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GamesFiends' Zeth returns to the meadows of PS3 to see how the PS4 incarnation of Flower stands up in this brave new console world.

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ipach1598d ago

very promising trend for new sony customers who want to revisit ps3 worlds...

if ps4 is indeed as easy to develop on as they say, porting better versions of last gen hits will never be easier. there are plenty of games i'd play again or dive into on like this, especially if it's cross buy like flower was.

abzdine1598d ago

i bought it for PS3 some time ago, can i get the PS4 version for free?

Bathyj1598d ago

I played some Flow and Flower the other day just to try them out and have a break from AC4.

While not dramatically different from what I remember on PS3, I hadnt played them in a while and a sense of overwhelming calm rushed over me.

Theres something about flying through grass with just the sound of the wind thats so peaceful. I really hope they bring Journey out for PS4.

Bob Dole1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Controls in flower seemed to be a lot more responsive than the PS3 version (although I could be wrong as it's been years since I played the ps3 version) and the graphics (mostly the framerate) were definitely a step up. Cool to get an updated game that was purchased years ago.

Now they just need to re-release Warhawk!

ipach1598d ago

oh warhawk... loved that game

NukaCola1598d ago

Played some of Flower. The new 9 axis and 1080p @ 60 frames due this game a great service. Plus I'm getting more trophies.

I hope Journey comes to PS4. That would be awesome as well.

Alex_Boro1598d ago

Amazing game, but it's really short. I guess length doesn't really matter when it's only 8 dollars.

ipach1598d ago

6.99 ha; and free for many of us! so much better on PS4.