6 Games that made 2013 Great

2013 has had alot of great games, but here are 6 games that have made this a year to remember.

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Grave1650d ago

Metro: Last Light is the best FPS game of the year. I played Metro and Last Light pretty much back-to-back and it was great. I highly recommend checking both of these games out if they went under your radar like me.

NukaCola1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Ni No Kuni = mind blown

Also no Bioshock, Tearaway, or Mario 3D World?

BlueBloodPenn1649d ago

You can always add more, everyone will always have games they feel should be on any list like this, these are just my choices.

HurstDarkStar1650d ago

Ahh I feel like there should be more added

BlueBloodPenn1649d ago

There is always more I could have added but this is the main 6 that did it for me this year.

Hifist11649d ago

TLOU is game of the generation. It really was that good. AC IV is very good but still has the old problems like lousy controls. GTA V lived up to hype but mp was disaster. I loved Bioshock infinite, storytelling was amazing. Tomb Raider was surprisingly good because i wasn't expecting anything at all. Persona 4 Golden came out Europe this year and i absolutely love it, so much fun and i really hate anime things in general.