Xbox One sells 2 Million Units in 18 Days

Xbox One sells 2 Million Units in 18 Days

Some solid numbers coming out of the global Xbox One launch last month:
2 Million Consoles sold through in 13-markets in the first 18-days
Over 83 million hours in games, TV, and apps on Xbox One since the system launched
39 million Xbox One achievements unlocked
595 million total Gamerscore achieved on Xbox One
At peak demand, customers were ordering the Xbox One console at over 1000 units per minute on

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kataloni101656d ago

congrats to MS ... its a good things for us gamers that both ps4 and xbox one sell is a succee :D

Naga1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Yeah, with the news of 2.1M sold on the PS4 side, I was getting pretty curious about the Xbox One numbers. These are some pretty high-flying numbers for both sides.

Things will get really interesting several months from now, after the initial launch pool of customers have dried up. When each console's staying power is put to the test, then we might start to see a winner emerge. At least for now, this one is far too close to call.

Lalanana1656d ago

Only in 13 countries ..over 2 million sold.. That is pretty damn good. congrats Ms

DeathOfTheFanBoy1656d ago

We as gamers are the winners, doesn't matter which money hungry corporation sells the most units.

Charybdis1656d ago

Its good to see that the competition isn't one sided hopefully Microsoft and Sony will keep trying to one up each other.

Eonjay1656d ago

Question. Major Nelson says it sold through 2 million in 18 days. Others are saying its over 2 million. I think we should go by Major Nelson's statement as he does work for the company.

Naga1656d ago


... was there actually a question in there?

Eonjay1656d ago

@onagao Lol yes I like exact numbers for my calculations Lol. I guess we know now that it wasn't sold out. If they had 1.5 sold as of 11/30/2013 that means that 500k sold over the last ten days. Unless they have an immaculate supply chain it can't be sold out.

DeadlyFire1656d ago

PS4 will win sales in the long run. Its cheaper, has stronger brand, and its matching everying XB1 can do and then some.

Still though sales numbers disprove Nintendo's theory of people not buying into next generation due to cost and bad economies.

PS4 sold 1 million in 2 countries at Nov. 15th launch. Euro launch landed Nov. 29th. They state on Dec. 1st 2.1 Million sold.

XB1 sold 1 million at its launch in 13 countries Nov. 22nd. Now on Dec 10th we hear XB1 sold 2 million.

Both Microsoft and Sony are heading towards outpacing WiiU by March if their sales don't pick up. Nintendo still has the price advantage.

JeffGUNZ1656d ago

@ Deadlyfire.

How can you say that? Right now it's $100 cheaper, but what will the prices be 4 years from now? Will their be a "slim" version of these consoles, different models, etc. It's very premature to make a statement like that less than a month after launch. All we know are these systems are selling much better at launch then we really expected. Kudos to both of them.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1656d ago

But N4G told me MS and the Xbox One are dead. And nobody was going to buy one that expensive and less powerful with Kinect.

LMAO at all the people eating crow on this one out there across the webz. Console gaming and the X1 are far from dead.

NewMonday1656d ago


everyone said the PS4 will outsell the XBone and it's happening, 5-3 in the USA and about 4-1 in parts of Europe, better to stay grounded instead of setting yourself up for disappointment.

DragonKnight1656d ago

@Lalanana: "only" 13 countries? Do you even math? 2 million in 18 days in 13 countries is not "pretty damn good." It's ok.

abzdine1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

let's see how much truth there is into that knowing MS they do everything to show they're doing well.
PS4 sold 2,3 million in 14days, just for info, and i think X1 numbers are waaayyy too coincidential.

PS4 sold 1million in 2 countries, X1 1million in 13countries first week.
curious to see how much PS4 sold since release

4Sh0w1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

lol, NewMonday yes it is pretty damm good because all the blog hype and BS fanboys were predicting 4-1 crap, some still saying stupid predictions but here we are with the FACTS all proving different. That's exactly why I never believe n4g and those ridiculous blogs.

Congrats to microsoft.

loulou1656d ago

Dragon knight

So, if 2m in 13 countries is just OK, then what is 2.1m in 30 countries??????

Help me understand your reasoning please

gaffyh1656d ago

Pretty good numbers tbh, now though is when you see the difference. When the pre-order's have been fulfilled, and you start to see whether the price is sustainable.

Saigon1656d ago

I am Sorry, Not trying to hate because it is good that MS did this but am I the only one that truly does not believe this. I mean it is possible, but with everything officially reported, the numbers do not add up. I am sorry MS and Major, but these numbers do not add up. I suspect that these numbers are shipped, since MS can track those numbers. This is not the defense force trying to down play these numbers, I am just being logical especially with everything reported.

zero_gamer1656d ago

Actually Xbox One is doing so damn well for a console so controversial and hated. It did much better than expected. You can at least give MS some credit for that.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1656d ago

Nope NewMonday.. people might of said that as well...but people doomed the X1 to fail, and that nobody would buy it with Kinect and a 100 bucks more.

If the more powerful console and less expensive console didn't outsell the X1, then there's a big problem for you Sony guys. Bad enough that the sales are this close when MS didn't release in as many territories as the PS4... plus the better overall launch games that the X1 has over the PS4.

pyramidshead1656d ago

I agree! Congrats to MS indeed.

Although it may be short lived come 2moro's article.

Should be a fun read ;p.

MorePowerOfGreen1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Look at the replies I was getting LOL

Xbox One sells this much with less time being on the market compared to PS4 and way less countries than PS4. NA historically buys Xbox products at Christmas time like hotcakes, XB1 will prove "experts" & "Analyst" wrong.

Too many people and media falling for the anti XB1 smear campaign and infestation of PS4 fanboys in forums, blogs and comment sections.

Now off to see if IGN will even report on it.

Correct this if it's wrong. No funny numbers from PS4 fanboys.

Xb1 - 2mil in 18 days (13 countries)
Ps4 - 2.1 mil in 18 days 11/15-12/3 (32 countries)

Allocation to the bigger markets was smarter, even more so if both companies have made around the same amount of consoles. I have a feeling MSFT is making more consoles faster.

gaffyh1656d ago

@MorePOG - We don't know PS4 numbers. So those comments you were getting could in fact be quite valid. You should wait until all the numbers are out before talking.

NewMonday1656d ago

@4Sh0w & miDnIghtEr20C_SfF

the reality is we now see XB1 fans lowering the bar adjusting to the new status quo.

it's not even close the 2.1m PS4 number was a combination of the first 2 day stats in USA+Europe, comparing numbers from different time frames looks desperate.

the PS4 IS outselling the XBone by 7-2 in some countries and 5-3 in the USA.

talk about eating crows

buynit1656d ago

At deadlyfire

The ps4 can not do everything the xb1can do especially not out the box...

ziggurcat1656d ago

@ loulou

"Dragon knight

So, if 2m in 13 countries is just OK, then what is 2.1m in 30 countries??????"

2.1m... with a 2 week gap between launches (NA on november 15, EU on november 29), and it hasn't even launched in japan yet.

karl1656d ago

well the xbox fanboys are finally coming out.

congrats to MS.. thats a great number

imt5581656d ago

Microsoft said that XO sold in 2 mil 10 DAYS AFTER Sony annouced they sold 2.1 mil. PS4's. Question is : HOW MUCH SONY SOLD PS4'S AFTER 2.1 MIL. ANNOUCEMENT?

Some people thing they are neck and neck in sales. I don't think so.

mikeslemonade1656d ago

Those numbers are shipped and funny how Major Nelson brings up the zombie stats again to back it up just because they are losing right now.

So we know from conclusive reports that PS4s can't stay on shelves while X1s are staying on shelves for some stores. Major Nelson can only be positive about how much they shipped but not sold.

nukeitall1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

I actually find this hilarious!


I would like to say I told you so that the sales figures will be much closer than all the made up numbers of 5-to-1 ratio between PS4 and Xbox One.

Fact of the matter is that both consoles sell out as soon as they are available.

However, I remember last generation when people were using revenue (i.e. the amount of consoles sold times the price) to try claim this and that.

This is just the beginning, and the battles doesn't start until the console moving games start rolling in March, and the system matures more.

Right now, it is just the launch and holiday hype selling consoles.

However, this proves that PS4 and Xbox One is neck in neck sales wise even with the Xbox One being a $100 more expensive.


"@Lalanana: "only" 13 countries? Do you even math? 2 million in 18 days in 13 countries is not "pretty damn good." It's ok."

I guess according to you, it's just ok for Sony too?

Especially since the Xbox One cost a $100 more....

mikeslemonade1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )


Who said 5 to 1? 3:2 and then 2:1 later.

Yes they're "neck and neck" in the time allotted 18 days. So you don't care who finishes a race first huh??

If I finish a 20k marathon in one hour while the other person finishes the 20k marathon in 3 hours, who is the better runner?

If PS4 sells out in a couple days while the reported X1s are still in stock in most stores but eventually sells out in 18 days, which is the more successful system?

Ju1655d ago

PS4 is 2:1 in Europe and a little bit less in the US. But all in all in the US sales for both are so strong that supply bottle necks in fact evens out any advantage; well, it's still in about 500K over all - which is quite significant during relative low absolute numbers so far. It was clear that both will sell out what they can build. Sony can't really pull ahead - with theirs sold out in days what take MS longer; but basically both sell whatever they can make before they can restock.

Overall, this is a typical MS game. Taking a number we are familiar with (2M), removing some attributes (what's the cut in date?), adding some others ("18 days") and make it look like we are actually talking about the same thing. But in fact we are talking about different things.

Sony is ahead, MS isn't too far behind, so much I agree. But they are in fact behind in all markets. This is also a fact. And I doubt it's because MS can't make more than that - they have the cash to swamp the market if they have to.

ShinMaster1655d ago

PS4 = 2.1M over a week ago.

XBO = 2M in 18 days to date.

PS4 numbers haven't been updated for this week yet.

ToyboxDX1655d ago

So... PS4 2.1 million on Dec 1st whereas XBone up to 2 million on Dec 10.

There's a gap of 10 days meaning PS4 could be at 2.9 million by now?

AndrewLB1655d ago

Deadlyfire- Sony a stronger brand? Are you crazy? Microsoft is a FAR more powerful company than Sony.

Triella1655d ago

MS cannot be trusted with these figures, first of because there is no way they have manufactured  2m consoles, their own target shipment figures (not sold, shipped) for end of fiscal year 6.2 m (reduced from 7 m) proves that they can only manufacture an average of 620K a month. Therefore three months of production = 1.86m. And that is if you don’t take into account the problems of component supply they faced in September, the fact that the last two weeks of production are either not yet shipped, on their way, or waiting to be dispatched in distributors warehouses, and that Xbox Ones are still available by many retailers.

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JokesOnYou1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Yeah good for them. After all the turmoil, doom n gloom predictions and even the real factor with the higher price still managing to sell so close to the competitions impressive high sales is a major accomplishment. Both are doing amazing compared to last gen so far. I and a few of my friends are really having a great time with X1. Keep it coming micro.

Good times for gamers.

Cupid_Viper_31656d ago

Not to say the doom and gloom is ok, but The "Competitor" 2.1 Million units in 48 hours. It took MS 18 days, but 2 million is 2 million regardless.

1656d ago
Twilightx71656d ago


"The "Competitor" 2.1 Million units in 48 hours"

Actually, Sony sold 2.1 million units in ~16 days (the period of time between 11/15 and 12/1, including the international market.)

tigertom531656d ago

it was 2.1 million in 14 days..

snp1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Actually, Sony sold 2.1 million units in ~16 days (the period of time between 11/15 and 12/1, including the international market.)

... sort of. It's really 'however many were sold in North America' over that full time, plus the number it sold where it was released in the rest of the world in only 1 or 2 days.

GiggMan1656d ago

@Jokes, the "Doom and Gloom" had nothing to do with it. The RROD didn't kill the 360 and it's fans still supported it. I personally don't know anyone who didn't have a 360 die on them, including myself.

Bad press and PR doesn't stop a product (at least in the gaming community) It did however make it a race in the US where MS had the clear advantage. You can't find a PS4 anywhere and if there where more available it'll be more in the lead than what it is.

Eonjay1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

As of 11/30/2014 PS4 had 2.1 Million. That is 15 days. Does it really matter though. Holla at me in one year. The real comparison is to see how long each takes to meet or exceed the Wii U.

By the way anyone looking for a PS4 or XBO can get it Sunday @ Gamespot. YOU MUST BE THERE WHEN THEY OPEN TO STAND A CHANCE.

HiddenMission1656d ago

To all above who don't understand the 2.1 million in 48 hours it was in fact just that.

On the US/Canada launch they sold a million units in 24 hours. They sold all of those units so no sales until the next launch. You can't those days if there were no product on shelves to sell.

Next up came most of the rest of the world and another 1.1 million units sold on the that launch day.

That's a total of 48 hours of actually being in stock and on shelves.

So that's how you get 2.1 million in 48 hours.

With XB1 it had a global launch and did 1.25 ish in the initial 24 hours. There was still stock on shelves which did not sell on launch day.

The XB1's that were on shelves and did not sell took an additional 17 days to hit the 2 million mark.

Both numbers are great but the perspective is that one product actually ran out of stock and thus could not sell higher numbers while the other was in stock and continued to sell over 17 days but at a much slower rate.

This simply tells you about which is in higher demand by how fast a product sells out of stock.

snp1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

del. got convoluted.

DoubleM701656d ago

Why do many disagrees on your comment. Nothing negative was said...SMH

JamieL1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Wow Hidden that was one hell of a spin. Did you apply this same formula to MS's sales?

This is to get you heated up and lose sleep tonight, "Sont sucks". There you go, now get mad and spin that, then get back on here and teach me a lesson.

JeffGUNZ1656d ago

@ HiddenMission

Stop. Just stop. You count those days. Some logic on this site blows my mind. Both are selling very well kudos to that.

ABizzel11656d ago

@EE against Cupid_Viper_3

His numbers come from the fact that the PS4 launched to over 1 million in NA, and launched to over 700k in EU, which brought it's total up to 2.1M between the 2 launches.

You guys are counting November 15th (NA only launch) - November 29th (EU launch) as the time frame for sales (aka 14 days).

He's counting the fact that the PS4 total sales came to 2.1 million from the launch weekend alone November 15 - 16 (48 hour launch for NA), November 29 - 30 (48 hour launch for EU), which is why he said 2.1 million in 48 hours. Which to be honest is actual way to look at it, since Sony couldn't sell more because they were only in NA at the time.

XBO on the other hand launched in all it's territories and it took them 18 days to get the same results.

Whatever spins your boat is up to you, but congrats to both.

ape0071656d ago

WOW the all in one approach worked wonders, which is the opposite of what i expected, MS is in better place than sony right now, they can introduce a kinectless X1 which will bring potential buyers, while the 500$ full xbox one still has great demand

they really done it

mrmarx1656d ago

i dont believe those numbers.

rainslacker1656d ago

Both systems sold good. Actual release dates don't matter this early in the life when they're so close.

If they both sold 2 million we can expect them to maintain that through the holiday and probably sell most of what they can supply.

In the end, it means both systems will be supported by third party, and neither is likely to fail unless there is a huge drop off of sales after initial launch demand dies down.

ALLWRONG1656d ago

Cupid_Viper_3 is proof that the bubble system fails.

4Sh0w1656d ago

HiddenMission I'm dizzy from reading that, when sony announces 2.1 mil it's everything they sold up until that point, not just their 2 launch days total, that would be as nine for them to not give total sales. So was ps4 scarce after both launches yes but so was X1. Both have sold out and both have had limited restock at bestbuys, walmart, amazon, just X1 has had better resupply it looks like. Either way 2mil sold vs 2.1mil sold doesn't matter the countries or launches both are selling very well.

Ju1656d ago

Err....PS4 sold 2.1M 11 days ago...So, we are thinking they haven't sold anything since?

mikeslemonade1656d ago

"The proof is in the pudding" Why else would Major Nelson say the zombie stats afterwards??

That's the number they shipped. It's conclusive that PS4 is sold out and higher demand while X1 is in a lot of store shelves. This actually disapproves a lot of zealot theory.. The theory that since X1 is doing a better job of supplying when in fact Sony is creating the same amount of supply if not better if you guy the 2 million "shipped/sold" so far.

Death1655d ago


Both are obviously selling as many as they can make. Both are hard to find, but the PS4 is harder to find. We won't know how long the demand can be sustained until both are readily available. Time will tell.

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joeorc1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )


Exactly, when both are selling this fast, it means a very good incentive for Developer's to keep support, Nintendo also with its 3DS are showing a very healthy mobile game console sale through number's, with the xbox360 and the PS3 also showing very strong number's. Game console's are showing strong market demand despite the massive market demand for Mobile and Tablet Smart devices.


100% agreement, with number's that all three console companies all having great sales through number's for the systems, there is good number's that keeps developer's interest in development for the platforms they release.


this is something they could get into quite a bit of trouble, if they are not telling the truth to the investors. while Microsoft has not really been fast stating the sale through number's as fast as other companies may have had the number's faster, than Microsoft, its very doubtful that Microsoft is going to lie about these numbers. Really with the start of both Microsoft and Sony's start for this new generation of release system cycle barely shy of of the start of being on the 3 weeks from release, to just Lie about these number's when its just starting out. Long in the tooth sale through number's are really the goal in this whole thing to have sustained sales over time.

there is always good to have great sales number's off the bat, but its more important not having to pull a product off the shelf early like the PSPGo or the Zune before the company wanted too.

vigilante_man1656d ago

Taking whether I believe MS on their sell-through numbers or not to one side for a moment I just gotta say it is amazing to be a new console owner!

I got my PS4 and waited a week till patches to open it. It is amazing! So fast, so sleek, so quiet (sometimes I only hear the HDD reading/writing) and it switches back and forth between tasks quicker than my heart beats.

The controller is from another planet and I even played with the vita as a controller and it rocks too. The videos in the store load so quick. It is better in nearly every way. What a massive difference.

And I guess you XB1 owners are feeling the same too. Yes, there are niggles that will get ironed out such as no MP3 support, Blurays movies do not play as good as PS3, and no money left for more games - it is christmas soom!

I have so many great games still to play on the PS3 but this PS4/Vita experience is so far ahead that I love next gen already!!!

beerzombie1655d ago

We are going to get some kick ass games because of this. Developers are going to be super charged and ready to make great games. The rest of the community can see that the Gamming Media are lazy liars who do not care about truth and gamers.

badz1491656d ago

source is

major LOL! not saying he's lying or anything, just waiting for PS4's numbers from!

HighResHero1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

The PS4 numbers will be more interesting in a month or so because of its' current unavailability.

Edit: What I stated is a FACT, we won't know the real demand for EITHER console for several weeks after the current demand is met and official numbers are released.

Volkama1656d ago

Yes, the source is essentially Microsoft. The only source with complete and valid sales figures.

I don't see how it's funny, but I may just be getting too old to appreciate this line of humour :|

SonyKong641656d ago

it's funny because major Nelson has been caught lying numerous times over the years and yet desperato Microsoft slaves still take his word as gospel.

it's the definition of gullible..

what's more gullible, believing major Nelson or buying a picture of an Xbox for your 4 yr old son?

insomnium21656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )


I agree. MS is also the only console manufacturer to have been caught channel stuffing by their own official financial statements.

Not saying it's not true but people should really take everything outside official financial statements with a huge grain of salt. Especially from MS. Let's see what they report in their following quartarly reports shall we.

Jazz41081656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

That man claimed the ps4 had no pulsing red light for overheating when the next day many people video taped it happening and he tweeted a major lie. I would not believe anything coming from Yoshida as the proof is easy to see. I am very happy to see both consoles selling as the industry as a whole depends greatly on this.

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showtimefolks1656d ago

early on whatever sony and ms can produce will sell out quickly and that's a very positive sign

it took wiiu a long time to sell even one million

Volkama1656d ago

The moral of the story is:

Sony and MS have pretty similar manufacturing capacity for their respective consoles.

The end.

Nicolee1656d ago

No !!! i won't accept it. we can't get along

end of story .

ps. just kidding lol