Analyst: Xbox One Likely to do Best in North America

PlayStation 4 may be the quickest-selling console in industry history, but Microsoft’s Xbox One kept it competitive, selling a staggering two million units in 18 days, officially making it the second quickest-selling console ever released.

“The Xbox One is a system that is likely to do much better in North America than the rest of the world”

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Bigpappy1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

To be fair, lots of people were speculating that PS4 would rule in N.A. I think when NPD shows the sales numbers, the reality that X1 has already passed PS4 in N.A will be clear.

Majin-vegeta1345d ago

Lol keep dreaming buddy YOBO.

GameNameFame1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Pappy the reality is that you are in a bubble of denial and desperation.

This article is not even about PS4 and Xbox One.

Gaming1011344d ago

The article is about the x-bone doing better in NA than in Japan and Europe, it has nothing to do with a comparison with PS4. Sales numbers are already in and PS4 is outselling the x-bone by an extremely wide margin in most regions.

ShinMaster1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

@ Bigpappay

Xbox One doing better in N.A. than the rest of the world and Xbox One doing better in N.A. than the PS4 are two different things.

The article isn't even comparing it with the PS4.

NewMonday1344d ago


do you honestly believe that ?!

"least worse" is the better term to describe the XBone fortunes in USA.

ravinash1344d ago

If the reports are anything to go by, the onl thing holding the PS4 back in it's sales is the stock.
So it's a bit hard to tell how much demand there is if they can't make enough to cover the sales and preorders.

once there is enough stock so that they are staying on the shelves, then we can start looking into who is selling the best and which is more in demand.

tigertom531344d ago

It been pretty clear that Microsoft has been providing more consoles to North America then Sony. Sony has been sending more consoles into other regions for their released while Microsoft seems to be more focused on small amount of regions. Talking to store they have been getting a larger and more steady supply of X1 Consoles good example of that was black Friday which stores had 4 to 1 over Sony system...

tigertom531344d ago

Second week US sales are also in. The PlayStation 4 was severely supply constrained, which accounts for its big drop off. There was just 86,654 PS4's sold in its second week. That brings the total sales to 1,070,866 in the first two weeks. There were 306,507 Xbox One's sold in its second week. That brings the total sales to 1,039,076.

Biggest1344d ago

I hope that everyone is reading the statement. It says that the Xbone will do better in NA than IT will in the rest of the world. It doesn't say that the Xbone will do better in NA than THEY will. It is comparing the Xbone in NA to the Xbone in the rest of the world.

Don't be silly, folks. This is not a claim in favor of the Xbone over anyone but the Xbone.

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Kingthrash3601345d ago

ps4 will win US...its just saying x1 will sell the most in the US...not more than ps4..smh. kinda like ps4 will sell the most in japan between it and x1.
man sombody give this guy a towel.

UnholyLight1344d ago

Article says North America. Doesn't that include Canada??

Where I'm at in Canada they didn't do a midnight launch for PS4 because apparently there wasn't the same demand as for Xbox One. At least that's what I was told when I asked why PS4 wasn't going to be a midnight launch. Honestly that surprised me

Stsonic1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Call up your pappy and get him to snap you out of this dream.

pyramidshead1345d ago

Bookmarked. How do you like your crow served?

guitarded771345d ago

The article is about where XBOX One will perform best, not competition between X1 and PS4.

TheFallenAngel1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Did you even read the article? It says that the bone will sell more in the USA than the rest of the world. It doesn't say that the bone will sell more than ps4.

guitarded771345d ago

I think 90% of the commenters missed that.

BX811345d ago

Reading is too stressful for some. It's a lot easier for their small minds to make this about xb1 vs ps4.

Godmars2901345d ago

Reading articles such as these are rather pointless - since they mean nothing.

replying to some of the comments are funny though.

Godmars2901345d ago

"Domination" should not be a concern to the average gamer. Viability maybe, but not even then really.

If one console does well, sees clear true profit, then its only going to be around for as long as competition can keep afloat, possibly rushing out its next system just to exploit its new-ness. Or the loser will fold up, close shop, and unless someone new comes along the "winner" of the cycle will get full of themselves and screw up.

The short of it is the industry is in a mess and the thing you're hoping for, that the XB1 will become the PS2 in terms of popularity, likely isn't going to happen.

And right now you're not even getting internet bragging rights.

Bigpappy1344d ago

Not sure your comments were aimed at my comment. But you have been around long enough and can be rational so I will add this response:

I never mention "Domination" and don't expect the X1 will globally out sell PS4. I am very confident it will beat PS4 in N.A though. May be even a few places in Europe. Based on the 2M sold, I think when the NPD numbers are released, they will show X1 passed PS4 in NA over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That is my take. we shall see is I am right or wrong when those numbers are released.

Eonjay1344d ago


Can't argue with that. Its your opinion and its based on historical data. I don't really think the historical data is going to hold up due to price changes but we shall see. The report should be out today.

CGI-Quality1345d ago

There's a slim chance the X1 wins in NA, but if you think it happened it November, you will be sorely mistaken. But, I'm sure you know that, you just don't want to face it, given your history.

OT: Captain Obvious is not amused.

Bigpappy1344d ago

X1 leading in NA doesn't mean they won NA. Just like PS4 leading at launch doesn't mean they won the sales battle. We have a very looong way to go.

CGI-Quality1344d ago

BUT, right now, nothing suggests that the X1 will catch up at all, which is why I don't get your hastily assembled assumption (outside of partisanship, of course).

Sarcasm1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

The one thing that suggests the X1 caught up is simply because the PS4 just isn't much stock in the U.S.

Everytime it seems like there's stock, it's gone right away.

My sister is starting to pull her hair trying to capture one, and was even asking me if she should drop $500 on a craigslist one. I keep telling her to look at the local retailers closely and she keeps missing it lol

MizTv1344d ago

What are you talking about?
Have you seen the numbers?

Evilsnuggle1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

You must excuse pAppy xBoned720 fanBoys don't think with logic They think with the heart. If they used logic they would buy A PS4 it is the superior game console in every conceivable way. Better frame rate ,better resolution,better lighting and better anti alias On every single multi-platfrom game so far. PS4 will out sell xBoned720 PS4 60% to 40% xBoned720 in the USA .PS4 will out sell worldwide 4 to 1

MorePowerOfGreen1344d ago

When things like Cortana possibly using other mobile devices in concert with XB1 and windows 8.1, it will make the Apple's Siri craze look like warm-ups.

Once again people are underestimating MSFT with their dedicated cloud compute servers, once that stuff takes off no competition has a hope of competing. XB1 will be putting out PC level graphics that match later PC hardware due to the azure servers being much more powerful that any home gaming PC. XB1 games will look better way late in this generation with revolutionary size with unheard of social features.

Majin-vegeta1344d ago

Lol i think you been hitting the green a little too mcuch XD.