Microsoft Claims Xbox One is the ‘Fastest Selling’ Next-Gen Console. Reality and Math Disagrees

If you take Sony’s 1 million number and divide it by the 24 hours they sold those systems in, it comes to about 41,666.6 systems per hour (round it up to 42k). So now you have Microsoft’s claims of 101k systems sold per day as being the “fastest selling”, but when compared to 42k systems sold per hour in one day, it doesn’t seem as impressive as the PR spin was trying to make it.

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xHeavYx1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

It's actually good (though deceiving) PR, people who don't read much news will see Major Nelson's message and make a party. But then you have articles like these, and people who do read them know how deceiving Mr Nelson can be

GarrusVakarian1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Agreed, very deceiving and clever use of wording by MS to fool the masses.

42k units per HOUR in 24 hours (PS4) is WAY more impressive (and faster selling) than 101k units every day for 9 days (X1). Anyone not in denial can see that. It's funny that MS has to spin words and numbers in order to appear like they are "winning" at something.


Oh im sorry, i thought this was a gaming website....where games and anything related to the gaming industry are discussed, including sales and who is fairing the best.

dirigiblebill1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

If "the masses" genuinely give a s**t about how much consoles sell, or who "wins" console warz, or all the rest of this tedious, broken, inconsequential bull, "the masses" can go faceplant a volcano.

zeal0us1829d ago

It's funny that people take these sales claims/spins or whatever so seriously. Your life will go on as it did before regardless Sony outsell MS or vice-versa.

With all that said we honestly shouldn't be surprise MS pulling this move. Ever hear of company that said "Our competitor is outselling us 2:1?"

jimbobbeers1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Sony's first day figure was immense (1m), but the next 15 days after that works out at about 20k a day (in NA). Which isn't good at all, and its this exact reason they chose not to share their figures.

I'm not knocking Sony, but its clear they cannot get enough stock flowing.

Why o why1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Major delusion..... the funny thing is I've seen so many comments spinning the majors words into some kind of damage control truth.

Look... we dont get any shares or dividends and none of these companies care about our lives like that, I get that but when sales become the main spearhead in people's fan fodder it opens them up to the same spear being shoved right back up their jacksies...

I explicitly remember some people ONLY caring and bragging about NA the the rest of the world was a mythological place..... I sure hope sony doesn't dominate the whole world this gen....that'll be suicide watch for those that even now....spin like shills and cling to any falacy if it helps them fight the fight and sleep at night.

I'm here to take the p!Ss out of those types, the 'wrong n strongs'

....for those who aren't in the disposition of lauding sales over games....happy gaming and I'm sure you'll enjoy the ef out of your chosen consoles of the three/four. Game on people

GiggMan1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

I thought it was clever spin as well too lol.

It's as if Microsoft were saying, "If we would have released on the 15th too we would have sold more" lol.

Truth is, if Sony wouldn't have launched in Europe this wouldn't have been a contest at all... All of those units would have been sold in NA instead.

mewhy321829d ago

this is typical microsoft PR.

inveni01829d ago

This just makes me think the X1 is selling at a slower rate, but steadier only because the stock lasts longer. Sony has a delightful problem of not being able to keep up. Why? Because they sell in massive short bursts, not tiny long ones.

Sounds sexual.

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Godmars2901829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

More like deceiving stockholders, since a consumer is more likely to hear Sony making the claim as well possibly prompting research.

I wish you guys would stop projecting. I actually don't like the PS4 in its current non-playing "outside" media form. Have yet to buy one.

xHeavYx1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

There are a lot of people (you know who they are, the MS defense team) who follow MS blindly, and only care about what MS has to say, so, not everybody listens to common sense.

Yeah? Can you please tell me the questionable news you are talking about? MP3 support that is being added soon? More powerful hardware?

Dewitt1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Just like you and so many follow Sony blindly and shrug off every piece of questionable news about them.

Not saying they were charging for PS Plus, Shu saying the RLOD didn't exist, Sony's customer service lying to customers on a turnaround time for a replacement, Sony taking cheap shots at MS over and over.. Must I keep going. I know you have your army of loyal Sony followers here, but the amount of spin on every piece of MS news on here is sickening.

Why o why1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )


Maybe its time to blow from n4g then...Both companies have done questionable things but lets not act like the flack each receive isn't deserved. Its disproportionately more negative of ms's side because they themselves have caused it NOT the sony followers. Whats a little annoying is those who only see or highlight the 'other sides' misgivings. When I see you tackle both sides I'll take your special pleading more seriously.....until then....stop moving the goalposts your kinsmen didn't mind using.

Gamer6661829d ago

PR = Deception...

Whether it is Sony or Microsoft...

I remember last gen when PS3 was being outsold monthly by X360 in the US... The next month Sony came out with the following headline:

"PlayStation is Best Selling Brand in the US"...

Were they wrong? No. Between PS2 and PS3 they were easily outselling X360. Was it deceptive? Absolutely...

Mystogan1829d ago

Sony lies about something PSfanboys be like, Hmmmm whatever they're just human like us. Lets pretend it never happened.

Microsoft lies about something. PSfanboys be like, BURN THEM!! BURN THE EVILL MICROSOFT!! NEVER FORGET!!

xHeavYx1829d ago

Please don't forget to mention the terrible lies from Sony, let's see how back in time you go

Why o why1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Goes both ways mate...surely you don't think that behaviour is exclusive to sony fans..... Fact is ms has misled from the announcement of the x1 and this article know... about ms.

jerethdagryphon1828d ago

no they just leap on any chance to burn ms

Magicite1829d ago

Clown Nelson and M$ Joke company.

1828d ago
Magicite1828d ago

I didnt say anything about Xbox, Im mainly talking about their PR.

avengers19781829d ago

Well leave it up to MS to disagree with math and reality, but at least there bots can be happy about it.

Lowsnamebrand1829d ago

There's a power of the cloud joke behind your comment just waiting to be told

1828d ago
1828d ago
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GrizzliS19871829d ago

they been lying this entire past generation and you only have to be a blind xbot to claim otherwise

BelkingOfSony1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

so many lies, i can't believe xbots still bend over for this disgrace of a company

Godmars2901829d ago

The thing is, was Sony doing similar with the PS3 at every opportunity?

Know that there's a years difference between the releases of the 360 and PS3, but aside - or including - using shipped not sold numbers, has Sony ever blatantly fudged their numbers?

Destrania1829d ago

Actually since PS3 released it was consistantly selling more 360's. That's why they were able to catch up and surpass it in numbers, despite being behind a year.

Biggest1828d ago

Sony didn't have to fudge numbers. They didn't comment much on NPD figures, for good reason. However, they consistently outsold Microsoft every single year of competition. There is no reason to fudge that.

bessy671829d ago

How is it a lie? They averaged more consoles sold per day than Sony. If it's selling at a faster rate, then it is the fastest selling. Does that really mean anything? Probably not. But it's completely true.

Statix1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

The entire point of the article is that the Xbone IS NOT selling "at a faster rate." "Selling more per day for 9 days" is NOT the same as "selling faster overall." This is because console launches are EXTREMELY front-loaded -- the vast majority of sales occur on the first day. Therefore, MS lied. The mathematics prove that. Did you read the article?

Someone else did a breakdown of the mathematics that make it pretty clear that the Xbone is NOT selling faster than the PS4, and how MS spun the numbers deceptively in their favor:

"It is possible for the PS4 to sell more units per day and still have a lower average than the Xbox One.

For example:

900,000 day one. 30,000 each additional day for a total of 1,350,000.

Average 84,375 sold per day over 16 days.

Xbox One:
709,000 day one. 25,000 each additional day for a total of 909,000.

Average 101,000 sold per day over 9 days."


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