Law Firm Investigates Electronic Arts on Battlefield 4 About Compliance with Federal Securities Laws

Law Firm Holzer Holzer & Fistel sent a press release announcing an investigation on statements issued by Electronic Arts and some of its executives between July the 24, 2013 and December the 4, 2013 about the development and sales Battlefield 4 and the game’s impact on the comopany’s revenue and future.

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wiiuniverse1444d ago

EA should go back to making liscenced crap instead of slowly ruining bf

Kornholic1444d ago

"Slowly", that was funny. It has been a steep downhill after Bad Company 2.

Wizard_King1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

This only applies to Aussies.

With our new consumer guarantee laws enacted in 2011, you are within your rights to request a full refund for both BF4 (any version) and Sim City as they do not function as advertised and are considered defective products.

This can only be done at the retailer that you purchased the game from and you still need you receipt/proof of purchase (online sales count to as long as it wasn't Ebay). I have seen several cases of returned copies of BF4 due to the bugs and people not being able to join online games in the early days.

We have very strong consumer laws down here and I suggest that if you are unhappy with either of these games then return them for a full refund, as I stated earlier they do not function as advertised and that gives Aussies full legal rights to replace and refund.

Razputin1443d ago

Well I'm moving to Australia now.

MWong1443d ago

@ Razputin
I'm right behind you. We need this in America.

hellzsupernova1443d ago

Aussies stealing off of us kiwis again. Our consumer guarantees act dates far further back :)

But in all seriousness good hopefully ea will listen to their fans not their stock holders, without us ea won't exist

Undeadwolfy1443d ago

Not just Aussies. This law also applies to Brits.

SilentNegotiator1443d ago


America DOES have laws that give you the right to a refund if a product is falsely advertised or defective. What are you talking about?

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GT671444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

HOLZER HOLZER AND FISTEL need to investigate why EA continuously making crappy NFS games.
PERRY MASON watching you EA

ZombieKiller1443d ago

My question is how did this get hit before Call of Duty. I had Ops II ruin 2 PlayStation 3s AFTER the patches.

Not to mention any of the other titles not working properly for a good 6 months.

I picked up BF4 for PS4 and it runs fine (granted I picked it up the other day after the launch patches....)

jackanderson19851444d ago

theoretically they've some standing for this, they could say that the company failed to disclose the ongoing effect the server issues would have on the sales of the game.. that being said BF4 is still meeting sales targets i believe and if they manage to fix em by Friday (i'm doubting it personally) then they've a 12 day lead to christmas to get the message out and rake in the sales

nukeitall1444d ago

if EA could forsee that they likely would have fixed it.....

DanDan71444d ago

They should investigate EA for gimping PS3/PS4 games also.

BlingBlaine1444d ago

EA should be investigated for customer fraud, selling products without key features working. (BF4)

False advertisement is illeagle after all.

Tru_Blu1444d ago

I feel like I was ripped off.

Wizard_King1444d ago

As I said above the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) has investigated EA for both these games and they have both been declared as "not functioning as advertised" so unhappy Australians can return their copies to the retailer they purchased it from for a full refund.

You yanks need to wise up and get better laws.

JessiePinkmanYo1443d ago

Agree 100% Wizard. How it works here-some shark firm gets ahold of the case against a company, for any product or service. We consumers are Ill informed, or not at all about partaking in a class action lawsuit. Said sharks sue, win, take their cut and we're left with chum, sometimes (most times) pennies on the dollar, not even worth the postage of sending in a response to claim your settlement. Complete BS...we shell out $60+ dollars for this product and it doesn't work as advertised.
Not only that, but does this game damage your console? I play on X1, but what about the guys doing hard resets consistently to their PC or consoles after a freeze or crash?

Kleptic1443d ago

never read anything about permenent hardware issues specifically because of BF4's freezing...but plenty of people claim it corrupted their OS or install drives to the point of needing reformated, and whatever data loss that came with that...

either way...doesn't matter...won't change anything...the ONLY way to prevent this is for a unanimous agreement that people will stop buying EA published video games...and until that happens, which won't, its just going to keep snowballing...

mopground1443d ago

they already were for madden. i got an email for me to sign a form saying if i wanted to be part of it or something like that. i assumed it was fake until there was an article on n4g a couple of weeks ago about it saying people who signed were getting money back

DarthJay1443d ago

False advertisement is a sick eagle?

Fluke_Skywalker1443d ago


I am going to start spelling it that way now though lol.

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sovietsoldier1444d ago

Ea needs to learn that you cant just slap a number on a half finished product and then reap the cash without some kind of trouble from doing that. there is a reason ea makes worst company in the usa every year.

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