The Order: 1886 Won't Bore You With 45 Minutes of Shooting

If you hate those endless sections of shooting that litter first & third person shooters, rejoice: The Order 1886 will be more varied, according to Ready at Dawn's Ru Weerasuriya.

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DeletedAcc1349d ago

Will be one of the best games.
Mark my words...

Alexious1349d ago

I hope so, I like the setting a lot.

mewhy321349d ago

this looks really intersting. I hope that it isn't a Gears clone just in a different setting.

cleft51349d ago

I am glad to hear that because while I loved Bioshock, I loved the world and the exploration and characters. The shooting was solid, but I could have done without the game turning in shooting level after shooting level. The world was done so well I wanted to explore it and learn more about it. Instead it was here is the world, character, and story for 5 minutes. Now go and kill people for 30 minutes.

The game was very well done, but I expected more than just a shooter with a great story. I am not complaining about the shooting parts because it was fun, but that game could have been so much more.

pyramidshead1349d ago

Ditto, love period type games. Especially when devs can recreate the world as we only know it through books and articles, pictures and art and create an atmospheric game world.

Seems sorta horror-ish too, and I love me some horror games, especially with combat.

Seen a lot of hate for it being linear and stuff but we still don't know HOW linear. But some of my fav games I've played have been pretty linear. Open world & all the jazz that comes with it does not always equal a decent game.

DOMination-1349d ago

Cool. Uncharted was guilty of this as well as bioshock.

AsimLeonheart1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

I agree. As much as I like and appreciate games like Uncharted and the new Tomb Raider, I really got tired of all those infinite bad guys. How many henchmen can thugs like Eddy, Salim, Talbot and an island cult possibly have!? It got really boring and frustrating because of hours of shooting at a time.

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Bolts-N-Rays11091349d ago

I hope so. I want this to be the game that makes me get a PS4.

Veneno1349d ago

The thing I'm hoping for most is an excellent, Naughty Dog quality storyline.

If I knew that Sucker Punch was capable of an excellent story, I'd be more excited about Second Son, but, I know the gameplay will be fantastic because playing Infamous is like crack. you want more and more.

WeAreLegion1349d ago

You don't think inFamous 1/2 had an excellent story? I loved that story!

360ICE1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

I agree with WeAreLegion.
Sucker Punch has proven their storytelling capabilities with Sly and inFamous just as much as Naughty Dog has with Jak & Daxter and Uncharted, if not more.
Of course, The Last of Us is in a different league.

ColeMacGrath1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

"If I knew that Sucker Punch was capable of an excellent story, I'd be more excited about Second Son"

Stopped reading there.

Veneno1349d ago

Infamous 1 had a good story because it had strong comic book sequences and kept reserved with the in-engine cut-scenes. The comic visuals were the identity of the inFamous story.

But then it took a turn for the Uncharted in inFamous 2 and became too dependent on the cut scenes. I just wish it could have stayed with its comic book roots because that's what tthey did best.


Yeah, The Last Of Us raised the bar on storytelling, but Sucker Punch was definetelly on the same level of Uncharted with InFamous... I would argue even a bit over it, but I love superhero stories and don't care so much about supernatural twists, so I'm probably a little biased there. Also, love the comic book style, here hoping they keep it.

Conzul1349d ago

Evil variation of infamous 2 was an excellent story. Cole actually became the beast he had been fighting for so long. Very tragic and well written. I was so surprised when I heard Nate Fox had based infamous 3 off of the good ending.

Don't get me wrong,I liked it, just thought the evil ending was better written.

ajkula1349d ago

Infamous didnt have the best grafix, but it's because everything else was so great!!!~

Sevir1349d ago

@Consul, the 3rd infamous was actually gonna be based off the Evil ending in Infamous 2, that was actually what was suppose to be canon to the series, but when the game shipped and trophy data started rolling in after people completed the game, they saw that the good ending was completed more, so they made a decision to use the good ending as canon

Tontus1348d ago

Naughty Dog haven't crafted a good story since the Jak and Daxter series.

What they do well is story-telling, a.k.a. the cinematography, character animation, amazing voice actors, great writing. The actual plot in all of the Uncharted games is absolute child-level rubbish. TLoU had a decent plot but it was very cliché.

I have faith that The Order 1886 will raise the bar for story-driven TPS games that TLoU set, it has a much more interesting premise, the weapons look very fun to use, the characters are mysterious & interesting, the visuals & animation are unbelievable... I just have a really good feeling about this game.

Razmossis1348d ago

Infamous has no story, it has a theme. Just finished infamous 2 today. I'm not even slightly interested in second son. However, I am massively interested in what naughty dog can do after The Last Of Us

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Festano1349d ago

I do not think that it is a clone.

showtimefolks1348d ago

after this game people will realize how talented read at dawn really are

can't wait

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1348d ago

Ur words are marked! I hope it's good also..

Rimeskeem1348d ago

lets just hope it not another alien:colonial marines or something like that

P0werVR1348d ago

Lol! "One" of the best. The Best will be many titles and next year. Technological graphical leaps ahead of specs.

Post Marked

EditorAtGNG1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

How can you know? Seriously, have you tried to game? Can you shed more light on the whole thing? Or are you just one of those who've jumped the hype train the moment they released the CGI trailer?

I like to be an optimist and get amped for a game but this is just... EDIT: Apparently someone posted couple of in-game screenshots bellow. Damn, it does look good.

MonChiChi1348d ago

Hope so. Love me some TPS

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THC CELL1349d ago

I will be testing the destruction in game. Bang bang

Alexious1349d ago

I don't think destruction will be a focus in this game. But, I expect it to be decent nonetheless.

isarai1348d ago

everything in the world is a softbody, which means destruction and interaction, so yeah i think its a focus

Destrania1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Could very well be possible. I have a lot of faith in this one for so many reasons.

TRD4L1fe1349d ago

That would be hard with Destiny, and The Division

kingrev1349d ago

If Destiny nails the online then they are some serious competition, I don't know how much The Devision is focusing on their story rather than their online component so we would have to wait and see but don't forget Titanfall either if that game is all what is being making out to be then it would be an interesting year to say the least.

Can't wait for 2014 !


I don't see either Destiny or Titalfall being that remarkable to be named GOTY. Not saying they won't be great games, I believe they will, but I don't see anything so unique or focus enough on the story to make it minimally worth the title for me (repeating: FOR ME)... But, hey, I would love to be wrong on this one, the more great games the better.