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Playstation 4 system software update 1.52 now live

The Playstation 4 system software update 1.52 is now live. Simply log in to your Playstation 4 and select Settings>System Software Update. (PlayStation, PS4)

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punkandlizard  +   493d ago
does it fix PS4 sync error NP-32157-8? I'm screwed at the moment.
Hatsune-Miku  +   493d ago
Thank you Sony for the most powerful console on earth which is also the best console that focuses on core gaming first
iGAM3R-VIII  +   493d ago
Lmao not that I disagree with you put your comment has nothing to do with the article lol. Anyway I like this bhp date and it fixes one things to

@punkandlizard yes I believe it does
slimeybrainboy  +   493d ago
aha It reads like you're praying to an almighty God.

I bet you say that as grace before you turn on your PS4 each day!
Donjune  +   493d ago
Grow up!!!!!!
inveni0  +   493d ago
Let's swing this back on topic:

I hope it fixes my constant eject issue. If not, I'm probably going to have to return mine, which sucks. Re downloading my games will cost extra, because my ISP charges if I go over my bandwidth limit each month.
loulou  +   493d ago

Lmao on the payroll no????
UnHoly_One  +   493d ago

Hatsune-Miku, you sound like you are in a cult.
mediate-this  +   492d ago
You sound like a religious faithful lol
Ps4Console  +   492d ago
You certainly know how to get agrees very clever hehe .
Fil101  +   493d ago
Also the error code CE-34878-0 ???
MikeGdaGod  +   493d ago
i was getting that code with 2K14 and Madden, but they both have been working as of the last week.
Crazyglues  +   493d ago
Just updated and everything went smooth, even had an update for BF4...

Sorry to hear some are having problems.. hopes they find a fix for the error problem some seem to be getting.

I'm loving my PS4 right now, I just need more games..
waiting for-

Second Son
Dying Light

||.........___||............ ||
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ramiuk1  +   493d ago
shame on you for not having Division in that list.
aftrdark21  +   493d ago
Ditto! Plus I want The Order 1886 too!
kazuma999  +   493d ago
Dont forget DESTINY!!!
Crazyglues  +   492d ago
come on' - that list is just what I'm waiting for that is coming out soon..next 6 months

of course I'm getting The division, Destiny - those games are just too far out...so it would be silly to be waiting for those.

-but yes of course I'm getting those..

||.........___||............ ||
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mark134uk  +   493d ago
excellent keep the updates coming :)
kratoz1209  +   493d ago
OH! Lordy :D
mark134uk  +   493d ago
also we have a great new looking dash and they still use the old firmware update screen :(
Lukas_Japonicus  +   493d ago
Does that REALLY matter?
MestreRothN4G  +   493d ago
Us and Them, by Pink Floyd. You should listen to it when you divide people like this.
Lowsnamebrand  +   493d ago
Obviously we have a Floyd hater disagreeing with you because they don't know what good music is
Bobby Kotex  +   493d ago
I love Floyd, it's just a stupid comment.
GMWPS3  +   493d ago
Hey they've added YouTube uploads and YouTube support! Yippee!!
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Genuine-User  +   493d ago
Not in UK.
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okmrman  +   493d ago
where did you see that?
there is no youtube you idiot
GMWPS3  +   492d ago
Sorry my bad. I misread the write up. Hopefully we'll see it sooner than later.
Ohai  +   493d ago
I've had zero problems, guess I'm lucky. Only thing is music unlimited will stop playing every now an then, but that's a non issue to me. I welcome updates, though.
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CRASHBASHUK  +   493d ago
so the maintenance was not just about vita on Monday it looks like it was about ps4 too
jacksjus  +   493d ago
I thought it updated automatically while in standby mode. I guess that was a fabrication too.
Mister_G  +   493d ago
It will download the update file automagically, but the update itself has to be done by you I believe.
1nsomniac  +   493d ago
Yea for legal reasons you have to run the update yourself but it will download it ready for u for when you start up the console.
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jacksjus  +   493d ago
Oh ok. So I am responsible for the install. I misinterpreted what they were actually saying.
Mister_G  +   492d ago
It's much quicker to update than PS3, so it's no hassle really :)
slazer101  +   493d ago
Anyone else having issues after update? I now get an error (NW-31201-7) cannot connect to the server. I reset modem, router, and tried to set up network connection. It is successful on IP address and Internet but fails on PSN. Checked if PSN is down but it is up. Any help would be appreciated.
Highatus  +   493d ago
Have you tried a cold boot on the system?
Power it off completely, then Fire it back up.
slazer101  +   493d ago
yeah. Did a rebuild database in safe mode, did not work either. Just got off the phone with support. They tried to tell me that the update reset my firewall on my router and I need to manually open ports. I told them that i have owned every Playstation and never had to do that before. They did not want to listen. That is all they could say. Next thing I will try is re-downloading update in safe mode and see if that works.
Highatus  +   493d ago
That sucks, however it does sound like a DNS authentication error.
slazer101  +   492d ago

Talked to support again. They had me try updating FW again. 1.52 is not on the web site so they told me to try1.51. When trying to update i now get error code (SU- 30696-4). Support tells me this is a software error code. They had me do a full initialize which took about 1 hour and a 1/2. Still did not fix. I now have to send in for service.

For anyone that has not updated yet do not do what I did. After update, PS4 restarts but does not log you in. I thought it was my connection and instead of just signing in to the PSN again I did a check Internet connection and that's when my system froze and stopped working. Not saying this will happen just what happen to me. Good luck.

Can't believe I got disagrees. Lol only on N4G.
weirdo  +   493d ago
it's not available in the uk (yet)
Lukas_Japonicus  +   493d ago
It is, i had it this morning at approx 9:30
ramiuk1  +   493d ago
i had it over 2 hours ago in uk
hollabox  +   493d ago
I'm at work, but since this is now live can I expect PSN network problems by the time I get home? And for the love of God please include .MKV support in future updates, getting sick of using my old blu ray player while in my living room.
MasterCornholio  +   493d ago
Cool now I can't test the PS4s automatic update capabilities.
GirlOnFire  +   493d ago
Mawr support! Thank you kindly Sony for fixes regularly. ^~^
Corpser  +   493d ago
Why does it say "1.52 is ready to instal"l under notifications when I already installed it? This happens to me with every patch
dantesparda  +   492d ago
i get that too, i think its just late to tell you
rainslacker  +   493d ago
Organization for the library is the best for me. Don't have much in my library at the moment, but I could see how bad that could get in the future. Didn't want another repeat of the abysmal PS3 store download list.
Wescyde  +   493d ago
Ugghhh updated my PS4 it turned off to restart and would not come back on, I turned it on and it started in safe mode and i restarted from there. No issues after it came up fine just a weird hiccup.

@Corpser you only download the update you actually have to click on it and install it manually from what i can tell specifically for system updates.

This only fixed stability all that other stuff is just top requested its not in the patch I misread that too
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BossGamerKnowsBest  +   493d ago
What do they mean by Youtube uploads? Does that mean that you can upload gameplay with the share button?
Callediceman  +   493d ago
can someone please answer this... as Iam wondering as well
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D3acon  +   493d ago
A youtube app is not necessary, just go to the browser and in the url type youtube.com/tv and you get the same thing as the app. I would like to be able to download pictures from the internet and use them as wallpapers again.
ch3ng  +   492d ago
The download is slow as hell.

Get it directly: http://uk.playstation.com/h...
Ohai  +   492d ago
Mine took less than a minute on the actual install.
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ch3ng  +   491d ago
Thats the install.

Im talking about the download.

On the ps4 I was quoted 60+ mins to complete the download.
The download via sony's website took 20 minutes for me.
punkandlizard  +   492d ago
I can confirm the new update does correct error NP-32157-8 :)
qu4nt4  +   492d ago
Cannot complete update (SU-30631-3) it stops at 29% every time and gives me this error
Ohai  +   491d ago
The down load still didn't take more than 10 mins for me. I don't have fast internet either.

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