If You Like Your Xbox 360, You Should Keep Your Xbox 360

I’ve been an Xbox customer since day one of the first version and I’m what you might consider a “Power User” on the Xbox 360. I pre-ordered the Xbox One, received it on day one, and have been really pissed off ever since.

Simply put, the Xbox One (XB1) doesn’t do anything the Xbox 360 does. I call it the “Xbox None” in my house. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t seriously consider returning it to Microsoft and here’s why:

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WorldGamer1624d ago

I'm all for opinion pieces and the discussions about gaming. That being said, I do think this blogger makes the same mistake that many others have done, which is ignore the fact that a release window dictates that some features will need time to be implemented.

I would much rather Sony and MS focus on the fundamentals of their system and get those solid, before they spend resources on extras like background playlist, robust picture apps, etc.

At the end of the day, he admits that the system delivers on its main function with BF4 and that is delivering an entertaining gaming experience.

Either way, I thought it was interesting, let me know what you think.

NewMonday1624d ago

"Don’t buy it yet if you have a 360 or you’ll be in for a big disappointment. Only get one if you don’t have a game console and the specific game title you want is available right now. Wait until Microsoft improves this thing. If I knew then what I know now, I would not have bought it"

Complaints like these from traditional Xbox fans keep popping up since the XBone launch, MS is losing fans fast.

On the other hand more and more people talk about the great user experience on the PS4 from fast downloads and installs to the better social features and organized UI

Momentum keeps building up for the PS4 , and with the large number and variety of exclusive games lined up for 2014 Sony can hold the attention.

Bigpappy1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

"Complaints like these from traditional Xbox fans keep popping up since the XBone launch, MS is losing fans fast."

Hardly the case! This is a very rare instance even here on N4G. People who bought X1 are for the most part blown away by the new features and how well they work. Most people would like all the features they had on 360 back, yes. But they also understand that M$ will continue to add feature like they always have, and are more than capable of re-adding features from 360. This is just some guy venting over feature he would like back with the hope of getting M$ to move a bit quicker in getting them back. I he really wanted to dump the X1, he would have done so already.

PS4 will loose on the social features front. The X1 is just better designed to use these features. The sole reason PS4 is even mention when it comes to social features, is because you can send your hared files directly to that online site rather than just view with the CURRENT X1 app.

NewMonday1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

the disappointment is real, gamers are underwhelmed by the XB1 and that is the sentiment around social networks and game forums, these are just some recent samples..

Gamer6661624d ago

X1 has the basis of a much broader and better platform than 360. Yes, it is short on substance right now, but like 360, X1 will build substance over time...

The first 360 dashboard and features was pretty pathetic... It evolved into a masterpiece. X1 will do the same.

hazardman1624d ago

You say real gamers but you youve been bashing xbox one before it even launched. You base opinion on hands on experience or he say she say? I'll give you that the installs are longer on X1 but after that its fair game dude. UI is very responsive, features work good. TV feature is actually good, NFL app is great. Yeah it has downside like needing Gold for everything, system settings sucks,needing to install alot apps for things to work and blah blah, but after that its actually a good console.

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curtis921624d ago

Guy seriously sounds like an old man who was set in his ways now a new device isn't giving him his precious PHOTO SLIDESHOW. God forbid. I knew something was missing from MS's E3 showing.

Dlacy13g1624d ago

funny thing... I think pretty much all his complaints revolved around the media center stuff. He rattles on and on but really his main beef is the lack of Media Center.

He makes no mention of how the Xbox One can play Blu Ray which the 360 couldn't btw... that tid bit for a media/tech junkie would seem to be important to me?

And then he just flat out lies: " Jury is still out on Forza (my other favorite). Graphics and physics are great but they make it so that you have to buy a lot of in-game purchases on top of the $60 premium I paid for the game so I’m not a happy camper about that." Since when did Forza "make it so you had to buy" a lot of in-game purchases? Outside of dlc there is nothing you "have to buy". Yes the have microtransactions but all of the on disc content can be bought via in game currency. This guy is full of sh*t and bitching just to bitch.

Duke191624d ago

Seriously I don't understand how someone can be so angry over lack of the Photo slideshow.

I understand being upset about the lack of music options, but needing to look at your photos via a console seems so odd to me. Id argue that the forced kinect integration, overall poor-ish build quality, and clunky software are the main negatives with the system.

Lukebb911624d ago

I would not buy the consoles for at least six months from launch. Ignorant people assume when they do buy a console on release day that it would have all features and problems ironed out, they are companies that do not care for you, they will put out a product as soon as possible at a relevant date to maximise profits. I understand my statement will offend people who feel the need to support a company but remember its the people in suits pulling the strings laughing as your need to tell how much you love a company gives them free advertisement and a easy purchase of someone who is easily persuaded by someones love speech on the internet. On a side note there is not really a game for these consoles (exclusives) that could warrant such a massive purchase if you have a ps3, xbox360 play battlefield, cod and ac on them dont be so blind to waste money.

curtis921624d ago

If you'll step down from your pedestal for a moment I'd like to let you know that if the majority of the user base neglected a system for months after launch, like you, then that system would be a failure and publishers would look towards mobile gaming since these new systems weren't in high enough demand to take the risk.

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