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Analyst: Wii U to Sell 25 Percent as Well as Wii

In an market research report provided to IGN, it was revealed that the PlayStation 4 is the quickest-selling console in history. In that same report, DFC Intelligence also makes a sales prediction about Nintendo’s struggling Wii U console.

According to DFC Intelligence, the Wii U “is expected to be mainly a system for Nintendo first-party software.” However, the report paints a dire picture for Wii U. DFC Intelligence writes that “sales [are] anticipated to be only about a quarter of the Wii.”

The Wii U has shown moderately improved sales in Japan in particular, though it continues to struggle selling hardware and software alike. (Industry, Wii U)

DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   598d ago
its a Gamecube 2.0 and I always preferred gamecube over wii regardless of sales.
Concertoine  +   597d ago
definitely. sales would be nice too though >_>
guitarded77  +   597d ago
Yeah, GC had a much better catalog, and controller than Wii. Wii U has some stuff going for it, but it's never going to do Wii numbers. Wii was an anomaly, and it's not simple to do those numbers time and again.
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Rustynail  +   597d ago
No, it's Virtual Boy 2.0.
SANTA--CLAUS   597d ago | Spam
XiSasukeUchiha  +   597d ago
Gamecube 1.0 sold more than Wii u (Gamecube 2.0)
Concertoine  +   597d ago
gamecube had smash bros melee at launch.
Chrischi1988  +   597d ago
Gamecube had its full life cycle to sell more
RPG_Lover  +   597d ago
Sales have no impact on system enjoyment
RobbyGrob  +   597d ago
Enjoyment clearly has an impact on sales though.
360ICE  +   597d ago
Crappy controller does.

In all seriousness, though. I think Wii U will pick up the pace. Super Mario 3D Land looks fantastic, Windwaker HD is great and with MK8 and Smash Bros on the horizon, it'll have a good offering soon.

HOWEVER, I wish they just stuck to the pro controller. Maybe tweaked the Wii controller a little bit. I can't stand that awful 5$ (est. value, not price) "tablet".
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   597d ago
It's got all the same functions and buttons as a normal controller, a really good grip, and the touch screen isn't over-used in the majority of its titles but still gives enough extra options aside from Off-TV play to be useful.

There's no "Crappy" about this controller.
360ICE  +   597d ago
I disagree.

It feels light, clunky and somehow more plastic than the other plastic controllers. You're right, most of the games don't really use the touch screen all that much (it's not over-used), and that is why it's annoying to be holding a controller that's essentially a board fitted to your hands instead of a smaller controller that rests perfectly in your palms. Is the screen useful? Sometimes. And in games like Nintendoland it's even fun, but that doesn't stop it from being devastated by the Pro Controller in nearly every game - and in comparison to PS4 and Xbox One's controller efforts, even the Pro Controller isn't that good.

Also, screen is low-res, it doesn't have multi-touch (what touch-screen doesn't have multi-touch these days?), which is incredibly weird seeing how there'd easily be many uses for that.

This is largely a matter of taste, though. You're free to say that you like it, but I'm just saying that it feels really cheap to me. Second screen thing would have been a neat add-on, but going beyond that I feel it overstates its welcome.
Chrischi1988  +   597d ago
Then you didnt understand, what the use is for. I know there are not too many games, to actually show of its functionality, but there will be games, that will show, why it is superior to other controllers. That would be games, who are similar to Skyrim or any MMO or even games like DOTA or something like that. These games are simply said not playable on a PS4 or Xbox 1, at least not with the controlls they offer right now. In my eyes, Wii U can offer a completely new genre to play, with that controller and that makes it for me more next gen, than pretty graphics and same controlls since PSX days.
360ICE  +   596d ago
I'm sorry, but nothing suggests that Wii U users are gonna get this widely different experience. As far as I'm concerned, the tablet integration for PS4 and Xbox One have been equally interesting until now, and may continue to be so. Also, these consoles are powerful enough to play around with Kinect/Camera technology, and eventually virtual reality. What's left for Nintendo then?

"Superior" to other controllers is such a bs statement, because ultimately it will never be as good at 99% of the games that are out there as the quality products that are Dualshock 4 and the Xbox One controller. Response time, ergonomics and everything is just optimalized on those two controllers.
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Reeze  +   597d ago
Sure, sales are very important.

However, I like to evaluate consoles based on the enjoyment I get out of them. Wii U is definitely one of the highest ranked, personally, in that matter.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   597d ago
Won't change my choice of system regardless. Nothing else is getting Bayonetta 2 or Monolith Soft's next game, so the Wii U is sticking around my place.
It's not just for Nintendo games anymore...
curtis92  +   597d ago
Isn't it though?
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wonderfulmonkeyman  +   597d ago
No, it's really not.
Granted, Nintendo still makes good quality games. I've got Pikmin 3 and SM3DWorld, for example.

But there's still quite a few great second and third party and indie games going for the system.
NatureOfLogic  +   597d ago
I have to buy a WiiU asap. Nintendo best games are on their struggling consoles.
Veneno  +   597d ago
I haven'tt owned a nintendo console since SNES, but I am definitely getting a Wii U when the price is right for me.
PurpHerbison  +   597d ago
Why can't I just get a nice Nintendo console without any BS attached? When they finally go full HD, I hope they finally cut the crap.
king_george  +   597d ago
I think nintendo will pick up the pace soon. They have never made a bad home console so i have faith in them. I've been saying this for awhile and i'll say it again: once the heavy hitter games come out the wii u will pick up sales
Chrischi1988  +   597d ago
Exactly and that person try to tell us, that we say, this one game is the seller is hilarious. There have to be more than one game, but games come out one by one, like on every console. Somehow I think, people expect some kind of magic from Nintendo, so they are ok, or else it is a failure, but that others do something wrong, will be overlooked easily, why? Because of better graphics, not gameplay or anything, just graphics.
mydyingparadiselost  +   597d ago
People keep saying the system is only for Nintendo 1st party but their's also alot of indie games coming as well. Between them, Nintendos stuff and some 3rd party there are plenty of reasons to get a Wii U. I think we'll see 40-60 million sold, not the Wii but better than the Cube. And definately not a Virtual Boy......
4logpc  +   597d ago
I am still floored after a year we have very little major first party software.

Nintendo did Pikmin, Super Mario 3d World, and the Super Mario bros U. That's it. In a year that is just sad.

Those are great games, but they still lack that "it" factor. They need that game that packs a punch in every area. Gameplay, visuals, Nintendo Charm.

IMO the only game that comes close to that is Pikmin 3, which isn't a huge seller compared to their other first party content.

The Wii had its controller but it also had Twilight Princess day 1 that had the visuals and game play people wanted. Super Mario Galaxy had the same thing. Amazing visuals in an epic adventure of Mario goodness.

Neither of the Mario games have the same scale as something like Mario 64 or galaxy. Everything I have played besides Pikmin 3 feels like a good game, but nothing that is memorable.
BigDuo  +   597d ago
Well, you actually forget about Game & Wario, Wind Waker HD, Wii U Party, Wii Fit U (eshop version) and New Super Luigi U(the expansion of New SMBU). In addition, Nintendo published Lego City, Mario & Sonic Olympics, Wii Sports Club (co-developed by Namco Bandai) and The Wonderful 101. 2014 was more about 3DS than Wii U was, but 2014 seems like it to be the opposite.

Twilight Princess was just a GameCube port that served as a Wii launch title with 16:9 support and Wii remote controls implemented into it.
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4logpc  +   597d ago
Like I said, major first party.

Wind Waker is great. Loved playing it in HD, but its a remake.

Wonderful 101 is ok, but again nothing major.

Haven't played Lego City or Mario and Sonic, but according to sales they aren't anything special, especially Mario and sonic.

Again my point is scale. You need that adventure that is 40-80 hours of Nintendo goodness that only Nintendo can make. Games like Metorid Prime, Mario Galaxy, Zelda, Donkey Kong 64. This is what people want, not 2d donkey kong, and remakes of Zelda games.

Sure Twilight Princess was gamecube game as well but it released a full month earlier on Wii, and myself and tons of my friends had to play that game on the Wii, so I would bet other people got the Wii to play it as well.
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HardcoreDaBoss  +   597d ago
.........Nintendo did Pikmin, Super Mario 3d World, and the Super Mario bros U. That's it. In a year that is just sad. ......

They did mario 3d world, pikmin 3, super mario u, super luigi u, wind waker hd, all great games in a year.. I have to agree some though.. nintendo can do so much better.. at the moment im backed up on nintendo games.. I still have to beat pikmin 3, the wonderful 101.. the games they have now are way better then the other next gen consoles... thats why i wont get them until they show me some games.. and i still have X, bayo 2, smash bros, mario kart next year... not to mention a new zelda, metroid, metroid, starfox and new mario game thats 3d... some may be in the works right now..
MsmackyM  +   597d ago
These days analyst seem to be about as accurate as weather men. I hope there isn't someone dumb enough to pay for that analysis.
TongkatAli  +   597d ago
It could be the stigma coming from hardcore Nintendo fanboys. I seriously don't wanna support anything they like cause its creepy how hard they go trolling the competition.

I know Sony fanboys and Microsoft fanboys are just as bad, but damn they're relentless for trolling the Vita and before that they were trolling the f out of the PSP and the creepy thing that i seen mad comments from Nintendo fanboys saying they never trolled the PSP and how it was amazing and the Vita needs to be like the PSP, yeah, I wasn't reading that during the PSP lifetime.

: / please stop, lol. Gamefaqs Vita board proves my point easily where no one can say anything good about the Vita without being laughed at by Nintendo fanboys who are there since February 2012 of its release

I have a pink 3DS and idk how its suppose to make the Vita feel inferior oh yeah! the sales game, now karma, the Wii U is getting shitted for not selling like the Wii, karma is fing beautiful tragic all at the same time.

Nintendo is classy, but the many haters they have on their side ..... Steve Wilkos will say it for me

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BigDuo  +   597d ago
With the NPD sales data coming in for November, it sure looks like Wii U bombed hard, it probably sold somewhere under 180k. Nintendo likely won't even mention it in its report, but Iwata has some tough questions to face from Nintendo investors come January's financial meeting. Such a shame to given how much of an underrated console Wii U is, but Nintnedo needs to enter panic mode in early 2014.
Rustynail  +   597d ago
Underrated? Are you kidding? It's overrated and I will never buy a console just to play some outdated first party franchises.
Rustynail  +   597d ago
Nintendo's in trouble. Reggie needs to get fired.
4logpc  +   597d ago
More like Iwata.
ABizzel1  +   597d ago
More like Both.
310dodo  +   597d ago
The Wii U controller is genius.
thats not the problem.
problems for Nintendo are obvious ..

weak systems compared to PS and X
weak 3rd party games
weak online
CAB1802  +   596d ago
I highly doubt it will happen

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