Trade in Your Day One Xbox One and Have Enough Money for a New PS4

GamerFitNation: Amazon is accepting Day One Xbox One consoles for trade-in, and the value of the trade-in is more than enough to buy a brand new PlayStation 4. Amazon will pay $427.50 for a Day One Xbox One, while a new PS4, if you can even find one — Amazon and many other retailers are currently sold out, unless you’re willing to pay a highly marked-up price — retails for $399.99.

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Sitdown1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

"Amazon is buying Day One editions for 85% of the retail price, which is the same value they’re putting on standard edition PlayStation 4s. It seems like gamers aren’t placing as high a value on the Day One Xbox One as they’ve placed on Day One consoles in the past. This may be a result of Xbox One not doing as well expected, especially if those who bought a Day One console, who are usually the most dedicated to a console, aren’t as happy with the Xbox One as they thought they would be."

Hmm...the ps4 has a trade in value of $342....which is about the same 85% value. What does that mean? Perhaps 2 million out the gate is horrible for both. If the Xbox one was doing so bad, Amazon would not even give that much. Who ever submitted this article should be banned....flame bait at its best. Oh, and the value of the ps4 is $399.....not everybody has to pay tax.

Bigpappy1462d ago

It means nothing. I am sure Gamestop is giving similar value on these trades. The fact is they will offer this much because not many people will trade their new systems. If some one who bought X1 wanted to buy PS4 they could have easily done so. But they are indecisive people out there, who will buy one and then think they my have preferred the other for what ever reason. This would be very helpful for those few.

Eonjay1462d ago

You are really trying to take it in stride. And you are right. And because of the trade value of the PS4, even fewer will trade in for an Xbox One.

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Eonjay1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )


Or, they know that the markup that can put on a PS4 is worth more to them in shipping costs alone than not paying for a new Xbox One.

xHeavYx1462d ago Show
Death1461d ago

"if you made the mistake of buying the One instead the PS4, you can upgrade to a PS4 at no charge"

Seriously? So Amazon is some charity now looking to right the wrongs of gamers everywhere? I sincerely hope you were kidding by that statement.

Gekko361461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

@xHeavyx - Thats not what amazon are saying, they are saying they hold a high value on X1 D1 trade in's and you could by a ps4 with the money.

There is a big difference between making a "mistake" and deciding to get the best return on your purchase. I could trade in my X1 and buy a use car if I wanted. Different reasons for different people.

My brother has already dumped his PS4 because none of his friends are on it. He got £400 from one of the fella's at the local pub. He has bought an iPad air instead lol

alexkoepp1461d ago

A used item holding 85% of its value is unprecedented, it just shows Microsoft has made a phenomenal product. If you buy a new car once you drive it off the lot it isn't even worth 85% lol

GrieverSoul1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

@all the above
What amazon is doint here is called... get ready... a business strategy!
By giving you 85% of the value you spent they loose nothing. Their 15% profit is still on their pockets. After that, you buy a new PS4 for 400$. Again, amazon is getting 15% profit from you. So, by doing this, they increase their profit from their initial xbox1 sale of 75$ to 138$ after the trade in the x1 and purchasing a ps4 and a few accessories for it.

ChrisW1461d ago

I'd like to see the overall numbers of consoles traded in a month after Christmas...

SecondSon1461d ago

@GrieverSoul exactly! They are not saying anything with this they just managed to get people to buy a PS4 for the higher price of an Xbox One. And you forgot that after they have sold you an Xbox One and a PS4 they are going to resell your used Xbox One for 90 something % of its value. Making even a bit more back from your indecisive purchase.

JeffGUNZ1461d ago

Wouldn't one just sell it on ebay and make MORE money? It's like trading games to gamestop, makes no sense when sites like and ebay are around.

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TopDudeMan1462d ago

I disagree that it's flamebait, it's just an observation. What it does mean is that if someone's disappointed with their Xbox one, they have the option to trade it in for the PS4. And I bet some people might do just that.

Bigpappy1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

They can also be disappointed with PS4 and decide to take a loss and pay a little more for an X1. I am sure they are people that will also do that.

The title is there to incite and encourage comments like yours. It make no sense really, because if some one paid a hundred dollars more for X1, that would mean that they highly prefer that console and has already decided to pass on PS4 which is much cheaper.

The fact is both consoles are given 85% of their value as 'Sitdown' has already pointed out.

Sitdown1462d ago

Not to mention the article stated that the day one edition trade in value equals the standard ps4.....are not all the ps4s standard and retailers only used the "launch" distinction to let customers know when they could expect their unit? Is this new news that you can trade in video game systems for a new video game system? Where is the proof that the xbox over its not meeting expectations and doing well... as the article suggests?



"are not all the ps4s standard and retailers only used the "launch" distinction to let customers know when they could expect their unit?"

I believe they didn't meant standard vs day one edition (as indeed there's no such distinction) but standard vs bundle. There were Battlefield, Killzone and Knack bundles for US if memory serves me right... But I'm not sure if they are different somehow (packaging?) as there's no PS4 bundles available where I live.

Thomaticus1461d ago

People always second guess their decision and go for the other system. It'll happen both ways ps4 for x1 and x1 tradd in for ps4.

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mhunterjr1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Yeah, this is silly man. Resellers always offer less than market value, so they can sell them for more than market value. That's the only way you can make a profit as a reseller.

It's the basic 'pawn' model. How can someone try to spin this into some sort of negative ms article when the day one box alone is selling for nearly $400 online. Not the console, but the box it comes in.

admiralvic1462d ago

"What does that mean? Perhaps 2 million out the gate is horrible for both. If the Xbox one was doing so bad, Amazon would not even give that much."

It doesn't mean anything. Most games start off high and drop based off decreased demand or excess stock. If Amazon has 500 people trade in their systems and only 3 sell in a week, then the price will surely drop (trade in and possible used). This is a common tactic and doesn't mean anything besides you currently have an item thats worth money.

Same logic with Knack trading in for $40 at BB or BF 4 trading in for $28 on the PS3 and $40 for the PS4 / 360 / XB1.

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ALLWRONG1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

"This may be a result of Xbox One not doing as well expected"

2 million and climbing, in less countries, $100 more and it's neck in neck with the Ps4.

Try harder.

fooltheman1461d ago

The problem with your statement is that the numbers from the ps4 are not only a week old, but doesn't use the the demand for the Ps4 and the supply that's available as a parameter.

These numbers mean nothing as it's possible that XBOX one could have more console to sell, than the PS4. The amount the ps4 sold is cut off by the the lack of supply.

JohnnyBadfinger1461d ago

What you say makes no sense. Sony failed to produce an adequate number of consoles before launch. Technically Sony can count preorders as sales as they are sales only pending delivery. I'm getting a x1. From what friends have told me it is a near perfect console. Has bugs that need ironing out but ps4 is having same trouble. The only thing stopping me tom getting the Xbox is the lack of money currently at this time. This time of year is the time when every body is holding their hands out to get money off of me. Spent about $12000 in the last 2 months. A Xbox is just a welcomed luxury at the moment

extermin8or1461d ago

No it means there are more of each edition out there-so they aren't as rare and are therefore worth less?

Willio1461d ago

Smart on Amazon capitalizing on holiday gifts to make even more money by reselling...

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monkey6021461d ago

Webuy in my town are offering €450 trade in cash for a ps4 which is €50 more than the retail price. Im sure theyre doing the same with the xbox one as theyll sell them for insane markups

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DoubleM701461d ago

Yes more propganda BS that should not have made it onto N4G.

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Naga1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

There is not nearly enough buyer's remorse at this point on either side for this to be a worthwhile article. PS4 owners are happy with their choice, and Xbox owners are happy with theirs. Both consoles have wrinkles that are being ironed out, but by and large gamers are happy right now.

Why can't we just have an article which celebrates the enormous commercial success of both consoles and the fact that we as gamers have a very vibrant industry with at least two very competitive platforms?

coopman3001462d ago

Wish it could be that way but some people seem to feel the need to justify their purchase by talking crap on the other guys system or hoping that it fails so they can say "haha i'm better than you". The troll gene runs deep in some people unfortunately.

CrossingEden1462d ago

Um, what is the point of this article? How is this useful information whatsoever for GAMERS that actually own and like their xbox one which is the majority of the 2 million+ people who own one.

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lifeisgamesok1462d ago

I wouldn't trade in my launch games let alone my Xbox One

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