Could It Be Possible That Blizzard Is Making a Shooter Based on WoW Universe?

Yesterday, Blizzard game director Michael Booth posted a new recruitment for his team on personal twitter: "My team is looking for a Lead Producer to help us create Blizzard's next awesome game", with a link to Blizzard official recruitment.

Before joining Blizzard Entertainment on May 2013 as game director of a new game team, Mike Booth was the CEO of Turtle Rock studio, who developed the popular FPS game Counter-Strike and zombie survival shooter Left 4 Dead. He shared credits as one of Counter-Strike programmers and leaded the project of Left 4 Dead. In addition, this team is also looking for 3D Weapons Artist and the description for the job requests that the candidate should have "experience working with a diverse range of equipment, vehicles, and mechanical characters."...

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kalkano1648d ago

If so, I would facepalm harder than ever before.

GSKerns1648d ago

Starcraft Ghost anyone?

swishersweets200311648d ago

can i just get a rts warcraft again please.

IcarusEdwards1648d ago

Warcraft 4 is possible as well