How to use your PS Vita as a second PS4 controller

Maybe you’re picking up a PlayStation 4 today or you already have one, and one of the games you happen to pick up supports 2 player’s on screen at the same time. Maybe you don’t have a second controller, but your buddy, wife, girlfriend, dog, brother or sister wants to get in on some two-player action. If you have a Vita, you’re sorted.

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GavinMannion1621d ago

Now if only the PS Vita actually had some games it would become a truly useful device

iamnsuperman1621d ago

I actually does. Media Molecule seem to be holding up the device with LBP (arguable the best version) and tearaway. Gravity Rush and sound shapes (I know the latter appears on the PS3 but for level design it is far easier on the Vita due to its touch screen). Killzone isn't a bad shooter either (for a handheld it is pretty good). The point is their are hidden gems.

I say there are 4 must have play before you die games and lots of good games on top of that

ElleGee1621d ago

You forget Lumines. Everybody always forgets Lumines.

DOMination-1621d ago

Media Molecule didn't make LBPvita

iamnsuperman1621d ago


You are absolutely right. I forgot the passed on the franchise to someone else. They did a good job

AHall881621d ago

What about Persona 4 Golden? Along with PSone Classics and a handful of excellent PSP games for it.

paul-p19881621d ago

Velocity Ultra, Rayman Legends, Everybody's Golf World Tour, Modnation Racers, God Eater 2, Toukiden, Blazblue, not to mention all the PSP/PS1 games i have on my memory sticks. I play my Vita more than i play my PS3, and it has stopped me playing those rubbish casual games on my phone lol.

If anything Vita has a lot more games than certain people would like to believe!

NukaCola1621d ago

Soul Sacrifice
Assassin's Creed Liberation
Need for Speed
Batman Arkham Blackgate
Walking Dead
Hotline Miami

PS4 Remote Play
Party Chats

The Vita is a great device. I love it just as much as the 3DS. Both have great games.

DarKnightDave1621d ago

I'm really digging Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate. It's not the same as the console version, more like the old Metroid games. Killzone Mercenary is really good too.

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BelkingOfSony1621d ago

Have you tried looking for psvita games? Or are you a member of the 'vita haz no gamezzzzz' gang?

C-H-E-F1621d ago

I'M TIRED OF THIS HAS NO GAMES CRAP..... Dude, go to gamestop and use the demo ps vita. There's TONS of great games on the vita. They have games of all genres on there. So to say it has no games is 100% ignorant. I will welcome you with a disagree and -1 for trolling.

On topic, to be disrespectful when I play my friends on the ps4. I don't play with the DS4 I play with the vita. I tell them they aren't worthy of me playing with the DS4. They really hate that, especially when i'm streaming to the vita at 30fps playing games like nba 2k14 that is 60fps on the ps4 itself. So yeah it makes the rivalries all the better. Haven't lost yet actually.

Bell Boy1621d ago

You may go into a store and not see many games on shelves but the ps store is fully loaded with quality content. That's why my 32gb card is full and I am praying Sony get those 64's to US quick smart.

Many multi plats such as rayman series have arguably the finest version on vita.

But hey you spew your lies all day buddy

Nail131621d ago

I <3 Soul Sacrifice so much, am planning/waiting to get VitaTV and Vita light. Then buying 3 copies of Soul Sacrifice Delta when that comes.

kingPoS1621d ago

Go to the Playstation store https://store.sonyentertain... and tell the Vita has no games.

The Vita is no one's Atari Jaguar.

Gateway MT6706 2008

3-4-51621d ago

@Lazy - What games should it have ?

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ElleGee1621d ago

That's pretty cool, actually. Cool even if you have two controllers, and somehow have a 3 player game.

moonstormer1621d ago

that's one expensive second controller

GavinMannion1621d ago

ah but you can also use it to... use as a second screen and browse the Interwebs

moonstormer1621d ago

that's why i have a tablet - still don't see the point of a vita. and yet i want one. hope they bundle it with the PS4 soon

arkard1621d ago

Can't use your tablet to play ps4 games anywhere with wifi.

mikeslemonade1621d ago

Well since I have the Vita already and too cheap to get a second controller then this would work. But there's latency and using the rear-touch in place of the shoulder buttons is not gonna work. It should be fine with simplistic games.

Stsonic1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

good feature but all sound is past to the vita which is annoying.

CyrusLemont1621d ago

If you're using it as a second controller, you can change that in the PS4 settings by holding down the PS button and adjusting the playback options. It's good to be able to stream audio to the device and being able to adjust it rather than no audio being streamed whatsoever. Plus you can plug headphones into the vita and play somewhere else in the house or in public if you wanted to.

SilentSolid1621d ago

recently bought Rainbow moon and terraria for psvita. no games? hahahah!