Xbox One and PlayStation 4 help increase digital gaming market by 25%

GamesBeat's Jeffrey Grubb writes,

"Total digital sales for the game industry topped $1.06 billion for the month, according to industry-tracking firm SuperData Research. That figure includes mobile, social, and downloadable console and PC games, as well as expansions and subscriptions for titles like World of Warcraft. Digital sales are up 25 percent compared to Nov. 2012, and that’s primarily due to a huge uptick in the sales of full digital games on consoles and PC."

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Mikelarry1708d ago

*in america* as my UK brothers are not gonna put up with those rip off prices they have on the EUPSN store GTFOH

zeal0us1708d ago

Couldn't resist
Sucks they got to pay more for their digital games. Sony and MS could at least offer a $5 discount on digital versions.

KUV19771708d ago

I went digital too, despite the somewhat ridiculous prices. Now that the market grows... bring down them prices!

Mikelarry1708d ago

Come on now if eveybody was willing to pay these ridiculous prices what icentive do they have to lower the prices you are not helping the cause going by that logic

KUV19771708d ago

I am not trying to help the cause. I am trying to have it the way that is nicest for me. I am willing to pay a small premium for it right now, but not for long. Actually all titles I bought from the PSN have been the same as in stores but only because even stores thought they could raise the game prices by 10€ per game on launch. So both ACIV and NfS have been 70€ and Killzone 60€ (even cheaper than most resellers offer for disc versions). I just bought BF4 for 45€ which was great. The problem only starts when stores normalize their disc prizes at 60 bucks and the psn remains at 70 (which it most certainly will). Personally I am shopping my PSN-credits at a rebate, so that I can mitigate this a little, but I think it would be best if prices were at least 5 bucks below the disc-price. I think selling digital PSN-content will help with the expensive prices. I just wish Amazon-Europe will join in this soon.

Mikelarry1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Double post

malokevi1708d ago

I've bought 4 games so far, all digital. Its shpantastic.

People tell me I'm an idiot, and ask my why I don't want to own my games, and call me lazy and stupid and fat for not wanting to sort through a pile of disks or go to the store or get my arse off the couch.

I smile at them affectionately.

UnHoly_One1708d ago

lol, I love my digital games, too.

Are_The_MaDNess1708d ago

yeah, 25% from nothing.
do you think steam got where it is now by having high prices like Live and PSN have now? no! they didnt.
bring dont the prices.
lower prices means more sale, simple as that.

bub161708d ago

I refuse to pay the EU prices, just go out and buy the game, finish it 100% and trade it in with £20 to get another one

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The story is too old to be commented.