Oxide Games Dev Praises PS4's Architecture, Hopes PCs Could Use DDR5 RAM As Well

Oxide Games may be a relatively new company but it's come under the spotlight thanks to the amount of talent involved. The company has already begun making waves with its Nitrous engine geared towards next-gen consoles.

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TurboGamer1558d ago

It's GDDR5 and PCs does have GDDR5 for GFX cards. Having 1 type of RAM in consoles is cheaper. On PC you can have the low latency DDR3 RAM for the CPU and the high bandwidth GDDR5 RAM for the GPU. To put this in terms of the PS3 and Xbox 360. The PS3 had a split RAM architecture similar to PCs and the Xbox 360 had a unified Ram architecture similar to the Next gen consoles. Which one had the better games...

frostypants1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Pretty sure these guys who develop games and game engines for a living have a better grasp on the issue than you. Just sayin'.

As for which system had the better games, I don't think memory was the primary factor. Those two consoles had massive differences across the board.

mewhy321558d ago

GDDR5 is true as main RAM is real next gen thinking.

TurboGamer1558d ago

My point is that it was cheaper to build the next gen consoles with unified RAM otherwise they would have gone with split RAM, low latency for the CPU and high bandwidth for the GPU. It's all about the cost of building a system and more $$$ for the manufactures.

btw I am a programmer so I know all about the software and hardware aspects.

linkenski1558d ago

And we're pretty sure you're in over your head by even interrupting in a spec discussion like this.

whybag1558d ago

Umm, I would say PS3 had better games. Just because multiplat developers didn't spend extra time optimizing for PS3 doesn't mean the 360 is "better". It was undoubtedly harder to develop PS3 games.

TurboGamer1558d ago

I actually did imply that the PS3 has the better games and the only reason that made it so difficult to develop on the PS3 was the CELL which is completely different than x86.

Ju1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

He is talking HSA. This is the company which managed to have 100.000 draw calls per frame on an APU using Mantle: ,

rainslacker1558d ago

That's just crazy.

I remember the first iOS game I programmed back in school. I was pushing it at 40 draw calls.

Granted, I was pretty limited in my optimization knowledge at the time.

Sy_Wolf1558d ago

It's actually much better to have a unified pool of RAM which is why the PS4 uses it. It's cheaper too but for game development it's way better to have a unified pool of fast RAM.

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Masterman2801558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Hell nah, GDDR5 is great, but i wouldn't use it as a main RAM for my PC, GDDR5 is for graphics cards.

ABizzel11558d ago

GDDR5 is also much faster, and has significantly higher bandwidths which would handle any rendering significantly faster than DDR3 will be able to. For Editing PC's (music, video, games, graphics, etc...) GDDR5 would be a godsend. The only problem, becomes getting past latency, which could be solved by adding DDR3 memory directly to the CPU / making those PC's powerful APU's like the PS4.

So yes it would be better if some high end PC's had GDDR5 as their main source of RAM, but for everyday PC's used for web browsing and Word Documents DDR3 is enough, and the better RAM.

someoneagain1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Except RAM speeds have an insignificant impact on game performance. DDR3 PC3-1333 (12.8GB/s) can beat PC3-2133 (17GB/s)


Instead of using GDDR5 for RAM, fix the real bottleneck: secondary storage. HDD are ~100MB/s and SDD are up to 600MB/s. But with the use of cheap DDR3 and a program like RAMDISK, you can turn unused RAM into a virtual disk drive.

Boom. Now your games load at 17GB/s, 34 times faster than the best SSD.

kingduqc1558d ago

Hey yo ABizzel1

DDR3 ISN'T FOR RENDERING. gddr5 is out for years why do you think we still use ddr3 for ram in pcs, because low latency is better for system memory. This guys just just full of shit.

coopman3001558d ago

There's a reason why gddr5 has a g in the name, it it built specifically for graphics processing. gddr5 is faster but only if it's doing one thing at a time, that's why it's used as gpu memory and not system memory. It will never be able to replace ddr3 for board memory.

frostypants1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Read the article. He is specifically speaking about PCs with APUs. Standalone graphics cards are heading towards being more of a niche market over the next few years (and yeah, I know I'll get disagrees from people who simply hate this fact).

Ju1558d ago

Ecactly. That's why it's a little bit of a let down that Kaveri will release with DDR. Was looking forward to that.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1558d ago

At least DDR4 is on the way! Just like action in Game of Thrones and the South Park game

thehitman1558d ago

DDR4 will kind of be useless. The gains will be almost non-existent in your performance due to several issues.

MasterCornholio1558d ago

GDDR5 is excellent for consoles. And having just one pool of unified ram helps make game development a lot easier on the platform.

TurboGamer1558d ago

Its actually more difficult to develop on unified RAM than split RAM since you have to keep constant tabs on which processor is using which RAM.

Destrania1558d ago

Yeah, that must be why game developers asked for it. smh.

MasterCornholio1558d ago

Thats why garlic and onion exists......

ipconflict1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

"btw I am a programmer..." - TurboGamer 19h ago

Yeah...not sure I need to say more.

(Oh and this is not a personal attack as I simply quoted you.)

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