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Microtransactions don't work exactly like this in NBA 2K14

Kotaku writes, "Microtransactions don't work exactly like this in NBA 2K14, but this parody video by GoodGameBro clearly communicates how ridiculous some find the practice when it intrudes on their favorite sports game. Actually, you can purchase dunks, they're just signature animations for your crated MyPlayer." (NBA 2K14, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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zeal0us  +   599d ago
If any console/pc developer ever implement such a feature boy there will be lynch mob after them.
slimeybrainboy  +   598d ago
Yeah you're right msn. Imagine the outrage if Sony/MS had VC in Uncharted/Halo. Every weapon, every skin had to be bought with a VC that took ages to earn, the outrage would be off the charts.

I find it dissapointing that all these big media companies write stories about Forza because they know they'll get console war hits. Yet when 2K do it, no media outlet cares. It just shows you they don't care about justice, or what's right. They play into the console war, and ignore shady moves like this.
iceman06  +   598d ago
The console wars bring hits. Hits bring revenue. Pretty easy to see why they do it. I hate it too. What sucks about 2K14 is that previously VC was pretty much just like XP. You earned it and used it for leveling your character. Now, the VC (XP) is spread so sparse and you have to level your character, your GM, your EVERY DAMN THING! Plus, there's a glitch that doesn't give the full amount and/or reports the amount to be too much. I earned about 2600 VC in a game...only to get on the jet and see that it was truly only 1980 VC. Where did the rest go?
slimeybrainboy  +   598d ago
Yeah Chris Smoove pointede that out to me. Which is unfair but you can just about live with it.

I've just remembered an even huger point. People all over the 2K forums are reporting VC losses in the 100K range, literally days worth of play time, or real money spent on VC is just dissapearing.

Chris Smoove's entire MyPlayer save has corrupted and his players overall has been set 25!!

Can you imagine the riots, the mahem if this was a console exclusive. If this was any game but a sports game. And somehow it's not top story on IGN etc. That's insane!
Bhuahahaha  +   598d ago
lol EPIC!!!
nades_all_night  +   598d ago
I had a nightmare I was playing an NBA game that was endlessly grind or $ to improve my player, then all of a sudden...I realized I just dozed off during those boring ass cut scenes, and I was in fact playing NBA2K14. But hey, if you can't pay to make your pro better, and can't religiously grind, then f*ck it, #MicroTransactionsFTW, SMH, Tisk Tisk 2K.

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Kevin26385  +   598d ago
The worst part about those cut-scenes are that you can't click through them!

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