SteamOS will be available to download tomorrow

The first release of SteamOS will be available to download from tomorrow, December 13, Valve has announced.

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twdll1627d ago

Can I just download it on to my 2nd HDD and just boot from there or are there certain requirements that you must have?

wtopez1627d ago

Apparently there's no crazy requirements. You can do the install and just press F12 (or whatever key loads the boot option in your system) when starting your PC to choose where to boot from. I might give it a shot but my Linux skills are not so good. Frankly they're terrible, but it seems like a good way to learn, no?

Fishy Fingers1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Do you need any previous Linux experience? I doubt you will. Plus, expect there will be no shortage of guides on YouTube 12 hours after the download goes live.

SkullBlade1691627d ago

@Fishy Fingers

Unless something goes horribly wrong which causes you to be dropped in to a command line which would either require you to fix something or reinstall SteamOS, I can't see this being the case.

Basically: If it works, then no I don't think you will need any previous Linux experience.

ZodTheRipper1626d ago

This will be my OS on my new PC. Don't know whether I'll try it on my current one just 4 fun ...I'll probably wait a few days/weeks to see whether it has/causes any problems. New software can't be trusted these days even if it's steam.

UltimateMaster1626d ago

It needs to be able to play the PC games as well, and not limited to what Linux has with it's limited library.
If it has the full Steam library of games, then you can bet they've got a success.

andyboy131626d ago


The biggest draw for me is the game streaming option. I could see installing steam OS on my laptop and leaving windows on the gaming pc. That way I can just boot up the laptop on a light weight OS and essentially stream a video. That could make for some great battery life!

Ghoul1626d ago

they clearly said that "However, the developer doesn't recommend that users try it out until next year unless they're already "an intrepid Linux hacker". "

its a beta build and you should know how to handle linux.

wait until next year then

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Kayant1627d ago

Have you even installed a linux distro before? If so then it shouldn't be harder than install Ubuntu,Mint etc am guessing seeing as this is supposed to be for the masses so it shouldn't be anywhere near as complex Arch linux is to install.

Defiantly installing this as soon as it arrives :)

Eonjay1627d ago

I'm pretty excited about this. Windows has really bogged down my PC. Hopefully this can freshen things up. I will be installing this to my second HDD.

starchild1627d ago

This is great news. I'm going to give it a spin. I'm excited to see where this goes.

Also, Mantle was supposed to release for Battlefield 4 this month. Has anyone heard an exact date?

paul-p19881627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

The majority of Linux distros (might even be all of them) have an option to install it side-by-side with Windows, known as dual-booting. I assume Steam OS will be no different. When you boot your PC it will come up with a black screen asking which OS to boot, so it's really simple. I used to run Windows XP and Linux Ubuntu as a dual-boot a while back, mainly because there were certain programs on Windows i couldn't run through Linux, but that has changed quite a lot now so i just use Ubuntu instead.

You may even be able to burn the ISO to a DVD and run it as a live operating system just to give it a test run (it just 'installs' Linux onto your RAM, so it's pretty slow, but obviously not permanent), which once again is an option that many Linux distro's have, but not all of them. The major distro's all do it, so i would personally assume SteamOS would let you do it.

With regards to requirements, it's the same as any OS, but as long as you have a fairly modern PC you shouldn't have any problems installing it :)


I hope there is an option to allocate custom space to this SteamOS partition.

Lior1626d ago

Will it work properly with games like on origin like battlefield 4

Kayant1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

No. People seem to be forgetting that SteamOS is linux meaning it has small range of natively supported games atm well in terms of the big AAA games. This is meant to change that so devs/pubs will support linux more. Just give it time ;)

So if you're looking for this to replace your current windows environment day one then this might not be for you expect if you have two PCs and you can use the streaming feature to play Windows games.

AD7051626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

i highly doubt that they'll release steamos with no added games support to whats currently available on steam in linux.

I will probably wait a few months before downloading steamOS. Just to see where it will go.

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wtopez1627d ago

Hmm interesting... I'm definitely checking this out. Dual boot it is!

Blackdeath_6631627d ago

will wait and see if there is a performance difference. there probably won't be a huge amount in the early stages

Fireseed1626d ago

That, or it'll likely be the 50% performance difference they've been claiming...

AD7051626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Really 50% performance boost on steamOS? How will they pull that off? In fact wheres an article that states that?

Trenta271626d ago

Linux is a beautiful thing. I have used it countless times to bring old computers back to life. Windows takes up a massive amount of resources.

ninjahunter1626d ago

Yea, that's what im excited to see, If i could squeeze another year out of my laptop from a 20% boost to CPU or GPU performance, my wallet would be awfully happy. But if its just 5-10%, it would be hard to justify loading it up just to play a couple games.

Perjoss1627d ago

Even though it will likely never happen, I'm still excited about maybe one day being able to game on PC without the need for windows.

Spinal1627d ago

Windows is far than a gaming OS. I'd hate to have just a gaming OS on my PC. Thats what consoles are for.

I like use Micosoft Office and other Windows compatible applications. Just imagine the amount of programs that wont be compatible with SteamOS lol.

Fishy Fingers1627d ago

True, at least now. But expect SteamOS to support the more popular PC applications (Firefox etc) and perhaps even offer/support office type services.

I've got a PC that doesn't have Office installed, never have a problem using 3rd party solutions.

Chrono1627d ago

Just saying, all those software have great free (as in freedom) alternatives. And even if you insist on M$ Office, you can use it through WINE.

paul-p19881627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Tbh the open source office software is quicker and cleaner than MS Office, and doesn't use the horrible ribbon system... have a look at LibreOffice, you can even download it for Windows if you want to try it before taking the plunge and going to Linux to see what the office software is like.

For all the other applications you can install Wine, which is a windows compatibility layer. All my previous Windows only software works on it, and thankfully it's a lot more backwards compatible than Windows (Got my old Jedi Knight 2 game running on it, Windows didn't support that past XP lol).

Pretty much everything you can run on Windows can be run on Linux, and those that can't tend to have an opensource equivalent anyway, so you can do near enough exactly the same things on both now :)

curtis921627d ago

Spinal mentions using PC for things other than games.

Okay, I agree. I follow.

Spinal uses Office as example.


Perjoss1626d ago

nobody expects steam OS to replace their main OS totally. its something you dual boot into to play games only.

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XiSasukeUchiha1627d ago

Awesome, downloading tomorrow for sure

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