Nice straw man bro, keep it classy.
Notice how you said right now, If we are to compare track records its obvious Sony has the better one when it comes to supporting their home consoles in the long term. Now if you spent 400/500 dollars on a console just for some launch games than by all means, carry on. But if you want to be supplied with great games throughout the life span of the console on a consistent basis than the PS4 is the obvious route. I'm not going to sugarcoat that, it is what it is.
@Article "I dont, play brands I play games" good for you, if that's the case I'm assuming you didn't have a 360 or a Wii for the latter part of their respective lifespan correct?

darthv721442d ago

My loyalty lies with the hobby in general. i may have preferences when it comes to which system to get a game for but i am an equal opportunity gamer.

i play the games not the systems. the system is just the means to play the games which is unavoidable. if there is a game i want and it is only for 1 platform then guess what.....i get that platform. the trade off is now i have access to many more games on said platform that might not be available on the others as well.

playing the field has been my way to game. It aint cheap being a console gigalo but nobody ever said this was a cheap hobby. Fun and relaxing at times but never cheap.

ForgottenProphecy1442d ago

Not many people can afford both consoles, so a choice has to be made. I would expect somebody developing a game for two consoles to own those two consoles.

Eonjay1442d ago


If I understand him correctly he is saying that he want games and not Kinect which is a brand of high tech cameras. Why should he pay for it if he only wants games? He isn't the only one who feels that way. Is Kinect free? Do you have to pay for it BEFORE you can get to the games?

zeal0us1442d ago

I am Glorious God Gamer, we hold no loyalty to any brand.

scott1821442d ago

I play games at higher resolution...

Sevir1442d ago

No He Plays games, on the Brand he deems quality, like everyone else who enjoys the experience they get from their favorite brand! It's not a hard concept! Some people love apple, some love Samsung, some love HTC, Some Love LG, Sony, MS, Nintendo.

Sure the fanboys take it extreme, and they are extremely passionate about their brands. And that's alright

To say you play games and not brands is very pretentious and self righteous. It's fine if you're not a fanboy. But this play games not brands is silly!

pompombrum1442d ago

I've always believed that real gamers don't take sides however after what Microsoft have tried to pull initially, I can certainly understand why gamers would feel brand loyalty towards Sony as from announcement up until this day, they've been about games and gamers. I for one, will be cheering for Sony, not because I'm a Sony fanboy but because I respect their vision for the PS4 a lot more than Microsoft's for the Xbox One. Still, as a gamer I'm about the games and I won't let my respect for Sony stop me from buying an Xbox One in the future simply because if I did, I'd almost certainly be missing out on some quality gaming experiences.

Joe9131442d ago

Nothing wrong with playing brands at all it is how you act about it that matters to me if you act like your brand is better than everthing else then something is wrong with you and the reason why I say nothing wrong with playing brands is this: I love Uncharted, Infamous, God of War, The Last of Us those are on the Sony brand so if I want to continue playing the next gen of those games I have to go with the Sony brand same thing goes for someone who likes Halo and Gears will stick with Xbox brand nothing wrong with that at all some ppl buy both but I wont spend $900 bucks on game consoles.

Irishguy951442d ago

I'll keep this short, I wholeheartidly expected the XB1 to have worse games than the Ps4. Its just not the case. Both the systems have solid exclusives on the way. IF you buy a Ps4 - You are playing it safe. Sony WILL provide exclusives throughout the whole gen. If you go with microsoft - There is a chance that in 4 years or so, they will stop focusing on the X1. To be perfectly honest, the Xbox 360 was a better console and a better gaming experience than the Ps3, right up until 2010.

Microsoft ****ed themselves over by aiming at the casual audience, however clearly with the X1 - They are aiming at the hardcore, we just don't know how long they will stay this way. I hope they learned their lesson last gen that aiming at casuals does not pay off in the long run. Look at nintendo and the WiiU.

Despite how unwilling Sony fanboys can admit, MS had the best online experience by a long shot last gen. Especially up until 2010. They also had a **** load of games the Ps3 didn't at one point which died off after 2010. They had Bioshock, Mass effect, Halo, gears, etc.

Utalkin2me1442d ago

Sorry i support the better company, that more so has the consumer in mind. Be it weaker hardware or better, doesn't really matter. I'm intelligent enough to pick which one has a "reliable" gaming experience and knows what direction they want to go with their platform.

thekhurg1442d ago

I don't like Microsoft. I have no Microsoft products in my house and do not intend to have one. So while I'm not a brand loyalist, I am anti-Microsoft. My options are Sony and Nintendo, and Sony is the easy pick.

Irishguy951442d ago

No microsoft products? Lol, good look with your ****y products then/ Windows >>> Every other OS. Gaming on Windows >>> All other gaming.

TheGreatAndPowerful1442d ago

Yeah like they're really going to alienate half of their user base by picking a side. :/ If you really want to know which console they prefer all you have to look at is what console they've been using to demo their game on and up till now it's been the PS4. :P

badboy7761442d ago

So Last Gen you played the PS3???

inveni01442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

I'm yet to see an Xbox exclusive that interests me.

And that includes 360.

This is my opinion, based on the games I play. This dev's remark isn't smart. It implies that people with a preference aren't real gamers. And such an argument is called the "no true Scotsman fallacy".

ToyboxDX1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

I like how this malokevi guy (obvious MS troll from this post history) add so many things into another person's mouth.

He only said he prefers the more powerful system and obviously don't care about other systems. Who are you to say whether XBone games or WiiU games for that matter are worth his time or not??

And he didn't make any snarky remarks on XBone games, you're the only one saying that so just cool down troll.

Just accept the fact that there are people in this world who doesn't like the games MS has to offer (shocking to you, I know).

And for multi-plat games, we already know which system will run them better.

TrollCraftTales1442d ago

He is playing a brand, but wanting a better experience is not fanboyism, fanboyism is when he will ONLY buy Sony products and NEVER buy an Xbox for the simple reason that he likes Sony more. I think he, like me, will react to consoles the same way. If the next Xbox is better than PS5, then I will buy it, but PS4 is FACTUALLY better than Xbox One. The only reason you would buy an Xbox is if you like the games more.

RedDevils1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Not everyone is stupid and rich, if you were to buy a console for the money you had available, then obviously the one that is cheaper and do exactly and even more than the so call more expensive console that offer less or equal

BattleAxe1442d ago

Well, I don't know about you guys, but I play games on brands I prefer. For me, this time around it's either Steam or my slim PS3.

tagan8tr1442d ago

@malokevi what if it where movies or food would you buy two microwaves or two blue ray players just to watch all movies let's not stop there two cars to go every where we wanna go. My point is its rediculous that console company's throw money at developers to lock up a game holding gamers hostage people say competition is good I say we are forced to buy two things that do the same thing and its bad for my wallet.

malokevi1442d ago

If one car was designed to only drive to Florida, and the other car would only drive to whistler, and I could afford both... yes, I would get two cars.

If one microwave would only heat up pizza, and the other would only heat up Chinese food, and I could afford both... yes, I would get two microwaves.

I'm not saying everyone is fortunate enough to have both. I'm not saying you necessarily need both. But for me, as a person who loves videogames, I understand that there are great games on both consoles, and that it is a worthy investment for me.

Its not about Microsoft... it's not about Sony. The consoles are merely a means to an end. It's the developers that end up making the games I love. MS and Sony merely kick in some funds, and wrap it all up in a pretty bow. I refuse to dismiss all games on any console for the sake of brands. That's what the interviewee is saying, and that's what I'm saying.

If 100 dollars extra and a neat piece of hardware is enough to deter you from playing all the great games that will undoubtedly end up on Microsoft's console, then you and I are two wildly different people.


If you are a console gamer, you have to choose one brand, or the other if you can't afford both like so many, even if you are choosing for the games. To choose intelligently you need to look at all aspects of quality/performance not just the game. All I see is him saying his opinion on which one to choose, but at the same time labeling actual facts. You can't get mad when he's basically reading textbook facts. You can only get mad at his opinion about which is better.

#1 - Xbox one does use older and lesser quality hardware.

#2 - PS4 is cheaper, and technically a better choice for your money based on the Technology and price.

#3 - He doesn't care about Kinnect.

I don't play either one, I play PC which literally is just games and not the brand, there's more freedom of choice. I'll be installing Steam O.S Today so I can get rid of anything associated with Microsoft in the near future, as they are complete garbage in the gaming industry for PC Gaming, so my choice would be PS4 regardless, based on my educated "opinion" about Microsoft. Plus I'm not having a Perma-Konnect always on, riddled with loop holes; Microsoft is notorious for going hand in hand with all of it including Edward Snowdan issues and it's all for 100$ more, yay, not worth any game, be smart and support a better business model even though none of them are really for the consumer anyways.

PS4FEVER1442d ago

Well now that cliffy b aint doin any more gears exclusives, bungie left halo, Fable ain't good anymore. Mass effect is multiplat..i can't see a reason yet to get a xboxone. With ps4 on the other hand we all know the AAA exclusives will come.

mikeslemonade1442d ago

Just because you play brands doesn't mean you don't play games. Plenty of games to play if you own just one system.

miyamoto1442d ago

No, dude. Like me, he just prefers the best platform that offers the best of both worlds - Western games and Japan games support.

And it has been proven since the original PlayStation 1st, 2nd, 3rd party developer software support for PlayStation brand is second to none.

On the hardware side Sony is on the cutting edge of the latest and the greatest gaming tech that even M$ adopts

And Sony does not have all the BS that plagues its competition

If Xbox or Nintendo had these qualities we have no problem supporting them

noctis_lumia1442d ago

not brands but quality my friend..and that is sony end of story.

1442d ago
Rimeskeem1442d ago

I dont understand how that is playing brands. He simply stated why he played PS4 instead of Xbox One.

swerve1211442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

I also have both systems. But any 1 who is a gamer knows that the Xbox just has the choices right now. Now don't get me wrong I'm gonna love the JRPG games and first parties that Sony pump out but right now I'm sorry it M$

1442d ago
mikeslemonade1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

SMH at the people who say they own both and prefer X1. It's because right now there are more exclusives out on X1 but eventually PS4 will have more just based Sony's in-house game development.

A decision to buy PS4 means it's an investment and considering consoles in general are to be supported for 5 years. And already PS4 is showing the "superior" multiplatform games, so that gap is also going to widen. And PS4 is also showing the sales advantage(meaning more guranteed development for PS4), so that gap is gonna widen too.

Xbox fans are always thinking about what is going on right now. Well if you only think about right now you're wasting your money on potentially buying both systems. Which right now there's no reason for most gamers to own both. Not everyone is a hardcore gamer and needs all the systems. Why not just buy a PC if you're gonna spend that much money??

LordDhampire1441d ago

Honestly 90% of the tume you are playing myltiplats anyways, I got a ps4 because it was cheaper, if the xbox was stronger then I would of considered the price differwnce, but kinect doesn't justify the gap, if they were both 400, then exclusives would make the decision for me, but right now mine was based on price

MazzingerZ1441d ago

Fair enough answer, I just hope the game plays and looks the best each platform can offer

Skip_Bayless1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

People forget that both systems basically require paying for online service which almost for certain is gonna only allow me to own one system for almost the entire generation. Once I'm older and settled down with more money then I can get the X1 to play the exclusives.

For most gamers they're only buying one system. Not all gamers are familiar with certain exclusives.

It's even the case for this generation. Most gamers either own the 360 or PS3. None of my friends I know locally own both the 360 and PS3. I'm the only one that owns both and also the Wii.

dennett3161441d ago

I would love to have another viable console that I could buy. But so long as Kinect is in there, as well as a focus on nonsense TV features that I care nothing for and don't even work in my region, then the Xbox One will never be a viable console. It is simply too expensive for what is left once I disregard the crap I don't need. And exclusives wise, it offers nothing as of yet which blows me away.
Halo, Gears and Forza are good games, I know this, they just don't do it for me. Certainly nothing I would buy a console over. The Xbox One needs new IP that doesn't also appear on the PC - so even if I was interested in Titanfall, I could get it elsewhere cheaper.
So far, there's Quantum Break. And while it comes from the guys behind Alan Wake - a game I love - it's still unproven, and has the stigma of the TV show tie in stuff going on. Am I going to miss a chunk of the story by not watching the show, or is the game going to be 90% cut scenes in the form of the show? Not sure, and again, not enough to make up for the shortcomings in MS' hardware and philosophy.

Please don't assume that everyone who doesn't prefer the Xbox One is a drooling just offers nothing I want. Sony offered a console with everything I want - including a better track record of exclusives - at a much cheaper price and without a costly peripheral that adds nothing worthwhile but voice commands to games....something a microphone could easily do. It's really that simple.

Remy_S1441d ago

I have no problems with the exclusives Microsoft has, some of them look pretty good, it's Microsoft that I have a beef with. Its because of the policies Microsoft tried to enforce that turned me off of the Xbox brand completely. Also I hope that micro transactions don't become a trend like dlc was in the previous gen. Killer Instinct and Forza 5 are already trying to push this horrible practice as well as Sony's Gran Turismo; I hope nobody buys into and encourages this crap.

tagan8tr1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

@malokevi wrong its not an additional 100 dollars its an additional 500 dollars to buy two things that are essentially the same thing and as a pure gamer the extra stuff they do means nothing to me. I press power select game and that's it. I could care less about scrolling through endless UI's, so if that makes us wildly diff then yes we are. Buying multiple things that do the same thing does'nt make you a gamer, not to say you aren't a gamer, it makes you consumer.

mgeezy3131441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

I prefer the hardware of the PS4. I'm a gamer. PS4 appeals to gamers much better than Microsoft ever could. Hands down. It's just that simple.

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dasbeer881442d ago

I find this comment very ironic from Massive Entertainment because they were primarily PC developers (ex. Ground Control and World in Conflic).

Nodoze1442d ago

Both great titles. Have always been a fan of their work!

The Division looks DIVINE!

AngelicIceDiamond1442d ago


Well then you lost your way as a gamer. You play brands and knee deep in the corporation BS.

Meanwhile I look forward to the next great exclusive games on these consoles as well as content.

A preference is fine but your way beyond that. You just have a serious case of blind fanboyism.

redwin1442d ago

I believe that people that have both systems can more accurately say which is better and even them the opinion still subjective ! I clearly have a preference for on line games and the other for exclusive . If you know what I'm talking about then you, reluctantly or not, agree with me.

Pogmathoin1442d ago

To get the best out of gaming, you need multiple systems. Sure Sony have some great first party, but not everything is on Sony. Choose to miss our on amazing games because of blind brand loyalty or experience the best of gaming.

mediate-this1442d ago

And not every first party sony game is great.

TheTwelve1442d ago

There is so much disrespect between both sides --- those who play everything and those who choose to stick to a console or brand.

Why can't both sides agree to disagree?

I choose to go Sony all the way.

Not to say I haven't played any other consoles...I played Witcher 2 on the 360 and I love Nintendo handhelds.

But I'm 99% Sony.

This is me, this is what I am, and I'm quite enjoying myself.

Thing is, I could afford to own everything. I choose not to.

Now, those who buy everything call me a non-gamer.

It's odd, because we owe it to rivalry and capitalism for how great the industry is today.

Yet those who pick a side are derided.

Why is it surprising for a developer of both consoles to give such an answer?

However, we have every right to choose a side. If we all chose the same side as some of these "buy everything" people wish, there'd be little rivalry, little creativity, and much more expensive games.

You want to buy everything? Good! Don't judge me based on your standards.

I choose to go Sony most of the time and I've no regrets and I end up having a very rich and varied gaming experience.

redwin1442d ago

Although I happen to agree with you until : the people that own all system would stagnate the industry. You failed to mention the reasons as to why you choose Sony . I have a reason, and I mention it above!

TheTwelve1442d ago


--- I choose Sony because they have always been about gamers and bringing a variety of games. They're not anti-consumer, nor have they tried to do anti-consumer things like Microsoft with their DRM desires.

That's also why I choose Nintendo Handhelds...there have always been many games on Nintendo handhelds of a lot of variety.

It's all about the games for me, and nobody does it better than Sony. Period.

I'm also not terribly fond of FPS/shooter games, which has always knocked out much of the supposedly good games in the Xbox library for me.

mediate-this1442d ago

We dont know owe conpetition to capitalism, we have Capitalism to blame for E.A locking up the nfl contract to madden. But i agree with your point about you dont have to buy every console to be a gamer. Alot of people are just crazy with your brand loyalty.

ape0071442d ago

they are the exact same for crying out loud, if u say xbox one sucks then ps4 automatically sucks


3-4-51442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Anybody who won't play a game because of a specific Brand is doing themselves a disservice and increasing their skill at being ignorant.

I used to not buy Sony because I can't stand Dual Shock controller.

DS4 fixed this, now I want a PS3 & PS4. So many games I've missed out on that are PS3 exclusives.

Just open your mind a little bit more.

( Buying a PSP last year open my eyes to all the games and game types I'd been missing out on by never going with Sony.)

BobBelcher1442d ago

and that's your opinion... yay opinions.

EasyOneTwoThree1442d ago

Last of us,Uncharted,Beyond Two Souls,Little Big Planet,Ni no kuni,Twisted Metal,God of War,Tales,Pupeeteer,Folklore,I nfamous,Heavy Rain etc

is >

Halo,Gears of war,Alan Wake

avengers19781442d ago

The guy says he's going to buy both.

Eddie201011442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

I choose the systems that are good for me as a gamer.

I choose the PS4 because Sony does a better job of providing for the gamer. The PS4 will more than likely have the better looking versions of third party games, it will have more and better first party games and exclusive Indi games. I'm a graphics whore or else I would not be buying a next gen console for games, key word games.

I choose the Wii U for Nintendo games that no other system will get. It also has great community features among other things.

I choose a PC for many reasons, games being one of them.

I don't choose the Xbox One because it's soul existence is for Microsoft to monetize every aspect of your TV media, If they could charge you by the minute they would. Forcing people to buy Kinect, which at most is a gimmick that even most of the industry believe will drag the console down because Microsoft are unable to show that it's worth the hundred dollar value placed on it. No reason for buying a console with media player gimmicks that most people will stop using after the first month.

BallsEye1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Funny how there is not a single ps4 game showing some kind of superiority of this system over XO, yet you blindly keep on believing that. Ah and just so you know, new Kinect is pretty awesome. Everyone I know turned to be believers after trying it now. 1st kinect was a mess tho.


I wouldn't say Sony has better games. It comes down to prefference. I like Halo, I'd take it over kz or uncharted any day, and I'm sure there are plenty of people who would do exact opposite. Stop assuming what you like is always better.

Rageanitus1441d ago

I just got my PS4 its nice to finally have a nice update in terms of power, but who says cheaper is always is the better experience. I only got two games COD and KZ.

While killzone is nice graphically for some reason I got bored after 2 hours of play. I went back to COD and playing it straight through and enjoying it.

Other than that I don't really see much other games to play on the system since Knack is not inspiring IMO, and the rest of the games can be found on PC and xbox

givemeshelter1441d ago

Better experience? Based on what? You do not have a Xbox One to formulate that opinion.
Oh N4G posters...

allgamespc20121441d ago

you play brands one may be weaker, but they have a much stronger launch lineup. KI is a system seller, unlike KZ.

Either way, both are lame compared to PC.

mgeezy3131441d ago

Couldn't have said it better.

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Walker1442d ago

But i play games on the which console runs games better, so my choice is the most powerful console on the market or PS4!

darthv721442d ago

And yet it isnt always the power of a system that denotes if a game is fun and entertaining.

some of the most addictive games have been from the least powerful platforms. no fancy graphics or heart thumping sounds but just straight up fun and addictive gameplay.

Fun is subjective when it comes to different people but it is universal when it comes to everyone. Everyone enjoys things that are fun.

zebramocha1442d ago

@ darth which one? As I recall people liked resi 4 on the gc because it was fun and after the ps2 version came out looked better,you really can't use the ps1-2 as an example because they both were released befor any nintendo console excluding the ps3.

Kemistri1442d ago

I'm inclined to agree.

Hardware can only take you so far. It always boils down to the studios that actually develop the titles. This is the key point everyone keeps missing.

Take Nintendo for instance. They generally have what is concerned to be "under-powered" systems, especially when it comes to competing with the consoles put together by Microsoft and Sony. Yet the games they are able to produce still have some of THE BEST art directions and addictive game play of pretty much EVERY generation.

Titanfall is another example. Everyone is going on and on about how it's using a dated Source engine and that it doesn't "look" next-gen. But really, does that matter? I'm in it for the fun GAME PLAY. I think that's literally the only reason why the COD games are so popular as well. Fun overall game play, on yes indeed, a dated graphics engine regardless of the platform.

Another example would be essentially most Crytek games. The engine produces gorgeous visuals, at the cost of overall game play. Which generally struggles to hold my attention for more than half the games produced. I have tried all the Crysis games and the recent Ryse.

At the end of the day, I still look forward to being blown away by visuals and game play. Which is why I hold such studios in such high regard such as Naughty Dog, 343 (yes halo 4 was fun and looked great), Bungie, etc. The studios make the consoles, not the other way around.

riverstars861442d ago

I have PS4 for single player games and Xbox One for online games.

I'll take dedicated servers over better graphics any day of the week.

RuleNumber51442d ago

Couldn't have said it better. It's about the games.

EasilyTheBest1442d ago

I choose the X1 as it has more features than the competition.

Insomnia_841442d ago

We are talking about games here.