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Submitted by DPAD Dave 790d ago | news

DICE asks Battlefield 4 players to help get to the bottom of PS4 CE-34878-0 crash

DICE has told Battlefield 4 players how they can help the developer iron out the kinks leading to the CE-34878-0 crash on PlayStation 4. (Battlefield 4, PS4)

ZodTheRipper  +   790d ago
Now the customers need to help fixing the product they paid for ...I hope DICE but especially EA learned from this fiasco ...

aiBreeze  +   790d ago
Nope, EA will translate that to "don't be overly ambitious enough in projects to risk not being able to release it on schedule in a playable state"
boeso  +   790d ago
Nail. head. Hit.
slimeybrainboy  +   790d ago
Great point. Without leveloution no doubt they could have realeased a shiny polished game, but there wouldnt be any innovation.

When you push the boundaries sometimes they push back.
Ares84HU  +   790d ago
EA are greedy bastards but DICE is at fault as well.

What this did in my eyes is completely destroyed DICE's reputation and I will never buy a game made by them ever again. They killed my favorite shooter franchise.

Now I'm stuck with CoD. At least that game always works, say what you want but it's true.
BX81  +   790d ago
@slimey, leveloution or not I think it could've been mostly avoided with a better beta period. Not a couple weeks out from launch. Just my opinion.
princejb134  +   790d ago
I agree with you dude. Duce reputation with me has fallen down the drain. Bf3 had so many bugs and now bf4 has more bugs. 2 games in a row no way.
Goodbye dice as much as I love battlefield is not worth the money if it's unfinished
AlexanderNevermind  +   790d ago
"CE-34878-0 has been linked to multiple PS4 titles, including NBA 2K14, FIFA 14 and Need For Speed Rivals"

All are EA titles - go figure. I don't remember getting this crash on say Killzone (or any other game for that matter). I still get it on BF4 albeit maybe once or twice in a two /3 hour time frame when playing BF4
mewhy32  +   790d ago
wow. that's about all I can say.
UnholyLight  +   789d ago

wuuuuut? Have you forgotten about Battlefield Bad Company 1 & 2 having buildings that were ALL destructible? Not just the odd one like in Battlefield 4?

Maybe this is an apples to orange comparison on my part though because Battlefield 4 IS a 64 player(in conquest mode at least) game with insane graphics all at the same time..
static5245  +   790d ago
While i do admit EA pushed this game out too early..
And they should have done a better job.

I don't see this being a huge problem.. I mean it's not like they are asking people to figure out what the exact problem is.

They just want to know the circumstances that it happened to you so they can patch it quicker. And yes it is still BS that it has to come this far, it's only really to get the patch out quicker.
frostypants  +   790d ago
Exactly. Asking the user base for input as to what is leading up to a crash is common in software bug fixing.
travelguy2k  +   790d ago
Is it possible to hit the share button and just share what happened at the time of the crash? Not sure if that part of the system also crashes.

I have yet to use the share button (on purpose).
slimeybrainboy  +   790d ago
How about this. Some of us would rather have BF4 than wait an extra 3 months. You can go stare at a wall if you dont want to play an unfinished game.

Better advice is: "DONT BUY A BROKEN GAME!"

And leave us who can get some good out of BF4 to play it.
Spinal  +   790d ago

I'm enjoying the game big time! I'm not having any crashing or issues, maybe im a lucky one but its been all good on my PC.

Even bought a new R9 280x for it, smooth as silk on Ultra.
malokevi  +   790d ago

Whether or not the game was pushed out early, it will be fixed soon. I'd rather be playing it now then have had it delayed. The end result will be the same. I've crashed to the dash zero times over the past few days. The game is incredible.
frostypants  +   790d ago
How were people who bought it at release supposed to know it was broken?
Lukejrl  +   789d ago
Excuse me, but think about what you're saying.

Would you buy a 60$ toaster, bring it home, find out it doesn't work and not bring it back? Even if you're getting the same model it was most likely a defective unit which happens. Almost all stores have a no reason needed return policy with a time limit where you get your money back.

With software you can not get a refund, nor is there any point in a direct exchange. So the problem isn't people buying a broken game, it is the people who bought the game and found out it was broken. They are left with no options.

With people who have not purchased the game: they are concerned with a disturbing trend. Where companies know that the repercussions are not as drastic because they patch afterwards any problems. The trend can continue where big problems, like Battlefield 4 experiences, are left with the patch later attitude. Battlefield 4 is supposed to be flagship. You don't send your Flagship out unprepared to fight the enemy(COD)
slimeybrainboy  +   789d ago
@Lukejrl This has fucked EA up. Stock were going weird, half the community hates them, they can't work on DLC untill it's finishes, lots of extra cost making the game work post production.

I for one dont think EA will be doing this again. This hasn't been a good thing for EA, and I trust that DICE didnt want or try to release a bad game. They were trying to make the best game they can.

I don't know why so many people believe DICE are capapble of such evil. They're just trying to make a game. I'm sure they would make it better if they could. It not like they deliberately fucked the game up. These are brand new systems they had to make the game for, and they've only had they dev kits and final specs for a few months. Cut them some slack and please dont pressume that they are out to make your life worse, there's alot of DICE devs who just want to make great games.
sgtGanGreen  +   790d ago
This have nothing to do with unfinished game.
This is ps4 only problem, not optimised for new architecture
NarooN  +   790d ago
Lolwat? Not optimized for new architecture? Even though both the X1 and PS4 now use x86-64, which is what all modern PC's use as well?

Lol okay.
JeromeNtheHouse  +   790d ago

It has EVERYTHING to do wit an unfinished game dude! We're not just talkin PS4. These issues are occurring on PC, XBOX One, PS4, and even 360 and PS3. The game is BROKEN and incomplete. The sound constantly goes in and out, the game crashes back to dashboard, and sometimes the server options that you select don't even show up accurately.
PeaSFor  +   790d ago
the game was rushed to be released before Cod, nothing to do with the ps4, its the same thing on pc.
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JeromeNtheHouse  +   790d ago

I agree. As a customer, this is rediculous. We shouldn't have to do ANYTHING but enjoy a product that we paid $50 and $60 on. You can't release a broken UNFINISHED game to the public, wit the mentality of "Let's get it out to beat Call of Duty, but patch it later." EA is notorious for doin shit like that, and it's gotten out of hand now wit BF4.

Patch number 15...Get outta here wit all that!
Flipgeneral  +   790d ago
You can help us fix the crashes by paying $60 XD
3-4-5  +   790d ago
The Game works fine on PC so the game DOES work.

The Fans don't HAVE to do anything, but if you can help out, why wouldn't you want to ?
dboyc310  +   790d ago
Help? after paying 60$ they still want us to help? Next time they shouldn't release something unfinished in the first place!
DanielGearSolid  +   790d ago
Ok... So youre gonna continue to suffer with a broken game?

Lets say you payed for a plane ticket...
Then the plane crashes on and island...
If everyone cooperates you guys can be rescued...
Are you gonna refuse to help the captain and flight attendants lead you to safety and choose to die on the island?
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MRHARDON  +   790d ago
Horrible analogy that doesn't relate to this subject at all.
Stsonic  +   790d ago
dude you have been watching way too much last lost
GarrusVakarian  +   790d ago
Literally the worst analogy ever made. Congrats.
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Dirtnapstor  +   790d ago
I get your point... I agree, I don't see why it's a big deal to assist.
I still believe DICE makes an excellent product, however I'd almost guarantee EA was pushing and forced the unfinished product out the door.
I'm hate jumping onto the "refund" bandwagon, but it'd be nice if EA would give us Premium members a kickback of sorts...after all we paid 100+ $$$ for this debacle!?!
This will get resolved and greatness will abound! But I would have rather have waited 6 months.
Drekken  +   790d ago
The only thing this game has done is cement the fact that I will never buy another EA or Dice game. They sold us a broken game with less features than the last version. It is a disgrace.
Eziowellington  +   790d ago
Am i the only one getting this code on AC:Black Flag? ive looked online and all i see are BF4, COD and the occasional 2k... :( this sucks. on ps4, dunno if that matters, all the F2P games and psn games, rasogun and contrast work fine tho.
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Tru_Blu  +   790d ago
I've put about 100 hours into killzone and got that blue screen 2 or 3 times. It's normal I guess. Just BF4 gets it pretty much every round.
CerebralAssassin  +   790d ago
An error shouldnt be normal...
Tru_Blu  +   790d ago
Ya no game ever crashed ever on the PS3/360 huh? And notice I said 2 or 3 times in 100+ hours, not like it's a common problem.
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qu1ckset  +   790d ago
Maybe when bf4 first came out it would crash often but with all the latest updates from both sony and dice I get it about once or twice a week and I play about 5-15 matches a night .

I think it has something to do with sony because when I get that crash it screws up my PX4's Headphones , the sound cuts in and out doesn't matter if I'm in the menus or in a game , I have to turn off my ps4 and turn it back on to fix the issue. Doesn't happen often tho.
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Eziowellington  +   789d ago
Man i wish i got 100 hours for 3 crashes in AC4, ive heard about it on BF4 and other games, was just wondering if i was the only one getting it on AC4. Well i got exams till tuesday, so maybe by then it should be working
shivvy24  +   790d ago
Gotta roll the Dice eh EA
AllroundGamer  +   790d ago
normally people get paid for doing QA... DICE + EA worst companies of 2013 and probably forever.
Spinal  +   790d ago
EA terrible company Yes. But DICE no, they are great devs, this is the first time a game of theirs has had any real problems. Im one of the few who have not had any crashes on BF4 other than the beta which is to be expected. But since release ive not had a game crash once.

I'm happy DICE are developing Battlefront 2 couldnt have asked for a better dev for it. Maybe only other dev is Rockstar but they don't really do multiplayer battlefield type games.
infamous-butcher  +   790d ago
I guess having no sound in bf3 wasnt a real problem then
Einhert  +   790d ago
Funny thing is if they had their game modable on PC then modders could have fixed all the issues within a week and this would translate to the PS4 version as well since it basically is a PC in itself.

Just highlights how changing into a closed dev has negative repercussions.
static5245  +   790d ago
This is true. Give gamers a chance to fix something... It would've been fixed in no time.
Einhert  +   790d ago
they are to worried about mods taking away from DLC sales when really they should look at bethseda, their official DLC sells just fine as a companion to the mods.

Oh well it is EA we are talking about! we can only hope they go under this gen and have to sell off their licenses to better companies (if they exist).
ExPresident  +   790d ago
It's ok. I won't buy another of their games on release.
Everlastingfate  +   790d ago
Your one-man protest is sure to change their minds.
NarooN  +   790d ago
A lot of people already feel the same way he does, I can assure you.
Ares84HU  +   790d ago
I won't buy their games after this either. I think more people feel this way then you might think.
ExPresident  +   790d ago
My comment doesn't force you to do anything. There are many people who feel the same as I do about it. I'm under no illusion that I alone will alter anything, but I assure you that continued poor releases like the BF4 one will result in Dice going the way of Zipper.
angelsx  +   790d ago
After the last update the only problem for me is lag and freame rate drop on conquest.
BattleTorn  +   790d ago
The last ~600mb patch has made my MP far worse....

Not saying it was good to begin with
Prototype_79L  +   790d ago
How hard it is to make some programmers play with their own game on PS4???
boing1  +   790d ago
Did you ever develop on unreleased hardware?
Jsoc  +   790d ago
Well the funny thing is that I get that error code on BF4 on story mode & multi. Player. Also I get it on Need for Speed Rivals.... Every other game I got that is not EA does not crash..... So it's something on EA's end.....
Everlastingfate  +   790d ago
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Shakengandulf  +   790d ago
Four different modal cars from holden are having issues, it's definitely the drivers fault.
Nice edit, definitely the better choice.
#10.1.1 (Edited 790d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
Agent_hitman  +   790d ago
After you paid for unpolished software, the company wants you to do something but nothing in return.. We want rebate or refund lolz
BattleTorn  +   790d ago
They're acting as if buying their broken game and beta testing it isn't enough
MRHARDON  +   790d ago
If I had it my way, I would go and flog everyone with a wet noodle at DICE for being idiots and purposely releasing a game they know is half assed.
Shakengandulf  +   790d ago
Unfortunately everytime it happens to me, its completely random.
Are those games listed all EA titles?
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cellfluid  +   790d ago
I'll tell u how to fix it stop porting games make the games for each console from the ground up.. Utilize each system specs to the fullest.. Problem solved!
Juangie3  +   790d ago
I don't care what anyone says, I enjoy this game! I haven't touched my call of duty game, and I definitely will be patient, as they have released numerous patches already.. They messed up yes but I will continue sending in my feedback because I want this game to succeed.
sgtGanGreen  +   790d ago
This is ps4 general problem, not only bf4
Shakengandulf  +   790d ago
It crashes on Ps3/4, xbox 360/one and Pc, no this is not a general Ps4 problem.
amnalehu  +   790d ago
Utter BS. I haven't had a single crash on ANY other PS4 game other than BF4. Why is my PC version also crashing over and over again?
RTetro  +   790d ago
Why do people still buy these lame games?
DanDan7  +   790d ago
So bf4 on xbox one isnt having any issues only on the more powerful console PS4 its having issues? Hmm something's fishy about this. Pretty sure M$ has something to do with it.
SlyFoxC  +   790d ago
you mean to tell me you have not had one problem?

my roommate cant play the game on his 360, the other one on his ps3, i can play it on my ps4 or my gaming pc...

so what you are trying to say is....youre xbox one is the only one not having problems..

little far fetched to me..
SlyFoxC  +   790d ago
and before you come back with some "clique" comeback

just stop :)<3
Dirtnapstor  +   790d ago
DICE will fix it. I think they had their hands full with the multiple versions. I am perfectly willing to blame EA. It's all about a race to the finish line with them.
Ripsta7th  +   790d ago
Thos error happened to ONE time , only once while playing KZ Shadowfall
cell989  +   790d ago
that error happened to me twice while I was owning noobs :( while playing conquest on the flooded map and in Parecel Storm
Aleithian  +   790d ago
Complaints aside, I'll lend my aid to DICE in fixing this. I want to play this game without problems.
XboxFun  +   789d ago
And a lot of folks clapped and cheered when they found out about 1080p but no one questioned if the game actually worked.
Big-Bruizzer  +   789d ago
Really? They want us to do their job for them? Guess the never heard of PQA before releasing a game. IS is a powerful business tool that if implemented correctly would prevent the release of broken garbage and then asking the user base to help fix what they should have fixed in the fist place. Get bent DICE. Do your own work.
crazyclown  +   789d ago
Refund please?
jacksjus  +   789d ago
I posted a couple of weeks ago when they alledgedly kicked one of the developers out of a match, that it's possible he was playing trying to see what the problem was. Haha!

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