Simpsons, New Girl, Almost Human head to Xbox One via FOX

It took longer than some expected, but FOX is heading to the Xbox One. FOX NOW, the official streaming service for Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX), is available now to Xbox Live Gold members in the U.S. at no additional cost on the Xbox One video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. Introducing a bold new user interface designed to make watching TV easier than ever before, FOX NOW allows Xbox Live Gold members to stream full episodes of FOX’s popular series as well as special video content, directly from their Xbox One.

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Hatsune-Miku1440d ago ShowReplies(4)
infectedaztec1440d ago

Meanwhile us Irish twidle our thumbs. Its good news foe the platform as a whole but its just another thing i cant experience yet!

malokevi1440d ago

I'm hoping that Canada is included in this... though I have serious doubts. Gonna check it out when I get home. Might even be worth paying for. The Simpsons is the one cartoon that I can't get on Netflix. Oh, and Southpark.

kickerz1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Why can't they release any of these apps in Australia? All we get is a couple crappy ones (-_-) it's no wander Australia has such high torrent downloads.

Software_Lover1440d ago

Simpsons, yes. Almost Human........ maybe.

Otherwise, I have netflix

LOGICWINS1440d ago

I'm enjoying Almost Human despite it being very cliche/cheesy sometimes. The writing is weak as well. Love the subject matter though.

MightyNoX1440d ago

It's a good show as I'm a sucker for Cyberpunk (please come through, CDPR) but my only gripe is how the secondary cast are all one-dimensional.

LOGICWINS1440d ago

True. That Latina lady cop is hot but her acting is so wooden.

The show shines when Kennex and Dorian have witty banter from time to time. The "Your testicles are at full capacity" made me lol.

webeblazing1440d ago

yeah the show could of been better and the main character is annoying.

Majin-vegeta1440d ago

Or the internet,tv etc...

Omegasyde1440d ago

You can watch all of those shows on Hulu ...for PS3, ps4, via xbox 360 and xbox one.

Granted it's not free. . . . but I can go to and watch past episodes via the ps4 internet browser too.

Article is tv related and shouldn't be on n4g.

matrixman921440d ago

Almost Human is a good show, probably my new favorite on regular cable channels.

Callediceman1440d ago

thats pretty cool!! fyi for anyone who hasnt watched it, almost human is pretty good..

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The story is too old to be commented.