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Hardcore Gamer: If you’ve occupied the planet Earth over the past few years, you’ve no doubt heard of Angry Birds (available on the app store of your choice for free or a console for $50) and Peggle. While the former has been a mixed bag of quality and commercialism, the latter is largely beloved for being both easy to play and understand. Anyone who grew up with the Price is Right’s Plinko game loves seeing the ball go down the series of pegs and land in the bucket – especially since not doing so costs you a ball just like in pinball. The Plinko/Pinball hybrid gameplay is easy to adapt to any device, and allows 20-somethings with a modern system to enjoy a game so simple that a grandmother with a Facebook account can enjoy it as well.

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ChaosKnight1649d ago

Why did this launch on Xbox One first?

XiSasukeUchiha1649d ago

True would sold more than PS4 indefinitely

admiralvic1649d ago

Why can't it just release on all consoles at the same time so everyone wins?

thecowsaysmoo1649d ago

Because xbox one rules baby.