PSN’s 12 Deals of Christmas: Deal 7 – Battlefield 4 and The Walking Dead (PS Vita)

El33tonline writes:

"PlayStation Europe has unveiled the latest two games to be discounted as part of its ongoing ‘12 Deals of Christmas‘ promotion. Deal 7 expires at 12pm GMT on Sunday, December 15th, and features Battlefield 4 and the PS Vita version of The Walking Dead: Season One."

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BelkingOfSony1438d ago

walking dead £6.99, great game at a great price. the platinum was easy on ps3 and should be easy on the psvita.

ssean2271438d ago

It is. The exact same trophy list.

Gamesgbkiller1438d ago

Just bought TWD .. Its only 7.19$ with plus :)

mystic861438d ago

ah man, I'm really hoping for rain and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

corrupted_sharingan1438d ago

Will we still be eligible for the ps4 digital upgrade if we buy this discounted version of bf4??

sourav931438d ago

YEAH! I just did it! BF4 PS4 version for £35 baby!!!

KUV19771438d ago

Not sure about the disagrees here. I also just purchased the 35€ PS3-version and upgraded for 10 bucks to the PS4-version.

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