2013: Ten games you may have missed

GamesAsylum: "Over the past few months alone we’ve seen the release of two new consoles, revamps of both the PS Vita and 3DS, plus some much needed big-name titles for the Wii U. That’s before we’ve even taken into account the release of GTA V, a game proclaimed to be not just the best game of the year, but the best game of all-time.

Unsurprisingly, some smaller titles have become lost amidst the hype of the big hitters out there. Although it’s fair to say that ten games in this feature may not be outright classics, they did at least deserve to have performed better than what they did.

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Loadedklip1625d ago

Wonderful 101 and Killer is Dead!

Armadilo211625d ago

their was probably more gems then that in 2013

Ac7iVe1625d ago

Wonderful 101 is such a great game that anyone who owns a Wii u should buy. The demo did not do the game justice at all. Same goes for zombi u

TheLastGuardian1624d ago

Just waiting for Stick it to the Man to go on sale. I also plan on buying Dragon's Crown when the physical version is a bit cheaper.

DCfan1624d ago

I thought of myself as a moron for missing DC at 29$