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PS4 vs Xbox One - Europe Launch Sales Comparison

"The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are now both out in Europe. The Xbox One hit store shelves on November 22 in the region and the PlayStation 4 on November 29. The Xbox One launched in fewer countries in Europe than the PlayStation 4. The Xbox One launched in eight countries in Europe, while the PlayStation 4 launched in 18 countries.

The PlayStation 4 in its first 48 hours in Europe sold twice as many units as the Xbox One did. The PlayStation 4 managed to sell 673,354 in the first 48 hours, while there were 331,990 Xbox One's sold.

There were 1,610,946 games sold for the PlayStation 4. That would put the attach ratio at 2.39 games sold for every console sold. There was also 939,017 games sold for the Xbox One. That would put the attach ratio at 2.83 games sold for every console sold. That figure is slightly higher than the PlayStation 4. However, FIFA Soccer 14 was heavily bundled with the Xbox One." (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Dead Rising 3, FIFA 14, Forza Motorsport 5, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, PS4, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

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BelkingOfSony  +   662d ago
Not surprised that ps4 sold more, Europe is Sony territory.
trunkswd  +   662d ago
Yeah it is. 2 to 1 is quite impressive.
NewMonday  +   662d ago
Knack - 97,646

Dead Rising 3 - 78,337
mikeslemonade  +   662d ago
Only 70,000 units sold for X1 for this week while PS3 sold 94,000 units.
Concertoine  +   662d ago
man who the hell buys angry birds as a launch title.
tuglu_pati  +   662d ago
you'll be surprised
BluP  +   662d ago
It's VGcharts.
Rainstorm81  +   662d ago
In all honesty the Microsoft is trying to court with the Xbox 1 might buy it.

Im just shocked anyone would buy a 60$ angry birds
trunkswd  +   662d ago
People who would rather pay $60 for a $1 game.
NeloAnjelo  +   661d ago
Lol. I know right dude?
webeblazing  +   662d ago
I know this is a gaming new website but why do we have these articles or why do we have so much of these articles.
Eonjay  +   662d ago
I think everyone expected this in Europe and they expected a tighter race in the US. That is exactly what you are seeing. According to my research NA accounts for 37.5% of global sales or just over one third. Even if US winds up a tie, Sony will be way ahead. Microsoft would have to outsell the Sony by 2 to 1 in the US to just to tie them globally.
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christocolus  +   662d ago
With a release in just 8 countries in europe i believe ms did very good and that attach rate looks really solid too. Congrats to both companys.
trunkswd  +   662d ago
The attach rate was inflated because FIFA 14 was was bundled with a lot of the Xbox One's at launch in Europe.
Ju  +   662d ago
Numbers of countries don't matter. It released int the biggest markets, leading the UK where both sold the majority (more 50% for XBox, a bit less for PS4) with 250K PS4 vs. 150K XBO (launch); Sony sold more PS4s (since launch - with a week less) in 5 territories than MS in 8. Those 5 countries are the biggest markets in Europe (UK, Germany, France, Spain & Italy account for 95% of sales) - both launched in these regions. Sony won UK - an MS stronghold - quite impressively.
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christocolus  +   662d ago
When you factor in the price difference its actually even more impressive and the numbers are still good none the less and thats why i congratulated them... its still a long way to go. Ms and sony will definitly keep fighting till the end.. and a cheaper model from ms wouldnt be a bad idea.
parentsbasement  +   662d ago
Good, less "foreigners" on xbox live......I hate getting cussed out in a heavy accent......
trunkswd  +   662d ago
Really? O_o
parentsbasement  +   662d ago
I didn't mean that in the redneck way, I ment it in the "cant freaking understand what your saying" way.......oh, maybe that's why im drawn to the "American (kinda) console".....yeah, that's it.....im a freaking patriot !!
The_Infected  +   662d ago

Why you racist! We are no better than they are and we're all gamers.
Toman85  +   662d ago
My launch with PS4 I ended up with 11 games for it and only 4 on my imported Xbox One :)

Good to see im over attach ratio by large margin
XiSasukeUchiha  +   662d ago
It's people's decision to buy PS4 rather than a one. It's just how is going right now maybe in the future the One will popularl
tdog125  +   662d ago
actually if you compare the two based on how many countries they sold to which matter a whole lot because that are the people that can get it

Xbox one: 331,990/8 = 41498.75 per country
PS4 : 673,354/18 = 37408.56 per country

If the xbox one sold in more countries and continued this trend then it would sell more in Europe.
strickers  +   662d ago
That means you have to ignore the ps4s lack of supply after 48 hours.
You can't judge any of these numbers yet, supply is too limited.
Early demand does suggest ps4 is likely to be the bigger seller but things can change. It will be months before we really know.
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