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Angie Santiago reports from SpawnFirst: "Looking to get that Xbox One for your child, a family member, or even yourself? Look no further than to grab your console. You can either get just the standalone console or you can grab a Call of Duty: Ghosts bundle. The standalone costs $499.99 (before taxes and shipping), and the Ghosts bundle costs $559.98 (before taxes and shipping)."

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allformats1441d ago

People are trying to make it seems like there's such high demand for Xbox One, when you can practically walk into any store and pick up One.


Daz1441d ago

There getting new stock all the time for both systems every week or so so i think your wrong there demand for both.

Lalanana1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

@allformats This guy here ...such a troll

ps4 and xbox one are undeniably in high demand..
Xbox launched in 13 countries.
PS4 32 countries..

Ps4 is having problems keeping up with demand..
MS played it smart to be able to produce what they can..

Now those poor ps4 fans can't even buy a ps4 because sony cannot produce it for them.

Don't be so butthurt that MS is actually selling xbox one very well at a 499 price tag and keeping up with demands

4Sh0w1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Check it allformats X1 is sold out on Amazon again with only the expensive consoles through affiliate retailers available. Amazon sells more than any other 1 online retailer.

How does that happen without high demand?

#2 Bestseller (behind 360 COD Ghosts)
#12 Bestseller of 2013
#1 Movers & Shakers list
#1 Most wished for list

How does that happen without high demand?

loulou1441d ago

allformats = dedicatedtogamers alt account

osamede11441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

...there is a high demand...there is also high supply to match that demand. if there was no demand they would never sell out in the first-place and articles like this would not exist. you dont see articles saying "wii-U" now in stock....stop being dumb. the amount of bubbles you have only proves SDF rules n4g.

JokesOnYou1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Yeah allformats your logic is terrible.

Retailers like Bestbuy themselves are advertising to consumers through their websites when they WILL HAVE MORE STOCK AFTER BEING SOLD OUT.

Sony announced 2.1 mil sold= Wow congrats sony.

Micro announces 2mil sold=

lol, With 2mil already sold retailers like Bestbuy, Walmart, Gamestop and Amazon who have all had multiple sellouts listed on their own sites (ps4 too) but they are lying and just ordering more X1's to collect dust in their warehouses since we know the store shelves are full of them. -lmfao, is that really how you think, you should be embarrassed, but instead of acknowledging your foolish assumptions that the X1 would fail miserably didn't pan out, you move on to more delusional rhetoric. lol, take your meds, you'll sleep better tonight.

Clarence1441d ago

Save it and you take your meds. You can't find a PS4 anywhere. The xbone on the other hand stays in stock.

The demand for the PS4 is much higher than the xbone. Its called supply and the demand. I never thought the xbone would fail, but I sure as hell know that it won't outsell the PS4.

Once Sony is able to keep the PS4 in stock, the PS4 will begin to outpace the xbone at a faster rate than before.

People slamming M4 is just karma. Last gen it was the other way around.
Not only that M$ tried to give gamers the business with the DRM policies and multiple lies all summer.

Sarxblade1441d ago

You posted an article 6 days old now. Those X1's are most likely long gone...

A video of a guy that did research on the myth of being able to walk into any store and buy an X1. Heck just checked Amazon and they are sold out there too. Face it dude, the X1 is selling great and has high demand.
But anyways both consoles are doing great, I'm amazed at how well they are both selling.

aviator1891441d ago

You fail to observe the other logical happening: matching demand with abundant supply.

I honestly don't know how you managed to attain those 8 bubbles of yours.

SlavisH21441d ago

Dude its n4g i have seen trolls like that with lots of bubbles. You can't reason with stupid it won't listen. He will just post a similar comment next x1 sells article.

theoneb1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

He is a paid bot and or manipulates the site stop responding to him. Talking about jokesonyou

famoussasjohn1441d ago

You just had to be "that guy" didn't you?

B-radical1441d ago

You claim to be all formats yet you seem to favor one system ;)

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JMaine5181441d ago

Microsoft doing a good job keeping the xbox supply up to match demand.

tawak1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

its always been in stocked.

famoussasjohn1441d ago

Negative ghost rider.

Just wait for it to sell out again.

4Sh0w1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

So how did they sell through 2 million consoles? lol, why is it sold out on Amazon AGAIN but ranked higher at #2 than ps4 on bestsellers list, even passed ps4 on the Bestseller for 2013??? I mean it can't be both, if they are all just sitting on store shelves then they can't be sold out and if they sold 2mil vs 2.1mil how is it possible to have so many on store shelves vs ps4 that is supposedly can't be found??? what did micro produce 5mil at launch??? that means that all these retail companies that have been in business forever are stupid for continuing to buy consoles from micro when they are selling so poorly.

tawak1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

true.. 2mil shipped/sold to retail but not to home consumers. nice try MS

aviator1891441d ago


It's 2 million units "sold through," meaning it's been sold to the customers.

skoorydook1441d ago

You just stated that PS4 has sold more than X1 then continue to try and prove the X1 is selling better by posting a link to amazon showing the X1 above PS4.

2 things.

1 amazon does not stock and supply every console in the world.

2 These lists will continue to change depending on which supply is currently keeping up with the demand, right now that is MS but will shift back and forth.

4Sh0w1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

skoorydook wth are you talking about nothing about my post says X1 is selling more, what I say and the link confirms is that it's selling alot, selling out=high demand which is contrary to the haters saying it's easily available everywhere. Of course Amazon isnt the only retailer but that doesn't make much sense if the world's largest retailer can't keep them in stock but you can buy them so easily from other retailers.

Also yes Amazon can change but the FACT that X1 has been sitting atop the Amazon charts above ps4 for a few days now demonstrates yes ps4 is sold out as a factor but also still shows high demand for X1. Reading comprehension.

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skoorydook1441d ago

In stock at Game in the UK also, doesn't matter if people buy these now or have to wait on a pre ordered PS4 the stock for both will be sold

Clunkyd1441d ago

I found an Xbox One yesterday at my local walmart in Houston.

crazysammy1441d ago

lol look at Walmarts awesome marketing. Hot new item? Turn it sideways and bury it on the bottom!

B-radical1441d ago

Good find. Both companies need a system where people can find out where there is stock.

Like an app of some sort ;)

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