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Submitted by Kayant 795d ago | news

Xbox One System Update

Major nelson:

This update addresses the following -

Addresses SmartGlass issues for some users when coming in and out of connected standby

Addresses multiplayer issues for some users when re-joining games
Addresses issues with inconsistent notifications for some users

Addresses dashboard performance for some users

Offers improvements for Xbox One’s TV, system update, and content update services for scaling over time

Updated wireless networking driver to improve connectivity issues for some users

We’ve got quite a few updates planned for the next year based on the community feedback we’ve been seeing, and I’ll have details on those in the future. (Xbox One)

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lifeisgamesok  +   795d ago
I'm satisfied with the dashboard UI but it's good to hear Microsoft listening to the consumer and improving things that they want along with all the new IP's

I wonder what the other updates that aren't listed for next year are
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alexkoepp  +   794d ago
Has anyone actually received the update? Said it would be up 3 hours ago, no update around here...
Fireseed  +   794d ago
Yeah i downloaded it an hour ago.
MrPerfect813  +   794d ago
I got it this morning, or saw it install at least....didnt try anything out on it yet.
TheUltimateGamer  +   795d ago
I'm hoping to see a native app that allows you to stream music and video from your PC and Mac. An update on the party system would be nice as well.
Galletto3  +   795d ago
Xbox music can stream your music. I have all the music from my PC accessible on my X1. No subscription either.

I agree on the party system though


I did it like this: First I downloaded this windows 8 app ( ) onto my PC. It automatically synced all my music already on the comp. Then I downloaded the xbox music app and it had synced all my music from the cloud and was ready to play.
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TheUltimateGamer  +   795d ago
I must've missed something. Is it a pull from the X1 as it was the 360? Or do you have to push it from the PC end?
Finch  +   795d ago
Looks like its from the cloud. Have to add your list to the cloud then you have access from there.
Naga  +   795d ago
I hate to break this to you (I really do, because I was bummed when I discovered this), but you are on a temporary pass with Xbox Music. You are only able to have a certain number of plays before it automatically cuts off your ability to play from the cloud without a subscription.

I think it informed me when I had 10 or 15 free plays left, and you get over 100 or something. So, just a heads up. I was really bummed out when it told me, and now I just have to "Play To" from my computer's music collection, because I refuse to pay for any music service ever. It's not a problem, but it's not quite as fun to use.
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Finch  +   795d ago
I have to agree with onagao. I just tried it and I have already used all but two plays left before this. Now I just burned through all my plays with my own list. Cool feature but this by all means should be free if its your own list.
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malokevi  +   795d ago
Doesn't work for me either. I have 57 gigs of music on skydrive. Without a pass you get nothing. Even with a pass, it only pulled a ridiculously small subset of my collection down to my x1, when compared with my other Windows devices.

It's a broken system right now. I'm really hoping they both fix it and make it more accessible.
XiSasukeUchiha   795d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Gamer666  +   795d ago
This is the part I like:

"We’ve got quite a few updates planned for the next year based on the community feedback we’ve been seeing, and I’ll have details on those in the future."

Glad to hear there is going to be (hopefully) a lot of improvements next year!
curtis92  +   795d ago
Ill give MS credit that they definitely don't stop tweaking their OS.
dansdooz  +   795d ago
Next year! Some more before xmas right now the box is a mess, these are necessary updates to improve performance.
ThePope  +   795d ago
The Box is not a mess. People need to stop saying that. It works great 90% of the time and I'm sure this update will make that 95%.
dansdooz  +   795d ago
It is a mess, you might be able to see past its shortcomings for the moment but i dont even want to turn mine on, its not ready....
The ui slows down about a day after a cold boot, hopefully this addresses that, in uk we dont even have 50hz support, so the tv passthru is totally useless!
The xbox logo on dash has caused screen burn on my £1500 plasma tv! Themes are sorely needed or dim the logo!
Everything being an app now makes navigation a chore.
It has potential but im not waiting a year for it.

Honestly guys this thing is a mile off 360 functionality as is, the box is great but its far from ready!
In case you missed it the biggest selling point for xbox one is tv passthru, in usa you are using 60hz for cable, in europe we are 50hz, the box does not support 50hz full screen in europe unless you force it to which then makes games unplayable. And yet still no response from microsoft regarding this.
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TRD4L1fe  +   795d ago
almost anything can cause screen burns when it comes to a plasma TV, that's one of the biggest issues with them. Navigation is really easy, I don't see how you say it is a chore. I have not had any issues with the UI, has been working great since day one
Ashby_JC  +   795d ago
It really sucks about the cable issue.

Can you explain exactly how it's a chore to navigate the UI?? With the Kinect it's simple. Even with the controller you can get around.

The problem I had initially was knowing where everything was and getting used to what was what abd how the system worked. is it a chore to get anywhere on the UI FOR YOU?

Ps, you can also use BING to search for anything.
malokevi  +   795d ago
"a mess" lol

Maybe I'm easy to please, but it seems to be working great for me. Sure, there are issues, but calling it "a mess" is hyperbole and a half.

Knowing MS, they will sort it out. For now it's as functional as I would expect a Windows device to be put of the gate.

As far as it being hard to navigate the UI, here's a tip:

"Xbox, [insert desire]"


"Xbox, bing... [insert request]"

Once you understand that, it takes a fraction of the time to do anything you would have done on your 360.
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Benchm4rk  +   794d ago
Why would you even leave the xbox logo on screen long enough to cause screen burn in the first place. Change the channel and come back to it in 5 mins to see if its finished or not.
dansdooz  +   794d ago
navigating with kinect is great, maybe my choice of words 'chore' was not correct, my point being i had to go through 3 apps yesterday just to get to what i wanted to do.
The ui is simplified when using kinect but why does everything have to be a seperate app, im sure this is one of the biggest complaints that ms will address shortly.
regarding the white logo with the black background, this is the worst possible scenario for a plasma tv and considering ms want me to do everything thru this device having that logo there will be fairly consistent, however i have screen burn protection turned on and am generally careful and it has still caused image retention that is still there after constant use of slides to get rid of it.
cable companys know this and make their logos dim so they dont cause this, ms needs to do the same.
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Gremdude  +   794d ago
@ThePope 90% and 95% are terrible! Imagine if your car only worked 95% of the time. Would you be satisfied with your purchase? LOL
JeffGUNZ  +   794d ago
That's why plasmas are so cheap in comparison to LED. They look fantastic, but screen burn is the huge draw back.


He should have said works flawlessly, not just works. The system always works it doesn't just shutdown if it doesn't hear your command. Also, you never have had an issue with your car in your life? Pretty sure that is why we have mechanics and garages, nothing is 100%. Sure, it's a larger scale due to the fact youre paying 30K for a car as opposed to 500 for a system. Awful comparison there.
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Gamer666  +   794d ago
I have both the PS4 and X1... To me, both weren't ready yet.

PS4 looks more polished, but I have been booted out of games many times and had to restart the console more than 5 times.

X1 doesn't look as polished, but I have only been booted from a game once and only had to restart the console twice.
MannGamer  +   794d ago
And this is why we need competition. I have a PS4 but I feel gratefull to MS for forcing Sony to release the best PS4 they could. Also Sony was acting like getting feedback and making adjustments for us gamers. This has forced MS to also look more consumer friendly while in the end they only care about our money. If Sony had the monopole it would have been PS3 all over again. If MS had the monopole they would have take their time solving those issues.
Competition is good for us gamers.
KingDadXVI  +   795d ago
Good to see the communication before hand, especially letting people know that their console will be completely powered down and requires you push the button to start it.

I am sure that there still will people who do not here about this though and end up thinking their console is broken.
BX81  +   795d ago
And still no chat fix!
Dewitt  +   795d ago
This is going to take a while to overhaul this, best work around I have found is to join party chat before entering the game then it works flawlessly.
BX81  +   795d ago
I'll try that out. Any time I try to use party chat it just says we can't do that at this time.
creatchee  +   795d ago
You also might want to make sure that you have Open NAT. It seems like that fixed my chat issues.
BX81  +   795d ago
Yeah, I had to go in when I first got my xbox and change my modem to get to open. I wish that was my problem. Lol. I've been trying of bf4 maybe it's just the game it's self? Won't know for sure till tomorrow. Thank though.
creeping judas  +   794d ago
My only issue is having to turn chat on once you've started chat.
bornsinner  +   795d ago
xbox updates are always the best can't wait to see what they have planned in the future, hopefully they will improve efficiency of sending msgs while gaming and what happend to voice, pic or vid messaging??? why would they take a step backwards from 360?
BallsEye  +   795d ago
Haven't got a single issue yet, but good for those who've encountered these. Can't wait to see what new stuff they will add to the dashboard. Xbox360 change of dash gave console a new life. Say what you want guys but I'm loving that there's always stuff to do in xbox360 dash while I'm just chatting with my friends who are playing. Updates and addons are always welcome.
Pablo18474   795d ago | Personal attack | show
towelie1288  +   795d ago
niiice hope to see more improvements over time

but this is a nice start
Cherchez La Ghost  +   795d ago
The only major update we need is from Dice/EA for Battlefield 4. There is a big issue where everybody's game saves are being erased. This is for PS3/PS4 & Xbox 360/One.

Pissed me off when I saw my save was deleted. For this crap, Battlefield 4 Premium package should be free or discounted.
Pascalini  +   795d ago
We need

Friend notifications
Party chat improvements
Recent players list
A demo section
Hard drive management
Rumble off option
Ashby_JC  +   795d ago
There is a demo's very small. And it's up to the devs to release denies for there games.

Rumble off is in the options for most games.

Hhd management..I wish that was there also. But at the moment it's not a big deal as a lot is getting saved on the cloud.

Recent players...yeah..need that!

I think they left friends notification out because of the friends list jump top one thousand. But I would like the option to have least for favorites!!
creeping judas  +   794d ago
Friend notification for the game you are playing would been nice imo.
Deathdeliverer  +   794d ago
don't forget a battery life indicator. has really screwed me over a few times in killer instinct.
JeffGUNZ  +   794d ago
does the light on the controller flash or anything different when it's low like the 360's does?
Deathdeliverer  +   794d ago
Nope. Stays solid. The only time it flashes is when its searching for the console.
2pacalypsenow  +   795d ago
"Addresses dashboard performance for some users"

Some users? what does that mean?
buynit  +   795d ago
Some users had issues i suppose? Meaning not all users had issues?!
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christocolus  +   795d ago
Nice one.....This is one aspect where ms never fails...they always release updates that add significant improvements to the experience of the user. my xbx 360 seems like a much different console from what it was at launch.

I know the xbx one will also see such improvements over time via updates.
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Crazay  +   795d ago
Sooo...No chat error fix or...what about the disc read issue? I'm happy to see they're working their collective arses off on addressing problems but one would think that the party errors and read issues would have been a higher priority than Smartglass...What about support for XVID, DIXV etc etc?
#15 (Edited 795d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Pablo18474  +   795d ago
I'm not sure if smartglass was higher on the priority list or not but I would think that they are just ticking problems off the list when solutions are found and I would guess that the solution to the smartglass problem was solved that bit quicker. I'm sure the solution to the chat error and read issues will come soon but I do feel your pain and understand your frustration.
JediDiah  +   795d ago
"based on the community feedback" Major nelson....tear down this PAYWALL!!!
Ashby_JC  +   795d ago
Do you plan on using your Xbox one without Xbox live??

Should some things be in Netflix. Sure.

But is there anyone that is paying $500 to use a few apps like Netflix etc. Maybe.

How are you currently using your system?
JediDiah  +   795d ago
So what if I just wana play single player and Netflix?
LogicStomper  +   794d ago

Why do you talk in terms of 'ifs'. The question was how YOU use your system, not some imaginary person that just so happens to want everything that isn't offered. Now the only reason why you answered with an 'if' was because the answer you provided ISN'T how you use the system, you're just trying to come up with a hypothetical counter-argument.

For future reference, if you're asked a question which is unique to you, answer with that and not fake fakerson's answer.
#17.1.2 (Edited 794d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report
JediDiah  +   793d ago
@Ashby_JC Hey,I don't play online but would like Netflix not to be hidden like that.
#17.1.3 (Edited 793d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Ashby_JC  +   794d ago
Lol@ fake fakerson

If you want to play single player....without live..go for it.

There are plenty of free avenues to use Netflix. Tablet, smartphones or a pc. Hell some tvs have it built in.

At this point I have a feeling sp gaming is going to all require a internet connection. Nba2k14 is one game that is severely limited without a internet connection.

Same for Forza 5. No drivatar or uploads or downloads.

Imo it really sucks.

But like I asked are you using your ps4 or Xbox one?? Do you have a membership for either one?

Both systems are pretty limited without a membership.
sovietsoldier  +   795d ago
hope the audio codec comes out with patch or at the latest early next month.
RiPPn  +   794d ago
I love the voice recognition when it works, really hope there's an update coming that addresses this.

Hoping the TV update fixes the issue I've been experiencing when turning the Bone on and it says there's no TV signal when there is.
Ashby_JC  +   794d ago
I have been getting that also. It starts working shortly. But still annoying.
Mkai28  +   794d ago
Update is live
MasterCornholio  +   794d ago
Dashboard performance issues?

So I guess that article was true. Well it's no big deal since they are patching it.

Cuders  +   794d ago
still no party chat fix? ok microsoft ill wait…….
voodoogts  +   794d ago
No games yet PS4? Okay Sony ill wait
Cuders  +   794d ago
name one xbox exclusive in microsofts console history that was better than the last of us. Okay voodoogts ill wait………..
quaneylfc  +   794d ago
Some of my games aren't loading now? Is anyone else having these problems?

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