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Battlefield 4 gets 600MB update, removes EMP blur & should “fix large amount” of crashes

A new update from DICE has been rolled out, fixes a bunch of crashes and EMP blur (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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ExDexteraDomini  +   410d ago
Glad that at least some people will have a slightly improved experience after this update. Doesn't seem like they're that confident that it'll fix everything.

The X1 version needs an update just as badly, as the game is essentially unplayable with the kind of bugs that we are running into as well.

Just waiting for the game to get patched up to the quality expected from a complete game, which is painfully and obviously something that's going to take a while for them to achieve.
GearSkiN  +   410d ago
Yup x1 need update, getting mad keep getting my campaign deleted
ExDexteraDomini  +   410d ago
Same, played through half of it and came back the next day to find my progress erased.

What's off-putting is that on the Bug Tracker that DICE has up, the only platform recognized for having this bug is the PS4, which makes me think that it isn't something that'll be fixed for X1 players when they get their first update.
DiLeCtioN  +   410d ago
I knew it wasn't me that deleted the saved data, thought something was wrong. Shame I went far in to campaign on Hard difficulty only to restart again... :@

This happened on my PS4 BTW, no fanboyism intended
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mewhy32  +   410d ago
I keep getting my campaign deleted on the PS4 as well.
ABizzel1  +   410d ago
A game shouldn't have been released if there was ever a need to patch "a large amount of crashes".
qu1ckset  +   410d ago
Same issue with ps4 and it's so annoying , I've given up on beating the first level and then having to redue it again the next day , and "Further reduced the probability" doesn't sound like they fixed the issue!

I just want to be able to beat the campaign and get the gun unlocks and not have to do it in one shot!
famoussasjohn  +   410d ago
DiLeCtioN - Once the save issues are fixed, if you're trophy/achievement hunting, you can play the last mission on hard and get the achievement for beating it on hard. You don't have to play through the entire thing on hard, also make sure to restart from last check point before the credits to get all 3 endings plus all the trophies/achievements for that sequence.
orangechicken67  +   410d ago
i beat it on hard in 3 hours and thats because i played easy first to get every trophy all im missing now is online but it keeps crashing and i can't finish a match.
Shake_Zula  +   410d ago
Yeah, this happened on my PS4 version as well. As fun as this game is, EA and DICE really put out a bugged mess of a game.They really could have shut down CoD if it weren't for all these bugs.
zeee  +   410d ago
There should be some sort of a legal action taken against DICE/EA. Shipping an unfinished product should be a serious offence. I don't know about the rest of the world but in USA, I haven't really heard about some legal company or our government cracking down on this sort of business practice. This sounds illegal. Someone, somewhere need to take EA/DICE to the courts. I have no means to do this and I am sure there must be hundreds and thousands like me who don't know where to start or even afford to do so but someone more capable should go after EA/Dice.

We have Tylenol recalls all the time, why can't we have something similar with the video games? I know there is a night and day difference between a medicine and a video game but they are both businesses and must obey some sort of rules?

You KNOW a game is broken from the start when a squad based game doesn't let your squad party join a game together? Or when all your save files go corrupt or when the sound just goes away or hey... lets not forget, when you can't even connect to a damn Conquest server.
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Skate-AK  +   410d ago
Use cloud save. That's what I do on PS3.
dantesparda  +   410d ago
@ Skate-AK

It doesnt work, even if you download your last save it wont take on the game. It'll start you from the beginning
Elwenil  +   409d ago
As I have posted many, many times, if you get the corrupt save in BF4 on PS4, do not click "X" to continue and overwrite your save. Hold down the P/S button, shut down BF4, then turn off the PS4, reboot it and load up BF4 and your save should work fine. This preserves your single player saves as well as your multiplayer control settings.
MizTv  +   410d ago
It like that on every system
i expected a lot more from dice
And this game still needs sp much fixing
I STILL can't play the so because it won't SAVE!!!
It's been almost 4 weeks now
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frostypants  +   410d ago
It's not like Dice has a good track record with releasing bug free games...though this is worse than usual.
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SeanScythe  +   410d ago
I'm just glad I never had the Save game bug, I played the campaign and beat it without losing my saves. I think it was the first week of getting my ps4 I beat it. Now I just have a few online trophies left and I can plat the game.
PsylentKiller  +   410d ago
I beat the game after having my progress deleted twice. Now, my completed game save is deleted. This is retarded. I'm on the phone with Microsoft right now. I'm asking for a refund of my digital purchase. They said they can't issue a refund, so I'm waiting for a supervisor right now.
MizTv  +   410d ago
Lucky dude....
Me not so much
SeanScythe  +   410d ago
I found out about the bug online after I beat the game. I must have been really lucky with how many it was affecting. Lucky me I enjoyed the single player but the ending sucked.
MatrixxGT  +   410d ago
Yeah I only had it happen once but I only finished first mission. I was like "damn why didnt all that shit save?" I started over next day and beat the game in two different sessions. Then I tried getting on conquest and it would never work. So I put the game off to the side ever since. I might DL these updates and try my luck later on.
SeanScythe  +   409d ago
@MatrixxGT I've been playing on PS4 and haven't had to much trouble. Online would crash a lot but mainly when accessing the battlelog or certain maps loading. Now I had horrible lag on 64 player conquest maps, it was unplayable. I hope the recent patch released last night fixes that.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   410d ago
Same here, been trying to play on X1 to no avail. Dashboarding, failing to connect, entered into different game modes, blur like I'm high...and I haven't even tried campaign yet. Dice also snubs the xbox community, just think back to MoH beta scandal, so I'm not surprised nor expect a solution anytime soon. I also own a PS4, and I'm happy you guys are getting the patches, but I'm not gonna trade in my copy, lose money and rebuy it for PS4. Screw EA/Dice and any other game they come out with on any console.
bunfighterii  +   410d ago
I think the biggest issues are server related. I simple struggle to stay on a sever, always losing connection. BF3 and BC2 servers on PS3 were much more stable than BF4 PS4 servers.
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Chuk5  +   410d ago
I liked the blur tbh haha.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   410d ago
It fixes the weird EMP electronic static effect that happens, not the motion blur, motion blur is good.

600MB!? Damn. BF updates are ridiculous. Don't worry about games filling up the space on your HDD, worry about BF updates!
Hassassin  +   410d ago
Most of the 600MB get replaced, not added on top.
Volkama  +   410d ago
Oh the stupid pulsing blur was supposed to be from an EMP? I had no idea what was causing that, I thought it was implying I was dangerously short of breath or maybe had been hit on the head.

It sure was annoying, I'm glad that has been re-thought.
ramiuk1  +   410d ago
i know i thought i had a fault with my TV first few times i seen it haha!

but it was a crap effect.
regarding BF4,howcome when i go to stab people can they reverse it and stab me with my own knife??
svoulis  +   410d ago

Its their new "counter knife" feature. IF the other player presses the melee button at the right time (usually only when you try and knife from the front" it causes them to kill you.

I hate it honestly. I think there should be variables like both of you have to button mash? Or maybe guy with the lowest health loses? I dunno

I hardly try for tags now cause it happens so often. SOOOO Frustrating
Elwenil  +   410d ago
To me it seems no different than before. If you come at them from behind and they are unaware of your presence, you tag their tags just like in BF3. If they are aware or you knife them from the front, they get the chance to reverse it. In BF3, if you tried to knife someone from the front or they were aware of your presence, all you could do was slash.
Septic  +   410d ago
Haha I was wondering what that was too. And here I thought the game was telling me that I was about to go Super Saiyan.
zeee  +   410d ago
Volkama: I agree! I couldn't for the life me ever figure out that sh** either.
DAS692  +   409d ago
Did you play BF3? You couldn't even stab from the front in that game, and it's impossible for them to counter if you use your knife from the back in BF4... not much has changed, if anything, it's only INCREASED the likely-hood of getting knifed in BF4
ramiuk1  +   410d ago
i didnt,did my head in
famoussasjohn  +   410d ago
I can be very distracting in the middle of a gun fight. I was getting hit by them every minute or so last night and it got annoying as hell.
mrmarx  +   410d ago
600mb damn
TrueJerseyDevil  +   410d ago
Exactly what i was saying. Just started the update 5 hours...........
Abromb  +   410d ago
I'm having serious issues on the ps4. Bf4 doesn't read my controller Input when I press the home
Button and return to game. Everything moves on screen, It just stops reading my controller. Also, my game freezes after I try to invite someone to a game via the battlelog. Both of these are very frustrating.
DiLeCtioN  +   410d ago
I can't even access my battlelog anymore and how do you invite?

@ famoussasjohn : thanks mate I am trophy hunting :D
Abromb  +   410d ago
To invite go to the battle log. Then go to the friends tab. When you highlight a friend it should have an option, square I believe, to invite them. The problem is that you're brought to the ps4 ui to invite. You return to a frozen bf4. I found the best way to get up with your friends is to have one join a map with 5 open slots. The people who want to join can then do so from the main multiplayer screen showing what maps your friends are on. Then... When your friends go into the game they press triangle at the weapon load out/deploy screen... From there you can switch teams (r3) and switch in and out of different squads. Sigh... I know... Far more complicated than it should be. Hope this helps. A-Bromb on psn... Hit me up.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   410d ago
You're not alone man. I'm experiencing similar issues playing on the X1. Game occasionally freezes, controller don't do squat, and I have to eject the disk
famoussasjohn  +   410d ago
I assume it's not out on Xbox One just yet as it goes through certification. I can't view the article, but a quick google search was just PS4 users saying the update was available. Anyone download it yet to see how it's going so far with it?
Thepro318  +   410d ago
I just started download bf4 update but I got install ps4 update first
famoussasjohn  +   410d ago
Nice, good luck! Hope it helps resolve a few of the issues I have been having. I get dropped from Domination servers just about every time and can't get through an entire match.
Ares84HU  +   410d ago
They should just re-release this game once everything is fixed and exchange the discs for early adopters.
MightyNoX  +   410d ago
Sounds like this game's beyond broken. That crash during E3 was prophetic.
okmrman  +   410d ago
its not beyond broken
MightyNoX  +   410d ago
Then by that logic, you admits its broken to some degree just not beyond. :0P

I keed but I'll take your word for it. Still interesting to see how much Dice's reputation and EA's shares suffered from this whole situation.
okmrman  +   410d ago
you notice i didnt say "its not broken"

use your head
ramiuk1  +   410d ago
its nice and smooth for me,
EMP,rubber band and odd crash before that i noticed.
not had none today since update but there are NO conquest servers up,i could only play rush since i got the patch.

not been on for hour so it might be back up fully now im not sure
Fil101  +   410d ago
Rubber banding is an under statement I got the hugh update today jump in the first game and was rubber banding so bad I was jumping into different maps lol
ramiuk1  +   410d ago
im in Uk ,u think i could take it back to shop and get refund as its such a mess??
JeffGUNZ  +   410d ago
And thank you EA for ruining this franchise. This is what happens when you force developers to rush out their game to try and compete with COD. BF use to be f'n amazing, now it's just eh.
Neonridr  +   410d ago
They mostly come out at night..... mostly
ninjagoat  +   410d ago
Glad the sound is fixed more than anything.
The_BoZZ1991  +   410d ago
Very nice patch...NOT.
Played 45 min and another crash happened.
Must be the 10th in nearly 15 hours.
Mainly in Conquest the game crashes.
Elwenil  +   409d ago
Agreed, if anything the patch made things worse. 600mb to fix nothing. Brilliant!

I encourage everyone in the US to contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. You can file with the correct office here:

SITH  +   410d ago
That EMP blur was disgustingly annoying.
Npugz7  +   410d ago
It was the worst!!!!
Smoey  +   410d ago
Can I play campaign through yet or will it get deleted again?!??!
LOL_WUT  +   410d ago
Been running smooth for me the last 2 days the graphics are much improved ;)
frostypants  +   410d ago
This game will be fixed on consoles before it is fully fixed on PCs. Hardware standardization has its perks.
Npugz7  +   410d ago
Thang goodness that damn EMP blur is gone!! Stupid thing was giving me a headache!!
WickedLester  +   410d ago
Dice just needs to end the single player façade and focus fully on multiplayer for this series!
MaximusTKG  +   410d ago
I wonder how much much longer DICE is stuck under the EA banner. I would think (hope) that under a company not quite so money hungry, and cared about their consumers even a little, they would not have released this game in the fashion they did. I didn't even turn the game back on after launch day until this patch.
Wescyde  +   410d ago
I crashed a couple times tonight after the patch. LANCANG DAM is still a mess for me on Conquest, always laggy, rubber band no matter what its the only map it seems now. Even Rogue mission was better today.
DomceM  +   409d ago
Glad i didnt buy EA's latest shooter. sounds like ill keep this up from now on.
ZILLA  +   405d ago
Online is usally trouble free when you go into Server Browser and select a match with 5 bars of signal.ive been using it and it works!

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