It Prints Money: Why the WiiU is Here to Stay

Laser Lemming Writes:

"I don’t want to rock the boat but I think Nintendo should stay in the console business, what’s more I don’t think they should abandon the WiiU either, and unlike most of the dross floating around the net these days I’m going to back up my claims with facts and figures."

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NewMonday1653d ago

we need to see new game announcements, at least some teasers.

wheresmymonkey1653d ago

Agreed. WE need a nintendo direct just before christmas with release dates for the next batch of gmaes we know about and some teasers for whats out next year.

Mosr einfo on X, Zelda U and Confirmation of a new Star fox or metorid would do a world of good.

BosSSyndrome1653d ago

Wouldnt be surprised if they had a big direct in January like they had this year.

stragomccloud1653d ago

That would restore my faith.

NYC_Gamer1653d ago

I never understood why people would want Nintendo or any other brand to exit the market in the first place...

wheresmymonkey1653d ago

me either. Surely the more the merrier.

stragomccloud1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Because people have forgotten that gaming is supposed to be about gaming, not about brand loyalty and proliferation of misinformation.

Thepcz1653d ago

what if a brand was bad for the industry. ie, what if (for example) microsoft didnt back down on their digital rights management policy?

at the end of the day its all politics, and we vote with our wallets. if you dont go out and support all brands then you really are a hypocrite, because that is a political decision to support one brand over the other- essentially saying to the other brands ''i dont need or want you''

mshope101653d ago

this is a great and fair it before you judge.

wheresmymonkey1653d ago

thanks man. that means a lot.

JackieCruise691653d ago

I hope it is.
Although the Wii U most likely wont be as successful as Wii, doesn't mean they should abandon it. It's got a good line-up of games for next year and hopefully the following ones as well. I think they'll make it through until the next console is announced.

wheresmymonkey1653d ago

I doubt any of the next gen machines will be as successful as the wii. I have a feeling that the sales of both the PS4 and Xbone are going to nosedive in the new year and go back to regular levels.

As far as nintendos line up goes, the stuff they've shown off so far will apparently mostly be out in the first half of next year.

I can see next year being a good one for wiiu exclusives, couple that with another price cut this time next year and i could see the WiiU recovering nicely.

D_RoyJenkins1653d ago

Yup, the PS4 and XB1 that are selling well with no games will start to sell less when they get good games. Sound logic there...

Chrono1653d ago

Such delusional individuals.

GordonKnight1653d ago


Good luck with your expensive Hardware with broken online games. I'll be playing all the great Nintendo games in 2014. We still have a year until the two new systems will have true next-gen games on them.

So, are people really delusional if they want to enjoy Great Nintendo game that are available now? or are you delusional for thinking Nintendo would fail.

R00bot1653d ago

What do you think of X? It looks great, doesn't it?

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The story is too old to be commented.