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Submitted by EBTpickle 790d ago | news

Best Buy PR: “We’ve Sold Many More PS4′s Than Xbox One’s”

Dylan Z of iGR reports: "While covering Best Buy's Ultimate Gamers Showdown, Madden 25 tournament. I inquired as to which next-gen console was currently selling better at the retailer, I was given a statement by Best Buy's Senior PR staff that was on-site." (PS4, Xbox One)

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allformats  +   790d ago | Well said
Truth we already knew. But it's great to hear it from an official source.

It also makes Major Nelson's lies look even more blatant. How Xbox fans don't see through this spin is beyond me...

But whatever, the King has returned. As ever, watch your throne.
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Hatsune-Miku  +   790d ago | Well said
Well ps4 is the best and most powerful console on the market
zeal0us  +   790d ago
There's no arguing about it the PS4 is definitely the most powerful console on the market in terms of specs. However the best is matter of opinion.

Glorious God Gamers do not have to worry. We get the best of ALL worlds.
Pixel_Enemy  +   790d ago
I was at Target doing some Christmas shopping just now and I saw they were sold out of PS4s and had 5 Xbox Ones on the shelf. Glad I preordered my PS4 and got it launch day.
Bigpappy  +   790d ago
double post
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Bigpappy  +   790d ago
All this parading a bout 1 Best buy store saying they sold more PS4 in Minnesota. Should have gone to New York and L.A. It makes no sense reporting something like this, which could be completely made up, when the real numbers don't support the notion being promoted.

The fact is X1 is doing just as well as PS4 or better, in the U.S. at a higher price point. So you can talk stock levels and who says this and that. Don't mean a darn thing. The sales numbers are the only facts here.

Sony started before M$ and is responsible for stocking PS4, just as M$ is responsible for X1 stock supplies. Not a good excuse.
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scott182  +   790d ago

I agree you shouldn't go off of one or two best buys to declare which system sells better. But Best Buy’s Senior PR team works for corporate Best Buy, not a single store, that's why it is significant.

I am curious to how you know MS is doing as good or better than Sony in the US? We don't have updated numbers from Sony, only from Microsoft. Are you basing that off of hope or fact?

On the price point, the PS3 outsold the 360 worldwide since launch at a more significant price difference...
PatriciaFPutnam   790d ago | Spam
Saigon  +   790d ago

I saw like 10~15 in a cage hours ago at Target and to my surprise they didn't have any PS4s; shock.
OttoniBastos  +   790d ago
@zeal0us: I'm a sony guy,but i agree with you! Been the most powerful console in the market doesn't mean sell more.Playstation 1 & 2 e nintendo wii won their generations and they were the weakest ones.
mikeslemonade  +   790d ago
A medium sized city in Minnesota is more representative than LA and NY actually. Because when you add up all the cities in the midwest which behave generally in the same way it's a bigger number than LA and NY.

Also arguably larger cities are more in favor of PlayStation because there's more minorities and more democratic people that research in what they buy. The PlayStation gamer is more more diverse when you include the asian gamers coming from the RPG side, the latino population which is a bigger presence coming from the PS1 and PS2 days, and African American in which you get the sense they also prefer PlayStation just slightly more but a lot of them switched to xbox 360 last generation. However in general bigger cities you see a bigger ratio in favor of PlayStation while in the midwest people are generally less informed about news.

And lastly this article debunks Major Nelson. It's shipped not sold 2million.
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PeaSFor  +   790d ago

look like im a god now, thx for the info.
KratosGod3  +   790d ago
I live in Downey, CA and I went to 4 different tartgets, GameStops and Best Buys around the LA area and they do have a lot of Xbox One in stock but none PS4 systems. I'll probably have to wait till next year around March or April when the PS4 demand slows down.
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Why o why  +   790d ago
Autopilot spin defence mode again there bigpappy. ?

You're hopes and wishes are not in sync with real world reality. Its ok though....... this site isn't fun if there isn't some form of 'major' delusion.
tw0qwk  +   790d ago
not for long steambox is coming.
Prime157  +   789d ago

I've said this many times on many sites... I worked midnight to 8am on black Friday. Columbus, not surrounding areas, Ohio. Heavy 360 store that had 29 xbone and 27 ps4.

Ps4 sold out by 3am. X1 sold 8 by then. When I asked my boss how many x1 were left at 8pm she said, "around 7 or 8; I don't get it."
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JokesOnYou  +   789d ago
Bigpappy also this is another unsourced rumor from a blog site claiming "Senior PR staff said", basicly no more creditability than any random fanboy writing the opposite saying he called Bestbuy corporate. Bestbuy policy doesnt officially divulge sales to public...I also noticed the writer gets defensive and engages any negative comments that don't believe him in the comments section like William Usher at cinemablend....sites like this also were constantly running with those negative production issue rumors for X1, so many kinect spying NSA stories, UI is broken, eSRam yield issues, etc. Conveniently these same blogs have forgotten those lies and now looking for new hit headlines. I might as well ask all the n4g marketing experts, n4g analysts, and n4g game devs who sold more at Toys R Us in Tibet. lol
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GiggMan  +   789d ago
@ Jokes, "Who sold more at Toys R Us in Tibet?"

I just checked, Sony did :-)
mewhy32  +   789d ago
"Well ps4 is the best and most powerful console on the market "

I agree.
DonMingos  +   789d ago
Wow, Bigpappy and JokesOnYou to the rescue...

Where are Nukeitall and PSbeaver? I miss to see the family reunited.

Meery Christmas to you guys!
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ToyboxDX  +   789d ago
@ Bigpappy , funny you should say sales number are the only facts here.

So here's the crystal facts, as of Dec 7 Sony sold 2.4 million PS4 whereas MS sold 1.9 million XBone.

How's that for a fact? I know it's hard to swallow for XBone fanboys, but as a former MS executive once said, #Dealwithit!

And the gap will only get bigger and bigger when the PS4 is released in Asia next week and Japan in Feb. Be prepared for the incoming shitstorm!
WooHooAlex  +   789d ago
Yep, at Walmart the other night, had a few Xbox Ones in the case, but completely sold out of PS4s.

Not exactly an accurate way to judge how they're selling but its impressive to see how well the PS4 appears to be doing so far.
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EBTpickle  +   790d ago
Confirmation from a reliable source is much better than rampant speculation, though.
Prime157  +   789d ago
Here, I'm trying to quit my job so I can repeat this as I have over many, many posts on n4g, disqus, kotaku, and the like... pasted from above...

--I've said this many times on many sites... I worked midnight to 8am on black Friday. Columbus, not surrounding areas, Ohio. Heavy 360 store that had 29 xbone and 27 ps4.

Ps4 sold out by 3am. X1 sold 8 by then. When I asked my boss how many x1 were left at 8pm she said, "around 7 or 8; I don't get it."
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SANTA--CLAUS   790d ago | Spam
zeal0us  +   790d ago
Major Nelson is just repeating what the NPD declared.
Also fastest selling console =/= console sells the most.

You can have a product that sells faster than another product. While also having a product that sells the most overall.

Honestly people takes these sales numbers way too seriously. At the end of the day you still got to pay bills, work and etc. So why should it matter so much?
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FITgamer  +   790d ago
The PS4 sold over a million units in 24 hours, while the Xbox One did just under a million in 9 days. Still trying to figure out how the "Xbox One is the fastest selling console in NA" according to Major Nelson.
mhunterjr  +   790d ago
He said fastest selling in US. Sony's 1mil was split between US and canada.
FITgamer  +   790d ago
I'm pretty sure that says "NA".
Mugen_mind  +   790d ago
People, Sony sold one million units in 24 hours in two countries while M$ did a million in 13 countries. So how does that add up to being equal and how many were actual sold in NA in 24 hours for M$? Side note, no lie I use to work for GameStop as a Manger and what I was told is that M$ counts systems in retail inventory as being sold because retail companies have to pay for those consoles in order to sell them in their stores.
badz149  +   790d ago

NOOONE can comprehend MS's logic! apparently, 900k comes after 1mil in MS world!

and for those still saying in US ONLY, Major "spin" Nelson said "NA"!
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   790d ago
It's simple actually, MS said Xbox One is the fastest selling ON AVERAGE, not fastest selling at any given moment. So it's all in how many days you're counting when making said average.

ALERT: My numbers probably will be off as I'm not fact checking! This is just an example, ok?

Let's say PS4 sold more than 1m in 24 hours, but it's still around 1,5m for NA as there's been hardly any restocking... For the average you'll take 1.5m and divide by the 5 weeks since release. This will giive 43k PS4s sold per day.

Now let's say Xbox One had sold some 900k on it first weekend in NA (which already shows that this whole "fastest selling" is kinda nonsense) but they get to keep selling and are now at some 1.3m. With 4 weeks since release, MS would be at 46k Xbox One sold per day, so it's faster on a average (total number of days accounted).

Unfortunatelly, this holds little to no water... Not that it's MS's problem, but Sony simply can't met demand, so although technically being one week more in the market than MS, Sony didn't really have 5 weeks selling PS4... With luck they had barelly 2 weeks if you go and account how long they remain on stock. While Xbox One, with some eventual exceptions, was available throughout every day of those 4 weeks.

So although they are not lying (they are not even fluffing the numbers, mind you and it's not like Sony's restocking capability is of any concern for MS), the number here still doesn't represent demand, as most people would expect from the term "fastest selling".

Put more PS4s out there and they'll be gone in minutes (just happened today on Amazon), while Xbox One are still available just fine (which is not a bad thing for MS, actually), which means they'll keep steadily selling, while PS4 only receives short bumps before it's sold out again. So obviously PS4 demand is higher and it actually selling faster whenever it's available, but it's simply not available most of the time.

Quite frankly, this is nothing worth caring about anyway. Even total sold is a bit irrelevant right now for either MS or Sony... As much as Sony and MS can put out before next year will be probably sold by Xmas... We'll only see whatever trend is being setted actually translated into numbers next year, when production will no longer be a limiting factor and the early craze has worn off.
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Visiblemarc  +   790d ago
@Mugen_mind, you're right on the money with that. I've believed they have a tricky way of avoiding the shipped vs sold-through distinction, it's something about the wording. The company is shady.
s1lentone  +   790d ago
@badz149 FYI MS = word smither.
BitbyDeath  +   789d ago
MS also lied about it selling well in Australia when it barely moved from shelves.

Xbox is still widely available here and has been since launch.

MS lie/spin, they are trying to create false demand where there is none.
cleft5  +   790d ago
A lot of people have their head buried in the sand right now and they just don't want to see the truth. Right now the Xbox is selling well enough, but that is too the early adopters. With that said, the truth is that Microsoft is meeting the demand for the Xbox One with enough supply and still being out sold by the PS4. Now what do you think is going to happen when the PS4 is readily available to whoever wants it and so is the Xbox One. When that happens Microsoft is going to be outsold by Sony vastly. By the time Microsoft can lower the Xbox One by $100 Sony will be able to lower the PS4 by the same amount if they want too. The PS4 is a mass market device at a mass market price the same way the 360 was when it launched.
Sci0n  +   790d ago
it urks and irritates me so much that the xbox fans ignore the spin. Its the fans who are the most informed who are the most ignorant because they actually browse the web and do a bit of research and know what's going on more so then the soccer mom or grandmother who's kids are begging them to buy them one for christmas.
Pogmathoin  +   790d ago
Believe MS PR or a rabid Sony fanboy... Hmmmmm I am doomed.... But no... I bought both, play both, but never cried over sales numbers.... But I will follow site policy, PS4 is great, X1 is the ugly duck, and I am an official sad rabid fanboy.... I will spend the rest of my own miserable existence and scour search engines looking for news that will make MS look bad. I will attack anyone that gives a constructive well thought out comment that does not bash MS... Greatness awaits!
Edit: i now work for target, apparently, and we have 5,000 X1 sitting on a shelf, we received 2 billion PS4, but sold out in 2.4 seconds. Some guys kid looked at X1, but he slapped him.

Edit: rainstorm... If you do not like it, you can leave too...

Scion, I actually agree with you, but yes, this time Sony got it right, MS stumbled.. I am loving both, but this used to be a good site, good discussions.... But now its like a nasty lice infection.... Just tired of BS on both sides to be honest, but its worse that if you refuse to bash MS, you get no protection....
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Rainstorm81  +   790d ago
heres an idea leave N4G and never return.....boom problem solved

If you go to another site im sure there will be no fanboys /s

EDIT @ beaver

i mostly ignore fanboys...not use all my bubbles (one bubble in ur case) to rant about fanboys in every article.....BTW u see that little plus next to user name you can ignore the gfanboys and continue having good conversations
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Sci0n  +   790d ago
anyone who clearly sees the ps4 as being the the better more valuable console at a cheaper price is a sony fan boy I get it. But MS BS PR and damage control articles for the X1 are strongly clutched onto and worshiped by the ignorant bots in denial. With there blatant ignorance and denial guys like misterX becomes a prophet to them and even though hes false with his info hes still looked upon as a god by the X1 fanboys I know lol.
DealWithIt  +   790d ago
How the hell these spam bots like SANTA--CLAUS manage to get 7 bubbles? This sucks.
PatriciaFPutnam   790d ago | Spam
PatriciaFPutnam   790d ago | Spam
nosferatuzodd  +   790d ago
why are you asking that all Xbox fans think alike ask them one question and they give you ten different answers
H0RSE  +   790d ago
Didn't Major nelson comment on the Xbox being the "fastest" selling console, not the "top" selling console? If so, the PS4 selling more than the X1, doesn't really make that statement a lie.
XboxPS  +   790d ago
Just keep doing that....
Truth for you,but not for me...
For me It's your annoying opinion.
AndrewLB  +   789d ago
So you're taking the word of one guy, who visited one store, which he will not give the location to.... as fact. lol. Btw... those photos on that site were taken weeks ago.

FYI, there are no Xbones available at any Bestbuy here in Southern California, but they are listed as getting some in by Dec. 24th. Looks to me like Sony wont have any PS4's available for Christmas shoppers. Dumb move.
Megaton  +   789d ago
If Xbox fans could see through spin, they wouldn't be Xbox fans. Being a sucker is the cornerstone of owning an Xbox.
H0RSE  +   789d ago
And based on comments like this, it appears ignorance, perhaps with a touch of elitism, is the cornerstone for owning a PS...
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   789d ago
No surprise to see horse, of all people, run in to defend being a sucker.
frostypants  +   789d ago
The best thing about all this: the idiots and "analysts" proclaiming that console gaming was dead and mobile was the future. Say that again, fellas...
dlocsta  +   789d ago
Again you people are letting your idiocy show. First, you can see the corner of the PS4 boxes in the bottom right corner of the picture! Second, once again we have someone talking to "senor PR staff" but cannot provide a single name. It is bullshit unless verifiable. That is plain and simple. If I cannot corroborate your story it is just that, a story.
buynit  +   790d ago
And where off!
mike32UK  +   789d ago
sorry i have to! *we're
310dodo  +   790d ago
Just got off work @ Gamestop

we got 6 PS4s in today, and sold them within 2 hours of opening.
we got in 10 Xbox ones sold 3 whole shift.

kinda telling.
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buynit  +   790d ago
Yea.... Telling me youre not a good sales man! Lol j/k.

Let me know how long the rest of the x1's take to sell!
310dodo  +   790d ago

were not allowed to "sell" an PS4 or X1.
we have to stay neutral.

But thats the truth.
On Black Friday we sold way more Nintendo stuff then X1 stuff as well.
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Sci0n  +   790d ago
like this 7 disagrees for stating the truth lol. I bet if the ignorant in denial X1 fans could disagree with best buys senior PR guy for stating the obvious they would lol.
n4rc  +   790d ago
Its selective truth..

Like most posts, its the way its worded..

One single store doesn't make it a national trend.. Its one guy and the one store he works at.. Provided he doesn't have an agenda..

What senior PR guy.. You mean some guy with a best buy shirt on? Lol..

Not saying you aren't 100% truthful either.. But you could go to a store a block over and see the opposite..

For instance.. Here in Niagara region Canada.. You can't find either on a shelf.. They come in and get sold instantly..

So we have different experiences yet can both be telling the truth
Sci0n  +   790d ago
open your eyes and do the research, call around to different stores and ask them what the hottest selling item is. Listen to gamestops most wanted console reports, look up the stats from walmart target. Its not rocket science its the obvious. Look at how the people acted in europe to get there hands on the PS4 as soon as it launched there and find me one video with people wanting a X1 so bad that they turned the scene into world war Z. The PS4 hasn't even launched in Asia yet...
#3.2.2 (Edited 790d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(3) | Report
n4rc  +   790d ago
Are you seriously so desperate to go to such lengths?

I'm not calling around.. I'm a consumer. I have a good job and I shop.. And I also already have my x1 (which took 4 stores to even get a preorder in june BTW)

So when I go to Walmart, best buy/future shop or GameStop.. I take a look.. That's the extent of my effort.

And guess what?? I dont see x1s or ps4s.. So I could really care less what you think reality is for everyone.. If you can't accept that, then its pointless even acknowledging your opinion
#3.2.3 (Edited 790d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(10) | Report
H0RSE  +   790d ago
Sci0n, your "it's the obvious" rant, sounds eerily familiar to Christian radicals trying to defend the existence of God...One skeptic brings rationale into the argument, and you go apeshit.

Now I'm not denying that PS4 is selling more than X1 - it had a week head start, is releasing in more territories and is more liked among the community due largely in part to MS's DRM fiasco, but to completely deny the notion that the X1 is just as popular or more than the PS4 in certain areas, is just ignorance and/or belligerence on your part.
#3.2.4 (Edited 790d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report
AndrewLB  +   789d ago
Best Buy doesn't have a Senior PR guy at stores. At stores you have sales associates, checkers, supervisors, stock clerks, etc.

Plus, even if he managed to show up at Best Buy Corporate HQ or a regional office, do you honestly think they'd divulge such info? lol.

He probably spoke with the greeter at the front door... if he even went to a store at all.
T2  +   789d ago
@n4rc - here you go found you an xbox one in niagara fall future shop... took me 10 seconds.

Displaying Xbox One 500GB Console Standard Edition availability at the following locations:
Search Results

In Stock

1. Niagara Falls - Niagara Falls 4 km(s)

....your welcome.
buynit  +   789d ago
We'll no wonder why GameStop is a revolving door for employees.. No one steps up to try and sell products you don't have to bash one or the other console to sell it just be informative and truthful on what they both can do and get it sold.

It's funny now that I think about it the rare times I walk into a gamestop all they ever try to push is pre orders.. Not much effort in up selling but I'm sure they don't pay all that we'll either so I probably wouldn't put much effort in it my self..

At slowscion

You must go to bed all warm and cozy after your round of phone calls to find out if any ps4 or xb1 are still on shelves. I would stop if I was you I can't imagine the dramatic effect it would have on you if you was to find out that their is a ps4 on some stores shelf.. You guys go over board on this stuff, at the end of the day the ps4 is not crushing the xb1 as badly as everyone thought it would..
#3.3 (Edited 789d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
310dodo  +   789d ago
GameStop is actually a really fun job if you like games.
Technically we cannot "sell", but of course this happens when you get into great "gamer" talk with someone.

Its a cool "side gig" LoL
04STIBluByU  +   789d ago
Ask any gamer, any real doesn't matter weather you sell more consoles by 1 or a million...Winnings Winning! Oh crap we got fanboys! fanboys!! fanboys!!! Everyone scatters!!! Just a little humor for you buddy...anyway this is my first comment and I just had to. I think Scion was just pointing out were to be looking and calling for a console you would find that it is harder to find a PS4 than it is to find an XB1. I know because I live in FL and I was calling daily just to get my PS4 and they said sorry but we do have XB1's available if you want one. Anyway it's all in good fun! We are all gamers on this site so lets just be understanding what site we are on and that is not the looney bin site! Have a good day man and Enjoy the XB1!
XiSasukeUchiha  +   790d ago
Truth has been reveal M$ best buy even said they got more PS4 sales than XB1 you need to learn reality ( EMS Sharingan genjutsu activated)
#4 (Edited 790d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
n4rc  +   790d ago
No.. Some guy said some guy at a best buy said that.. Supposedly..

Truth and reality are terms I don't think you undetstand based on your comment
XiSasukeUchiha  +   789d ago
Your grammar is pretty bad I'm sorry XD
stuna1  +   790d ago
I can attest to this being fact just from when I picked my PS4 up on Sunday! There were 40 to 45 people in front of me, with 60 or more behind me! The line was from the back of the store to the front entrance, and this is only the PS4 line.

While the Xbox1 line can I put it lightly!? meager in comparison! situated by the checkout counter, some could say they were hudled at the counter like players in a football game.

The thing about this instant is that everyone from both lines had tickets that were passed out prior to being let into the store.

As far as ratio goes concerning which was more popular and, which was also going to sell more at the space in time I occupied at the moment! I'd say 5 to 1 in the PS4 favor, and that's not me being generous!
CrimsonDragon90  +   790d ago
When will the xbones finally realize PS4 is the better console.
JonnyBigBoss  +   790d ago
I own both and prefer the Xbox One.

Is my opinion not valid?
Twilightx7  +   790d ago
Clearly not, this site has shifted from N4G to N4PSG over the last year or so. If you're a fan of XBox in any way, I recommend jumping ship.
M-M  +   790d ago

More like this site is now filled with trolls pretending to be like Xbox fans to get Sony fans mad. That seems to be the most popular thing to do on this site nowadays, like 95% of the "Xbox fans" on here are trolls lol.
k2d  +   789d ago
@twilightX: Surprise, surprise - after the way MS conducted business with the NSA-box this year.

Guess the lost all but their most loyal subjects lol!
AceBlazer13   790d ago | Trolling | show
first1NFANTRY  +   790d ago
Man the salt just keeps getting poured on the wound. Hope things stay like this for the rest of the generation to keep the fanboys grounded in reality.

The ONLY thing that saved MS last gen was the one year head start nothing more.
ELpork  +   790d ago
And the Microsoft hate continues... when did you Sony people get so angry with life?

PS: 1 retailer dose not not a complete picture create. Microsoft had a narrower window with it's launch, not shocking it sold more in the US then world wide, sense it had more systems here. (Making a comment on the whole fastest selling system in the US thing)

Can't we just be happy these things are selling and we're not dealing with some kind of crappy crash/drought? I know the majority of posters on game sites nowadays are conspiracy loving idiots, but seriously, SERIOUSLY doubt Microsoft bought out sales figures... Or maybe their in cahoots with tupac and the second shooter, making all of these cemtrails more potent.
JonnyBigBoss  +   790d ago
They're just picking a side, kind of like a sports team.

It's super counter-productive, though.
ELpork  +   790d ago
This is why I don't do sports... or politics... Sad really, unless any of you have any actual stock in ether of these companys, getting that worked up about them isn't good for anything, outside of stressing yourself out.... AND making yourself look stupid... BUT HEY! I'm a Mass Effect fanboy and will defend the ending of 3 to the hilt... IDK blindly following a company on the other hand just seem sad.
GamersHeaven  +   790d ago
We didn't need a Best Buy PR to tell us this we already knew.
#10 (Edited 790d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
The reaction to the NPD report just shows how many people need an education or have wasted one. How people can't grasp the difference between total sales of a console and sales rate of a console is beyond me. Stop being a fanboy for a second and read the damn NPD report. Take deep breathes, try to remember a little'll get it eventually.
Doletskaya  +   790d ago
It's nice to hear it from a third party.
Belking  +   790d ago
One yea, i'd call that PR just like it said.
GarrusVakarian  +   789d ago
One store, but its the same all over the world. PS4 sales dominate the X1. MS likes to state that the X1 18 day sales are 2 million so it sounds close to the PS4's 2.1 million, but we haven't had an 18 day number for the PS4 yet.....and we all know its going to smash the X1's numbers even further.

PS4 is the most wanted, best selling console ( 1 MILLION IN 24 SINGLE HOURS in NA, don't for get that).
Evilsnuggle  +   790d ago
More shucking and jiving from M$. PS4 sold out at launch twice In 24h. XBoned took all most 3 weeks to sell less units. M$ is brilliant They are flooding north america with xBones. Because they are Know two things. 1 PS4 can't meet the demand for their system. Some people are planning to buy both And PS4 is not available so they buy A XBone. it's Christmas parents want to buy their kids the present they want A new game console PS4 not available So they by a XBoned. 2 PS4 is going to destroy XBone worldwide. So m$ is delaying Launching all over the world in concentrating on the US market only so they can have a large supply were They will sell the most console the USA. Only 13 countries PS4 21 .m$ is surrendering around the world retreating digging In putting all the marbles in one bag in the US.
#14 (Edited 790d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
KNWS  +   790d ago
Microsoft is catching up you're just ignoring the facts.

Microsoft sold 909,000 thousands units in a week. Sony had a week start on them too in the US.

For Microsoft to have sold 2 million units and last week we heard Sony sold 2.1 million, is a sign people prefer a certain console over another

Microsoft has 48 million x box live users. Did you really think they would go Sony?

The x box 1 has dedicated servers, better UI, better features and functionality, more games. Sorry i know Sony hardcore fans find it hard to accept reality, but not everyone is keen on 400 console that only plays games at a better resolution.
#14.1 (Edited 790d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(25) | Report | Reply
GarrusVakarian  +   789d ago
"The x box 1 has dedicated servers,"

Sigh. Is this something that X1 fans just simply don't understand? Dedicated severs aren't a MS exclusive feature.....ANY GAME can have those. I could play BF4 on PS4 right now and play dedicated servers.

As for better UI, that's pure opinion, Mine is that the simpler, faster, less cluttered and no advert filled PS4 UI is better.

As for more games, actually at launch the PS4 had more games available to play than the X1....but i think you mean exclusives, in that case you are right....but we all know pumping out exclusives is Sony's game. Just look at the PS3, the PS4 will be no different.
04STIBluByU  +   789d ago
Both Evilsnuggle and You (KNWS) make Valid points. When there are two major console companies battling at near the same release date with both having 80+ mil from previous generations then you know that their new consoles will have fanboys from both wanting the NEWEST ONES!!! Both console manufactures are going to have constraints when it comes to supply because they are new to the market! Cost usually isn't a big deal for the GAMERS (Fanboys) of said console so those people will always buy whichever console they like regardless of price. It's not so hard to believe any numbers at any rate at this point because they both had 80+ million fans! Like most have said before me, If you are a numbers guy wait till the HYPE dies down and the CASUAL gamers buy these consoles. Only then can you get a good perspective of how well they will sell. Remember guys this is a Marathon not a Sprint! I love my PS4 but will never bash anyone for wanting a XB1! It's personal preference and in the end I just would love a cross-platform online battles because that would be so much fun for all of us GAMERS! Have a good day guys! Game on!
#14.1.2 (Edited 789d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Armadilo21  +   790d ago
thats what gamestop employees have been saying
GoPanthers999  +   790d ago
Not true at my BB in NC, and many of the GS also sold more X1s. You have the #s, it is close, just enjoy your console of choice.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   790d ago
Yaya blab your useless mouths while I play dead rising 3 ;P
MightyNoX  +   790d ago
In 20fps or 19fps? :0p

I keed, I keed. Enjoy.
Convas  +   789d ago
Err, 30FPS thanks to the launch day patch.
G20WLY  +   789d ago
Enjoy your slide show lol, it's like a zombie disco, somebody turn off the damn strobe lights lmao!

Meanwhile, Dying Light is cooking nicely and will be the true next gen zombie game we all deserve.

Good thing is it's multi-plat too, so there'll be no squabbling. Can't see DR3 selling much after it comes out and it certainly won't be shifting XBones from shelves at that point.

I still think it was a rotten move for MS to hold DR3 back from 360 to try to create a reason to buy XBone. Sony could have done the same with TLOU, but therein lies the difference...
Nocando  +   790d ago
Oh my, did an N4G member write this garbage? One store does not equal "A nationwide trend".
manic_maniac  +   790d ago
Sheep. Baaaa baaaaa.
Ps4 most powerful.
Xbox 1 best machine.
S2Killinit  +   790d ago
there you have it.
Izzy408  +   790d ago
Just another worthless article being submitted for the sole purpose of rallying up a fanboy base. Honestly, who the hell really cares about the number of consoles one company sells over another? Do these numbers affect peoples' gaming experience? Probably not. So why do people even buy into this propaganda crap? -_-
#21 (Edited 790d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
strigoi814  +   790d ago
i walk in walmart this afternoon to check some grocery and pass by videogame section. i saw like 6 xbox1 in a shelf..then my co-worker was like "man i haven't bought a xbox1 yet its sold out everywhere in the entire Canada." told him "really?!" yup in a sarcastic way lolz
TheUndertaker85  +   790d ago
The Walmart my fiancée works at has twenty currently in stock. Zero PS4s.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   790d ago
I was at Gamestop tue... A lady came in , and got an Xbone for her son. I asked if they had any ps4's? no. they said.
#24 (Edited 790d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ragincrinz  +   789d ago
its not coz there sold out its coz they havnt got the same level of stock as xbox one
XboxPS  +   789d ago
When It's something positive about Xbox One:"It's PR bullshit"!
When It's something positive about PS4:"That's true! PS4 is killing Xbox One"!
Fanboys are so annoying.
XboxPS  +   786d ago
I expected disagrees.
Thank you,fanboys.
xkevmandc  +   789d ago
Xbox1 better console...PS4,the same as PS3. Well you can't do the same thing on it you know lol...and Sony fan girls STOP saying PS4 is the most power console, it's CHEAP with CHEAP parts that's why it $399. my co-worker have one. and his PS4 stop working in one week...and I told him you get what you pay for CHEAP!!!!. buy a real powerful gaming system and that is PC...
Applejack  +   789d ago | Well said
Judging by your past comments, it's obvious that you're a troll and your opinion doesn't matter here.
cjflora  +   789d ago
Did you have a 6 year old type this out for you?
Thunderhawkxbox  +   789d ago
Is that why Xbox one outselling ps4 ? Ps4 doing great but not try to damage control beause ps4 ass getting kicked In USA
Cuders  +   789d ago
Lol ps4 is the top selling console in north america……….
PharaohX  +   789d ago
It really does not matter. These are stupid pissing matches. Let's figure one smart thing out. PS4 is selling out because they can't keep up with demand. Microsoft is selling consistently well because they are keeping up with demand. There are no PS4's in most stores stock. You can find a Xbox One in most stores. I think smart money would want to have product on shelves available for customers instead of not having stock. Guess what if your product is not in stock someone who was not considering you might just pick you up...
Mister_G  +   789d ago
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