What is your PS4 trade-in worth at GameStop?

GameZone writes, "Walking by my local GameStop, I noticed they were advertising the sale of pre-owned PlayStation 4 consoles. Normally $399.99 brand new, a pre-owned PS4 is being sold for $369.99 at the retailer -- a savings of $30. Not bad considering you're practically getting a brand new console that -- if traded in -- hasn't even been owned for a full month.

But then it got me wondering how much is GameStop offering for a PS4 trade-in? "

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Eonjay1560d ago

GameStop will give you $220. You can get more than that for a picture of the console on Ebay.

TrueJerseyDevil1560d ago

Yea what a rip off. I thought they would give you more for the next gen games as well... i was wrong they gave me $22 for NBA 2K (well they tried to)

BlackBeardGames1560d ago

Well to be honest Sports games have a very poor shelf life they arent worth anything.

n4rc1559d ago

At least here in Canada.. Best buy is offering $40 for all launch titles. Until early January

JackVagina1560d ago

don't forget the free gameinformer subscription!

Ashunderfire861560d ago

Heck even Amazon's trade in credit for the PS4 is better! It's $342.07. I am glad I stop going to GameStop.

DeadMansHand1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

I can understand that to some its principle so they choose not to use them. For me, its convienance. I bought Batman for 60 new. Beat the game and traded it in to Gamestop for 28 after rewards member bonus. Ok, not the best deal however, the whole thing took 15 minutes. I got in my truck, drove 7 blocks and made the deal. I could have posted an add on Craig's and waited a week, or used eBay and dealt with all their bs and having to ship the game but I have a job and make decent cash so I'd much rather just be done with it within the hour than sit on it and deal with it for a week, just to make 15 extra bucks.

Gaming is my hobby, my only real source of entertainment so I chalk it up as a cost at doing what I love. Some people drop 800 bucks on super duper rc cars, or spend 200 bucks at the bar doing 20 shots of patrone. If you don't like what they offer then go somewhere else.

Ashunderfire861560d ago

100 dollars more from Amazon than GameStop, is more than 100 dollars less. It's not just 15 extra dollars. The early 12g model from PS3 on Amazon is worth $95 dollars compare to what GameStop give you, which is just $60.00 dollars or less. It's those value from rare items that counts, and Amazon is one of the best websites to get that trade in value. Knight of the Old Republic, on the original Xbox was worth $15.00 recently(now its $12.00). You will never see that value from a 2 generation old game from GameStop.

BelkingOfSony1560d ago

GameStop scamming people again, they should be lucky that Micro$oft reversed their DRM decision and Sony were not going to implement it otherwise they would have been out of the second hand gaming business very quickly.

WeAreLegion1560d ago

You don't HAVE to sell the games to them. I worked there for four years and I absolutely hate the company, but their prices account for many different things. The other used retailer I worked for didn't have the corporate overhead that GameStop does, so they gave more for games and sold them for less.

It's business.

svoulis1560d ago

Completely agree, when you put into consideration most games lose shelf value very quickly. They are also taking a risk buying it from you especially SPORTS games.

I have gotten some great deals from them, and have also walked out feeling like maybe I shouldn't have made the trade (at times). It's all about taking advantage of promotions.

For example. They were giving 90% extra store credit towards your new console purchase on older hardware. Meaning you got almost $150 dollars for an old (MW2 not S model) Xbox 360 towards your PS4 etc.

I hardly trade games in and so far I've gone mostly digital, but with games like Knack and AC IV, NFS I know if i beat them and trade them in, its better then collecting shelf dust and dithering in value every single day until its worth nothing (which i have about 80 or so ps3 and 360 games worth nothing).

Either way they aren't as greedy as people make them out to be, it just seems so that you get half of what you spent on the damn thing. Hell, I've gotten $45 for Batman Arkham Origins, because of a promo, after I beat it..So I was okay with that.

WeedyOne1560d ago


When they were doing the 90% trade in for a PS4 I asked Gamestop how much they would give me for my Elite 120gb 360 and the grand total was around $69.00. I asked how much they normally give and it was something like $37.00 ...

I was expecting at least $100 - $120 since it had a rather large 120GB HDD and was in perfect condition.

Darrius Cole1560d ago

They would not have been "out of the second hand gaming business" because there would have been no second hand gaming business for them to be out of. If Microsoft had succeeded in their DRM policies they would have killed the second-hand video game market completely. That's why they had to be stopped, that's why the backlash was so bad. That's why when Sony announced that they were not going to implement DRM Microsoft had to abort their DRM plans.

TrueJerseyDevil1560d ago


I can't agree more, that is a complete rip off. I bet they sell it for atleast $180 and the give you $70. I get that is it a business but you have to give people reason to want to get rid of there old games, they do have good deals, but they don;t matter as much unless it is a big purchase (PS4,Xbox One, etc...)

I hate gamestop but i do hate them i don't trade my games in anymore especially after i went to trade in NBA 2k14 for ps4 about a week and half ago and they tried to give me $22 like fuck you

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LAYLOW1560d ago

Sold mine to gamestop last weekend for 300$ credit ,picked up an X1 with it and it was the best thing i could have done .

strigoi8141560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

oh really?

best thing?? nah! nooooo hell noh!!

BelkingOfSony1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

stop the bull

also brace yourself for a tsunami of disagrees


I have a feeling this story is bogus.

tawak1560d ago

You don't even have a ps4 to begin with.

BattleTorn1560d ago

Judging by his comment history. I doubt he would ever buy one

melemelnyc1560d ago

Yea and u realized this 720p is not that good compared to 1080p

dericb111560d ago

You did? Would you mind showing something to prove this claim kind sir?

Callediceman1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

and then you traded in your xbone for a CALEKO VISION....

Edit Coleco Vision... i even googled it to make sure i spelled it right and managed to copy the wrong link... whoooops.. Thanks @neonridr

KonsoruMasuta1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

This story is bogus.

Here is a comment of yours from 99 days ago

" I agree with all you PS fanboys that the PS4 is "CHEAPER" than XBONE so therefore i will happily pick up my XBOX on launch day ( when ever that is)."

Your whole comment history shows that you do nothing but troll PS4 articles, and this was all before last weekend.

Somehow I doubt you bought a PS4.

Ol_G1560d ago

we got a detective here

LAYLOW1558d ago

Whoa whoa whoa ,sherlock holmes , you must have really been uncomfortable with my decision to trade in my PS4 , i actually had 3 ps4 preorders ,sold 2 kept one ,picked it up ,great hardware ,lackluster software and after all i think that most gamers pick up a system to play games , so i am guilty of making a stupid decision and that was ever thinking i would be content with a PS4 over X1 , btw didnt have to spend a dime out of my own pocket on difference ,those individuals that purchased my PS preorders covered me...keep the dislikes coming girls.

rainslacker1560d ago

If true, I don't know if you should be proud of that. You just confessed to not being too savvy with your purchases. You could have sold it on Ebay or Craigslist for more than you brought it for, even if it was used.

strigoi8141560d ago

cool story bro!
3 stupid count..
1. going to gamestop to trade-in a PS4
2. trading a PS4($399) plus a XB1($499)plus tax
3. claiming it that it is the best thing ever did in your life

svoulis1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

so you're admitting to have wasted 100$ and then spent an additional 200$ toward an X1? I highly doubt that, unless you are in fact a completely mor...oh wait.

Doubt you had one to begin with ;)

LAYLOW1558d ago

Relax girls , if its not your cup of tea then dont drink it ...sheeeesh

KonsoruMasuta1558d ago

Secret is out, you're lying. At least make a new account if you're going to try to troll like that. That way we won't be able to look at your fanboyish comment history.

That would have been the smart thing to do, but you don't seem like a very smart person.

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DanielGearSolid1560d ago

Send those damn consoles back to the manufacturers so they can make money off it... You greedy bastards... They give you all that business and u still undercut them... Bullshit

BattleTorn1560d ago

They're not selling broken ones....... so why would they send them back to manufacture?

DanielGearSolid1560d ago

So they can resell them....

And if thats too extreme, send them a portion of the money they make

BattleTorn1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

LMAO, why would a retailer send a portion of the profits they already bought TWICE?

They bought it first from the manufacture.

They then bought it a second time, from the customer returning it.

What right does the manufacture have to the profit on the second sale?

Do you also believe used-game sales should go to the publishers too? (cause if that were the case cheaper used games would not exist)

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