PlayStation 4 Now Officially Available All Over Saudi Arabia

PlayStation 4 is the eight-generation console from Sony. Being highly successful all over the world, it's time for the PlayStation 4 to also shine bright in the Middle East. Official Sony representatives of the Middle East announced the console would go on sale officially on December 13 and as promised, the console is now available all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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MightyNoX1594d ago

...greatness has arrived.

Next stop, India, Korea and the rest of Asia

GirlOnFire1594d ago

Welcome to the family! ^~^

GirlOnFire1594d ago

Do I have to say it? Mawr livestreams! It seems every time a new place gets an PS4 I see different live shows. ^~^

MegaRay1594d ago

Now when will the xb1 come? I want to turn it on and order it to turn my PS4 on xP

Unreal011594d ago

Wow, that's quite a waste of money haha.

MegaRay1594d ago

Well.. we drink oil and eat gold so what do you except

XiSasukeUchiha1594d ago

Every where there been sold out like hotcakes

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The story is too old to be commented.