Killzone Shadow Fall Is The Best Selling Next Generation Launch Exclusive

Killzone Shadow Fall has not only managed to impress others with its dazzling next generation graphics, it has also ended up to be the best selling launch exclusive among the two next generation consoles. It outsold Xbox One launch exclusives Ryse, Forza Motorsport 5 and Dead Rising 3 in both of its major markets, EU and NA.

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ZodTheRipper1346d ago

Definately, high quality game without annoying microtransactions but rather free maps and serverside-patches.

NewMonday1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

KZ:SF could be better but it is the best new generation exclusive for lack of competition, unless we count SM3DW.

thereapersson1346d ago

Thank God people ignored the selective-criticism garbage of a review base and just bought the game because they wanted to support the series or were newcomers who wanted to see just what's up with Killzone. GG is continually making the game better, and you can have them to partially thank for the DS4's comfortable design.

Stsonic1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

This game is quality to the highest degree. You have people complaining as it's not as easy as cod or battlefield.

Story wise it is solid as well. Some gamers just don't know a good story when it is put in front of them.

Dad get's killed in battle. Son goes on a complete mission to avenge his father. I am sold right there.

Septic1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )


"Story wise it is solid as well. Some gamers just don't know a good story when it is put in front of them.

Dad get's killed in battle. Son goes on a complete mission to avenge his father. I am sold right there."

I ACTUALLY don't know whether you're being sarcastic here or not.

"You have people complaining as it's not as easy as cod or battlefield. "

Lol what? Killzone Shadow Fall is a hard game to play?? Also, compared to Battlefield? Oh come on!

abzdine1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

i participated to this success, but i am mega disappointed by this game.
the MP is just shit unenjoyable experience. I am a BIG Killzone player from the previous ones (even Liberation) and i can tell that Shadow Fall should have been called Hollow Fall...
Completely soul less, much less content than the previous episodes.
Clear downgrade and i'm waiting for patches and DLCs to bring back the fun i have been used to and also bring the soul of Killzone back.

Stop talking about SP, it's not MGS story and it will never been (in any shooter)... it's all about the MP in these types of games so talk MP instead.

hulk_bash19871346d ago

I enjoyed it alot and am very happy to hear it's a success. Hears hoping whatever GG is working on tops it. Greatness Awaits

iamnsuperman1346d ago


Either your joking but I don't think you know what a good story/storytelling is because Killzone SF did it poorly. The premise is basic with the execution a mess (for one it ignores the context/world it lives in)

TheDrunkenJester1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

I don't want to be a dick, but I think if there where more launch exclusives from Sony it wouldn't have sold as much. From the choices of knack or kz I think most people picked up kz especially after the knack reviews. I think if drive club also was released, it wouldn't have seen as many sales, or infamous, or gow etc. But kz is a solid game, I'm not trying to put down its achievement, but kz games never sold all that well, but since there was a drought in ps4 exclusives it did great.

JBallerX1346d ago

@abzdine I agree 100%. I was disappointed by this game. I expected much more. The MP is not enjoyable for me. I'm glad that others like it, and happy it sold well. I was just not a fan at all. I think the reviews are justified.

mic_cala1346d ago


Mate I might be one of the few like u but iv always enjoyed KZ story.

Theres something about the helghast I find really intresting. Would love a game from there perspective.

Personally I think killzone would make for great blockbuster movie its all there !!.

On topic kz:shadow fall is awesome definantly got underrated by reviewers iv said it before but if it was called halo boom automatic 9s atleast !! But no its called killzone Hence the multitude of 7s that rolled in.

mewhy321346d ago

Killzone is really something special. Truly next gen. 1080p unparrelled fidelity. A master piece.

strifeblade1346d ago

what other game did you expect playstation owners to buy? they have only one choice and a bad kids game lol

scott1821346d ago


So what is x1's excuse? They got a lot of garbage and no clear AAA game.

Irishguy951345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

^^^ The answer is, both consoles launch games were pretty average. None of them had a 'good' game. Even BF was broken. I'm not surprised to see people defending KZ. Fanboys do not judge a game based on it's quality.

The problem with your comment Scott, is that your are trying to excuse Ps4's poor quality launch titles just because X1 also has poor quality ones. Which is just a **** argument.

scott1821345d ago


Not really, he said it was the only game available to PS4 owners worth buying, and that is why it is the top selling exclusive...
So I was wondering what games are better on the X1 and why aren't they selling better? It seems to me none. I wasn't excusing the fact that the launch lineups are average.

Irishguy951345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Killzone has the appeal of graphics and that it is a known franchise. And knack is an abomination, people didn't buy a Ps4 to play last gen games on new hardware, they bought it for next gen games -> Killzone.

The X1 games are all equally average thus there is no disparity between the games people buy.

Ps4 has one game that stands out(and happens to be poor anyway). And X1 has a few games and none of them stand out(yet again all are poor). You will have people picking between the Racer(Forza), the action game(Ryse) and the zombie game(dead rising).

Ps4 has Knack and KZ. The choice is obvious between those two. The rest are indie games and free with Ps+.

Then there are the multiplats which again fall in line with my first two points(There are more of them, and they are all last gen games with updated graphics, no one is buying a new console for those games.)

If the X1 had nothing but Ryse, and then some other crap game like knack, Ryse would easily match KZ in sales. Ryse also has the appeal of graphics.

Also no one expected Killzone to be this bad. Kz had a ****load of preorders before launch. It looked like it might end up decent unless you had a brain and could see through the pretty graphics(GG added bullet time and see through walls to the gameplay, they also made it faster and even closer to COD. They also thought climbing up a wall was something special. It just shows how ****ing brainless the game designers at GG are. They have not one inkling of innovation in them, pulling features that have been abandoned long ago back out and acting like it's something new, its nearly as bad as COD and it's fish Ai)

scott1821345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Having a greater variety of crap games doesn't excuse the fact they are all crap... Killzone appeals to people for one reason or another, hence the huge per orders and sales. No I am not saying anything about it's quality, but you saying the reason there isn't one great selling game on the x1 is because of better variety is not true! If one of those games appealed to the masses it would be bought up like crazy, just like Killzone SF... There is nothing on the X1 that has any appeal to the mass market, or is any good. The total pre orders and sales of X1 games were always horrid, with Killzone matching all of them COMBINED!

I do agree though that Killzone is insanely generic and lacking innovation, I wish GG would just move on to something else.

BALLBAGS1345d ago

septic I agree

I was at the midnight launch

I loved kz2,kz3 sp not so much but online was and still is a blast

kz shadow fall multiplayer is not fun, GG have taken away the fun of kz3 multiplayer and why such a small group of classes?

GG need some new blood working for them with fresh ideas as this for me is the worse killzone multiplayer wise, kz2 was the best in the series

joab7771345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

I love it. I love the direction they took the multiplayer, taking focus off of k/d and leveling and putting it on gameplay and teamwork. The spwas nice too, I liked how they opened it up and gave us more option. And its gorgeous. Small complaints are once again...the writing. For a civil war, genocide themed story, it couod have been really powerful. Also, while a little harder than 3, the difficulty is still quite scaled back from 2. Maybe an elite difficulty would have been nice.

I am pretty sure they will patch many things in, especially some mutil aspects that made 2 so amazing. One will b leveling I am sure. I have no problem with it...just keep the focus on team play and strategy...or have leveling based on classes or perks based on teamplay.

Last issue is trophy related. I don't go after every platinum but I love Killzone and the helghast etc. And I have the other two. I think they went the wrong direction with the trophies. They should promote variety but without forcing ppl to play in a way they may not want for so long. I have no issue with the time dedication, just make it for so long, play as each class for so many games etc. But allow each player to choose how they play. I know its optional but its hard to ignore. Overall though, I love it. Great job Guerilla!!!

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Septic1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Gotta disagree there. It was a rushed game and decidedly average in my opinion. It was by no means the best exclusive.

thereapersson1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

That's cool that you think that; it's the place to have a difference of opinion, after all. While I don't completely agree with you, I can see your point. I really want to see what GG's next IP is. I hope early next year we get some information.

BTW, I didn't disagree with you.

Cupid_Viper_31346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )


Whatever floats your boat man. As thereapersson pointed out, you're entitled to your opinion. But I can guarantee you that there are no other next gen shooters on the market presently offering a better experience than KZ Shadow Fall (on consoles) and that's with all of it's shortcomings included.

I'm currently playing 24 player warzone, and I can say that I have never, NEVER, played a more rewarding and exhilarating shooter on consoles. BF4 and COD Ghost are riddled with issues, and in my opinion Shadow Fall beats them all.

The way all the classes come together is something quite unique. I find myself switching between all of them within a match depending on objectives and such. The levels are so well designed, but on top of that, we will get new maps free of charge while BF and COD will rape your wallets for more contents.

robtion1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

I agree. I'm a big fan of kz2 and 3 and this game is very weak by comparison. I really think it was rushed for launch. I have just quit on chapter 7 and will be getting rid of this game.

It would be fair to say i'm extremely disappointed with it :(

Hopefully GG's new IP is something special and a return to form.

Note: I am talking about sp as I'm not that into mp. For all I know its great for mp.

thereapersson1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

@ Cupid_Viper_3

Yeah, the way Shadow Fall works well out of the box is more than we can say for Battlefield 4 or CoD: Ghosts, given the history of recent patches (and apparently BF4 is still crashing). Ghosts had to have 1080p functionality patched in post-release, which is downright ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Shadow Fall does 1080p native with a framerate that still maintains 45FPS and above, usually hovering right around 60. This is a launch game, so it gives me hope for the future of this console generation.

Septic1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )


"But I can guarantee you that there are no other next gen shooters on the market presently offering a better experience than KZ Shadow Fall, and that's with all of it's shortcomings included."

Actually, I would easily recommend Battlefield 4 (even with its problems) over Killzone any day.

Take the campaign. Killzone: SF was absolutely derivative nonsense. The plot was terrible, the characters were weak, the on rails section were especially weak (shoot the linkages on a train with a minigun)apart from the one where you're holding on to a rope on a ship flying around (shown at E3). The enemy A.I was terrible and I can't think of any memorable moments apart from the one above. And wtf was up with the last encounter? One of the most terrible endings to a game. I played it on hard and thought to myself, this has to be the CHEAPEST way to end a game. Halo 2 boss battle...all is forgiven... Seriously, how on Earth anyone thought that would be a good way to end the game is beyond me. *Semi spoiler alert* Let's throw as many enemies at you as we can, all magically spawning at the dropship pad in front of you.

Seriously, it was a poor game even by early last gen standards. The only thing going for it are the great visuals.

BF4 on the other hand, whilst it had a derivative campaign as well, actually had some memorable characters with some great voice acting (like the black guy from the Wire) and the developers tried really hard to make the characters grow on you. The destruction was brilliant, it offered a less linear experience, although it could have taken this further. *Semi-Spoiler alert* The choice presented to the player at the end was actually tough. The bronze to gold assignment element was fun.

The MP- I mean come on...its so basic. The classes aren't fun, the maps are hardly memorable. I played it a lot thinking I'm missing something but no. Seriously, there are only 3 classes compared to the multitude available in the previous games. Tell me, how is this not a poor man's COD with a different skin? It just has no identity of its own.

"The levels are so well designed, but on top of that, we will get new maps free of charge while BF and COD will rape your wallets for more contents."

What? How? Which map is well designed? The Park which is a cluster f*** where you can just go in as an engineer, park a turrent and shoot into the spawn?

The Remains? Basically a long corridor for snipers?

Here's me playing btw (shameless promotion):


The Station? Not even gonna go there..

Ignoring BF4's problems for argument's sake (I have spent hours on it btw and am aware of the problems), it completely demolishes Killzone in every aspect:

Weapons- loads of weapons with attachments
Maps- Huge maps with destructive environments, dynamic events etc
Vehicles- enough said here
64 players

Killzone cannot compete at all with Battlefield. Killzone: SF was rushed to launch, that much is obvious especially when you look at the lack of basic features like voice chat or the features GG will be adding via patches.

I honestly don't understand the appeal. It was a derivative bore-fest. Hand on my heart I tried to like it. I mean, I queued up at midnight launch and bought that game hoping Killzone would finally win me over. I was talking to the developers at GG at the launch and you could tell they were a bit reserved about the game too.

Cupid_Viper_31346d ago

@ Septic

NatureOfLogic said: "Well Deserved".

To which you replied: "Gotta disagree there. It was a rushed game and decidedly average in my opinion. It was by no means the best exclusive."

Let me refresh your memory for a little bit. There are any games out that are more buggy than BF4 on next gen consoles. NONE!!! So you want to talk about "rushed", nothing is as rushed and unfinished as BF4.

You are wrong on that point, period. Sure we can discuss which game we prefer as it is a matter of opinion. But the fact is, Battlefield 4 is unplayable and a simple goodle search will prove that.

SpringHeeledJack1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Wow someone is on their period. Give it a rest troll, yet again in more killzone news you are spreading hate, looking atyour comment history it was killzone 3 before you was hating on, infact anything PlayStation is bad and anything xbox is good according to you.

can you not grow up and learn to deal with others opinions, if they like killzone then leave them alone.

Why would killzone want to compete with battlefield lol for astart battlefield 4 is a near broken with freezesand corrupt saves so that shows right there you don't have a clue. Second battlefield is open world current day, killzone is sc-fi arcade shooter.

Lets be honest looking at what you said about multiplayer you got owned badly and thus don't like it, maybe you needto go back to aim assist COD. And calling it a poor version of COD lol keep trolling kid.

Oh cut the crap, you was at the midnight launch for your website not because you like PlayStation.

Look il be honest i prefer xbox but even i gottaadmit killzone shadowfall is easilythe best launch exclusive. See how that works :)

Septic1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )


" But the fact is, Battlefield 4 is unplayable and a simple goodle search will prove that." I assume you haven't even got Battlefield 4 then? Why would I Google search it when I have played several hours of it? Is it unplayable? Of course not. It crashes here and there (a lot more stable since Wednesday's update but yeah, still not excusable). However it wipes the floor with Killzone- I'd rather play a decent game with occasional problems than an average (and average is being generous imo) shooter.


"Lets be honest looking at what you said about multiplayer you got owned badly and thus don't like it"

Ahahaha. Lol if you say so.

"Oh cutthe crap, you wasatthe midnight launch for your website not because you like PlayStation. "

Lol what? Unlike you, I'm a gamer first. I prefer the PlayStation hands down. I don't need to justify myself to someone like you but just for fun, let me tell you, I've been single handedly arguing with a whole horde of my mates telling them to get the PS4. So I say it here, I say it on TV, I say it on my hands-on impressions, what more do you want?

Want to know the difference between me and you? I'm not a slave to a brand. If something is cack, I will say so. Ryse was cack and I said it a few months ago. Killzone: SF is mediocre and I say it here.

How about add me on PSN and discuss this with me? I'll record it and share it here for all to listen to. Then we'll see who the fanboy here really is.

"maybe you needto go back to aim assist COD. And calling it a poor version of COD lol keep trolling kid."

Lol...wanna play Quake online against me? I haven't even played it in ages but come, lets see how each of us fares without aim assist.

Rainstorm811346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Sorry I dont have KZ SF

But BF4 is no gem to praise either...i have yet to beat the game because when i finally feel like playing the SP ,my save data has disappeared.

Not to mention the spawn system in Team Deathmatch any many modes with smaller maps is a joke....they constantly spawn enemies behind you.

Not to mention the map design, Did they design the maps with campers and snipers in mind only? There are maps where players can lock themselves on the roof and just snipe everyone below....the hatch to get on the roof can only be opened from the top.

BF4 shines when it comes to game modes involving vehicular combat but most every thing else falls flat when compared to previous BF games.

If KZ is a poor mans COD what is BF? a rich mans COD? cause BF4 reminds me of Call of Duty more than any other version before it.

Dont get me started on the lack of party/squad system prior to joining games.

Again i have 0 experience with Shadow Fall, BF4 is far from being unplayable, But it certainly leaves something to be desired

Sarcasm1346d ago

Say what you want about KZ, but do not say BF4 SP was better. That was one of the most generic campaigns I've ever played. It's down there with COD ghosts.

svoulis1346d ago

I have read all of your post on Killzone and obviously you don't like it and that's fine or whatever.

But to say it was rushed? Really? How so? I am confused by this as its probably the most stable launch game I've played yet.

You said the enemy A.I is dumb. Then you haven't played on the hardest setting, this game is unrelenting. There is no forgiving aim assist online like in COD and BF4 and maybe that's why you don't like it.

I see it all the time, people can't get good at the game so they disregard it as bad, they hate on it and praise a broken game (like BF4) to be something far better than it. Honestly I wouldn't compare the two personally as they both feel completely different in sense of handling and gun weight.

Must suck that you cant take an LMG and run around the map as fast as someone with an AR.

Almost all your "opinions" on this game are pretty bad, as you say things that make no sense about the game.

A.I isn't trash and I think many reviewers claim this by simply saying "this game is un-necessarily hard" (angry joe and a few others)

Online is fun, if you're actually good at the game and have a decent team to do objectives with. (oh and it doesnt crash every couple matches like BF4 does)

The game is in fact not rushed considering how stable its been running since its been out. If it were rushed wouldn't we see more crashing etc?

The story, well that's your opinion, I am sure you aren't the type of person who enjoyed any Killzone games at all really. So why would you even attempt this one?