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Robin Burks did it. She bought a PlayStation 4. Does she regret the decision or does she love the new console? Keep reading for her initial thoughts on the next generation PlayStation.

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ltachiUchiha1709d ago

Good choice, u wont regret it in the long run aswell because sony always delivers in the games department.

robinburks1709d ago

So far, I only have one game for it: Knack. But I love the system and I can't believe we had to wait this long for sharing. Like you said, though, my main reason for getting a PS4 was for the games.

ltachiUchiha1709d ago

Totally agree, I think most the ppl who are trying to buy one at launch all bought it for the long run. Im not a huge fan of killzone but I bought killzone sf & knack & battlefield 4 & I gotta say that killzone sf has caught me by surprise with just how fun the multiplayer is. Im actually enjoying it more then battlefield 4 because battlefield 4 servers need alot of fixing. Killzone SF online though is smooth as butter & dead gorgeous. I also loved knack & think reviewers were too harsh on it. I dont know of any game like it out there for any next gen system. It feels fresh & tons of fun. Really having a blast with those 2 games. Was enjoying BF4 aswell but the servers seem like they need tweeking. I hear all servers on all platforms are having problems but OT im glad u are enjoying your ps4. =]