The Order: 1886: Ready At Dawn’s cinematic PS4 debut is coming into focus

Edge talks to Ready At Dawn's creative director - Ru Weerasuriya about The Order:1886 and the game's cinematic focus.

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The_Infected957d ago

I just really want to see gameplay. Other than my impatience the game sounds amazing.

alexkoepp957d ago TrollingShow
DigitalRaptor957d ago

@ alexkoepp

It's incredible...

... how bad your trolling is.

ajax17957d ago

@alexkoepp -- Try harder, troll.

slimeybrainboy957d ago

@alexkoepp Ahan That was so immature it flipped round and became funny. I can't believe I fell for it when I was reading it in my head. Good job

chaos-lockheart957d ago


Your life looks lame

ZodTheRipper956d ago

I think it's lame that they mentioned Gears Of War twice ...but hey, it's Edge.

I hope they can meet peoples expectations with this home console debut and then grow even bigger for future projects. This could turn into another AAA developtment studio in Sonys 1st Party.

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wishingW3L957d ago

"cinematic", I'm starting to hate that word.

MestreRothN4G957d ago

Fancy word to say "ultra linear".

Inzo957d ago

And linear is a bad thing because?

monkeyDzoro957d ago

People say linear as if linear is bad.
What would you want ? Open world ? Why ? Because openworld games are ALWAYS good ?

MestreRothN4G957d ago (Edited 957d ago )

SO defensive... Calm down. It can mean "ultra good" for you, fans of CoD.

(jk lol)

But answering your question, there's nothing wrong with it. I like movies too.

lets_go_gunners957d ago

Dead space 3 was cinematic and look how awful that turn out to be..However uncharted2 is also cinematic and that is one of my favorite so it's kind of a double edge sword.

ajkula957d ago

Me too, cinematic feels like short "Holywood style" which is the opposite to what i'm looking for, more open worlds/more impact on my own decisions/more exploration...

HeavenlySnipes957d ago

Cinematic can refer to presentation, not necessarily game design

Uncharted's cinematic approach was that of an epic action movie with large set pieces and such

The term used here can be due to the filter they are using over the game (can't remember what its called) to make the game look like a film, and the cinematic black bars on the screen. All they've talked about is the presentation so far, I don't know why people are jumping to conclusions about the gameplay

Sevir957d ago

I certainly hope you're NOT excited for Quantum Break, because... Nevermind.

I guess because The Order is "Cinematic" and clearly structured in a linear progression it's bad. Maybe it's because it's a PS4 exclusive these trolls (WishW3L and MestreRothN4G) are in qualms

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Armadilo21957d ago

when are we going to see gameplay ?


I'm thinking very soon. It seems like Sony PLANNED to have footage for the VGAs but devs wanted a little more time. I see the game being out in the summer. Doubt they would release this at around the same time as UC4.

Callediceman957d ago (Edited 957d ago )

@ armadilo21 i dont know.. One thing i do know is that it looks like our avatars are talking to eachother in the same field. Which i find a little to entertaining.

ajkula957d ago

That's what i was thinking!! Lol

CalebZachary8411957d ago

God, can't wait to see more footage of this beaut.

MidnytRain957d ago

Doesn't this game have black borders at the top and bottom of the screen? I'm guessing the reason isn't purely for cinematic reasons.

CrossingEden957d ago

I assume that the visual fidelity is preserved, but that's a shame what had to be sacrificed in order to bring the graphics to the highest fidelity possible. I would've preferred that we were able to explore. Also wouldn't be surprised if the cutscenes are "in-engine pre-rendered" like god of war 3, uncharted 3, FF13, to save space and disguise loading times.

DigitalRaptor957d ago (Edited 957d ago )

They've already confirmed the cutscenes are in-game, and there's no difference between them and gameplay in terms of fidelity.

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