Developers Are Helping Youtubers To Get Rid of False Content ID Matches

"Here’s the latest update for the issue we talked yesterday. It seems that developers actually care about gamers and they are about to help them! Thanks for making the industry better!"

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cyphertech1591d ago

The Nintendo devices shouldn't have been tagged with the story.

mdluffy1591d ago

1: Nintendo doesn't give a shit about it's users, people should probably just drop doing anything with nintendo games "Including buying nintendo stuff".
2: most content id matches are from music companies, yes, yes, yes music companies are behind everything again!

But i'm happy to see... that there are decent gaming companies that don't censor everything.

Meep1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

even though the majority of videos being claimed is music or sound from videos, it is not the music companies. Its just Youtubes broken content-ID system.

ragincrinz1591d ago

I would of thought Nintendo would want people to show off there games and make play through as they are now at the bottom of the console race. I only got pokemon y with the new pokemon 3ds because I watched someone play it on youtube first to see how it was.

abradley1591d ago

Nice video, cheers for spreading the news.

M-M1591d ago

Even the developers see how bad Youtube's decisions are. There have been a lot of games I have tried/bought all because of Youtube.