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YouTube Flagging Hundreds of Videos, Large Gaming Channels All Affected, Many Stop Uploading

Many of the creators whose videos have been flagged are among the most popular on YouTube. TheRadBrad, a gamer whose walkthroughs have earned him nearly two million subscribers and multiple appearances on our Top YouTube Channel Charts, has seen many of his videos flagged, with background music serving as the culprit. Other gamers, such as Tetraninja and GhostRobo, have seen their videos cited as well, with offenses sometimes as trivial as infringing background music playing within a game. (Industry, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Update YouTube confirms all claims are legit and will stay:


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Kingthrash360  +   668d ago
man, youtube really feeling themselves. its a shame too, it's in my viewing rotation. something like this can potentially have it dropped from my rotation...time for worldstarhiphop to take its place.
mrmarx  +   668d ago
its the copyright holders not youtbe
Nexus38  +   668d ago
no it's youtube doing this, gaming videos, let's plays are all considered by law under fair use, most companies do not care about people making videos of their game it's more publicity for them, that's why this has never happened, but now youtube are updating and they have some awful system to scan videos that just doesn't work.
SolidStoner  +   668d ago
copyright holders are bad m-kay..

Google becoming too powerful.. they think people will stick to youtube, but history has told that people will find different ways... Russia or other internet free country can easy make Rustube.ru and there you go.. a new warm free place for everyone! :) just for example...

youtube started to suck badly when Google took over it.. I never would believe I would said that.. G mail and google search is so awesome.. but damn, they become bad...
Kurylo3d  +   668d ago
if you read the article, it isn't the copyright holders though. Which is funny. Oh well.. youtube is going to kill itself... vimeo can take over lol.
christrules0041  +   668d ago
Nope. Brokengamezhd showed 3 of his notices that he got and they all were done by youtube. It tells you how. It happened when he was playing a game and youtube recognized music in the game so he got flagged for the music.
Nerdmaster  +   668d ago
I'm not surprised in the least. The only Google thing that isn't terrible is Gmail. Any other thing Google has ever touched turned to garbage. Even its search engine nowadays for some reason only gives me one or two relevant results (but I'm too lazy to look for another search engine to see if there's a better one).
Ryatta  +   668d ago
No its youtubes new scanning system they rolled out on monday. Some publishers like Capcom have even reached out over twitter to help tubers being tagged in their games as they them selves didn't request youtube to do it.

Some partner networks like RPM let their partners know in advance of this happening and bulked up on support staff in preperation but still got over taking by the sheer number of claims youtube had made on peoples videos
President  +   667d ago
Im so happy this is happening, I hate those commentary channels, they all try to be funny and fail miserably.
KwietStorm  +   668d ago
Worldstarhiphop? Lmfao that will never, EVER take youtube's place.
Kingthrash360  +   668d ago
"in my veiwing rotation"
lol i never said its will take youtubes overall place....lol
SITH  +   668d ago
PurpHerbison  +   668d ago
Humans are idiots. I wouldn't be surprised if WSHH took over since everybody seems to have an obsession with watching street fight videos and commenting how they can do so much better than said fighters.
mgeezy313  +   668d ago
Stupid ghetto website like WorldStarHipHop? Makes me sick to see the Black community like that. (I'm black/ puerto rican, I can say that).
Illuminati at it again..

Google+ kill it with fire!!
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cyphertech  +   668d ago

First of all, you have a "ghetto" name. Second of all, you being partially black doesn't give you a license to say something stupid. If a white person "can't" say it, it's because it's stupid, not because he's white. So you not being white doesn't make it any less stupid. Kthx
KwietStorm  +   668d ago
Ok that's a little different then.
HammadTheBeast  +   668d ago
YouTube has gotten so sh*t in the past few months. From the broken comments system, to the messed up video playback, it's just terrible. Not to mention asking every f***ing time to use your real name.

And now this.
NarooN  +   668d ago
Jesus dude, the new commenting system is so ABYSMAL. What were they thinking with that? It makes no sense whatsoever, and if you set it to display them the old way, the comments are then broken! Such garbage.

Video playback has been problematic for me for months. Sometimes the page will "finish loading" but the video never plays. Just terrible.
KillrateOmega  +   668d ago
Yeah, Google's obsession with real names has been ****ing me off. Back when it first started it was very low-key and, at worst, a minor nuisance, but now it's like they've become almost aggressive about it. On top of that, the whole thing with Google+ has only made it worse.

****ing Google+ sync.
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Lykon   668d ago | Bad language | show
NightsWasted  +   668d ago
huh...Im having a hard time following. I cant quite understand anything of what you just said.
Kingthrash360  +   668d ago
really?...its american style English. i'm sad for you...how hard life must be for you to be able to write in English, but not comprehend it.
Back-to-Back  +   667d ago
Time for all these "Let's Players" to get a real job. Playing games for a living in almost laughably sad.
EvilCackle  +   668d ago
Geez. What is up with YouTube?
WeAreLegion  +   668d ago
No company is too big to fail. The music industry learned that the hard way.
mdluffy  +   668d ago
True, but the problem is ad-sense... there is no better paying ad-service.
If there was other video sites could crush youtube!
Eonjay  +   668d ago
Once again, it is the music industry that is the main culprit. These no-talent-having lawyers want to make millions on the backs of the a gifted few.
Perjoss  +   668d ago
At one point it looked like there was no stopping Myspace, and now they barely exist.
Back-to-Back  +   667d ago
Problem is that company behind youtube is Google. They control the internet whether you like it or not.
lifesanrpg  +   667d ago
but... but... Bing?
WeAreLegion  +   667d ago
Right now they do.
frostyhat123  +   668d ago
Do these companies not realize It's FREE ADVERTISING
Murad  +   668d ago
Umm, how is it free advertising? The market looses its share when you have Ghost Robo giving a playthrough of a game which players could buy and play instead. Or the fact that Ghost Robo probably makes almost the same amount of profit as an engineer does by sitting at his desk and using YouTube and Adsense to his benefit.
KwietStorm  +   668d ago
The same amount as an engineer? Hahaha.. Losing market share because it replaces actually playing a game? Ok I'll bite. Show me the numbers.
SlapHappyJesus  +   668d ago
You take away as much from watching a videogame has hearing about a movie from a friend.
M-M  +   668d ago
You have absolutely no clue how much Youtubers help out musicians. I remember people making montages or just videos in general with songs playing in the background that I have never even heard about. Those bands are now pretty popular now because of the subscriber base that other channels had that went to the band's/musician's channel.
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HammadTheBeast  +   668d ago

That could be said for anyone. Smosh and Pewdiepie make 8-9 times more than the average engineer, is that a bad thing?
kryteris  +   668d ago
making $$ on youtube requires a unique niche, strong talent and alot of work. It is not easy, and the money they make is well deserved.
MidnytRain  +   668d ago

This website estimates YouTuber's earnings and ranks. It says theRadBrad makes over 20k per month from his channel...


Search pewdiepie and you'll get some insane numbers.

This site here lists some young stars who make over 100k a year from their videos.

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nzero   668d ago | Bad language | show
MidnytRain  +   668d ago
Lol, nzero. You should check out my link. As much as it may bug you, there are people banking "engineer salaries" from their YouTube channels. Easily over $400 PER day.
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nzero  +   668d ago
mydnyt rain you can delude yourself as much as you want. But your website is full of shit. First and foremost he is partnered with machinma so they take a big stake in what he does in terms of profits. Secondly your website has a range of about 100k+ in estimated "profits" when a range is that massive it mean they have no type of any significant data to even estimate anything. Most likely in anything they took machinma's Quarterly reports and diveded it by how many users they have signed and added an estimated value to it. But again you can believe what you will. Go and become a youtuber for all I care but to say that these video game walkthrough youtube users are making a lifelong career out of this is beyond logical thought.
Lord_Sloth  +   668d ago
You realize that most people using a walkthrough are using it in place of strategy guides, right? They already HAVE the game. Others (like me) use it to get a good idea of the game's worth.
MidnytRain  +   667d ago

Lmao, does it bother you that someone can make so much money from YouTube?

Forbes estimates that half of Smosh's earnings over 12 months (= $5 million) comes from ad sharing on YouTube. Unless that estimate is over 50 times too large, then they're loaded any way to you cut it.


EDIT: Whoops that wasn't supposed to show up. ;)
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Mikey32230  +   668d ago
What is up with u people stealing my Avatar!!
jordan8445  +   668d ago
And it still will be. You can still upload videos, just not quit your job and live off them.
metalmatters  +   668d ago
I think that makes it fair, I think Youtube realized these youtubers were banking big time just by uploading a video of them playing a game. Thats no hobby thats a business with zero overhead. I find it fair that you can upload videos of your fave hobby (playing games) without getting paid.
princejb134  +   668d ago
Google really better stop changing those you tubes policies or their going to lose a lot of viewers and money in te process
Murad  +   668d ago
Google's not going to lose anything lol. YouTube is one of the smallest forms of their moeny income, and that's to say the least. Actually, if I'm right, I'm guessing YouTube is getting sued right now by company x by placing these videos and getting revenue. Hmm, I wonder why they're stopping gameplay videos, O wait, cause they don't want to get sued.
Grap   668d ago | Personal attack | show
princejb134  +   668d ago
So why is veto paying google to host their videos on YouTube lol
All those advertisements yup is money in googles pocket
kenshiro100  +   668d ago
Youtube isn't invincible. They keep screwing people over and they'll feel the burn soon.
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Debaitable  +   668d ago
I believe google is in court against Viacom for infringing material which is why they are removing videos. If they don't, they will get sued and get the videos removed anyways.
Murad  +   667d ago
Ya, I keep on trying to tell everyone that, but what can I say, once people have a one track mind; they tend to keep it that way D:
2pacalypsenow  +   668d ago
The downfall of YouTube is beginning
Agent_hitman  +   668d ago
I reckon it would happen if Google didn't change their stupid policies and remove that stupid Google+ sync on YT accounts.
Conzul  +   668d ago
are there any YouTube alternatives?
M-M  +   668d ago
Yeah but they're not nearly as popular as Youtube. Once Twitch starts allowing uploaded videos(I know they will) then Youtube gaming is done with. Also, there is a major Youtube network that may start their own streaming site, but that's all I can say for now.
Conzul  +   668d ago

Well one has to start somewhere.
M-M  +   668d ago
That downfall happened when Google bought Youtube.
NarooN  +   668d ago
This. I've noticed ever since that happened, the site got progressively worse and worse.
cell989  +   668d ago
the downfall of those guys that made real money from these videos, that is
ELCUCO  +   668d ago
And now we know why Youtube is not allowing streaming on PS4 and X1.
jahfen83  +   668d ago
All good things come to an end. Keep it up Youtube/Google and you will be a titanfall.
Qrphe  +   668d ago
Thank God, I've been sick and tired of all thse "e-celebs" making what used to be a hobby into a business.
mdluffy  +   668d ago
Just because your jealous... doesn't mean you have to hate.
I'm happy for the people that can have fun and earn money with it.
Qrphe  +   668d ago
This policy does not remove/block/ban videos, it only disables monetization to the uploader. PewDiePie, DSPGaming and the rest of today's "role models" can keep on uploading them for free.

I'm happy gaming videos can go back to being uploaded for just fun and not for greed.
KwietStorm  +   668d ago
How does it harm or affect you?
CrossingEden  +   668d ago
You do realize that a hobby can also be a business right? There is absolutely nothing wrong with people making money off of their unique experiences with today's current games. It's not for "greed" unless you count any monetized video as "greed." Your jealousy is not well hidden.
JEECE  +   668d ago
While we are throwing unwarranted personal attacks at you, I may as well throw out that you probably have no friends...and let's see, you probably live in your parent's basement as well. Hopefully someone notes that you are butthurt, because that is a still-acceptable homophobic insult that is commonly used but rarely makes sense.
mydyingparadiselost  +   668d ago
Couldn't you say the same thing for the developers making the games, especially indie devs who turn their hobby into a business? I guess we should all work at McDonalds and pursue our life dreams for free for the rest of our lives...
Qrphe  +   668d ago
Yes you can say the same thing about them. Particularly when last gen was all about publishers closing down studios after streamlining IP after IP in attempts to sell millions.

And if one's dream is to get paid to play games for an audience, well, that's pretty pathetic to have such low outlook in life.
KonsoruMasuta  +   668d ago
That's a stupid idea, considering most of YouTube's biggest channels are gaming channels.
Murad  +   668d ago
Most of YouTubes biggest channels are Smosh, TB, Polaris gang and so on. Let's play are definitely not the biggest; lol. My guess is, if Google is getting swarmed by companies left and right, this is their only choice, or else, they will lose a bigger profit.
KonsoruMasuta  +   668d ago
PewDiePie, who often uploads gameplay videos and lets plays, has over 17,000,000 subscribers. That's more than smosh.
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DragonKnight  +   668d ago
Change your name. You don't deserve the name of a Suikoden character with your ignorance.

The biggest channel on Youtube is PewDiePie and he's a let's player, so that means a let's play channel is the biggest channel on youtube and the most affected by this. Google isn't too big to fail, and youtube is the biggest and most used video sharing site on the internet that's going to definitely lose a lot of viewers because of this tactic. It's already happened, but you would only know that if you watched any worthwhile videos on the subject.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   668d ago
you know Polaris got a ton of let's play channels right?

BTW: TB is a part of Polaris soooooo why mention him twice?

Yogcast, PewDiePie, TobyGames, Game Grumps, AngryJoe, TotalBiscuit, Jesse Cox, HuskyStarcraft, JonTron, PurgeGamers & Press Heart To Continue and alot more is a part of Polaris.

thats alot of popular channels, heck PewDiePie got over 17mill subs atm....
Debaitable  +   668d ago
It really isn't on their standpoint. I believe they're losing the infringing battle with Viacom. If they refuse to remove them, they will get sued and it'll forcibly be removed by court order anyways. What else can they do?
GSKerns  +   668d ago
glad I don't monetize my video reviews... https://www.youtube.com/use... btw ;)
Qrphe  +   668d ago
Good for you, it shows that you do it for passion and nothing else.
DragonKnight  +   668d ago
And people who monetize their videos don't have passion?

Ever heard of getting paid to do what you love? Just because you're stuck in a dead end job you hate is no reason to rag on others who aren't.
CrossingEden  +   668d ago
So where was the rule stated that people who get paid to play video games don't love them. It's in many cases, quite the opposite. I would love to get paid to play video games because I myself am in school for animation/game development/film, how DARE you believe that people shouldn't be paid for something that they love doing, in fact, I would go so far as to say that these people are more passionate about gaming then people like you, because they are able to turn it into a career.
mike32UK  +   668d ago
exactly what i was thinking DragonKnight!
creatchee  +   668d ago
Wow, CrossingEden - you talk about pay-to-let's-play-gamers like they are doing something useful for society like brain surgery or sweeping a street. I'm going to put this in caps so it's quite legible:


They did not design any video games. They did not market or sell any video games. They did nothing other than buy a game and capture/edit their gameplay and commentary. They don't even play competitively (which is something worth a prize). Simply playing a video game does not deserve money as compensation.

I love playing video games. I would never even want being paid to enter the equation because that would compromise that love. The people who allow that to happen are what you see making money on YouTube.

Now I don't have a problem with people who do tips and tricks videos, or analyze the games themselves or do reviews. Those are worthy of being paid. But, and I can't stress this enough, JUST PLAYING A GAME IS NOT. And if you don't believe me, ask yourself this: if you go to a friend's house and watch him or her play a video game, do they deserve to be paid?
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M-M  +   668d ago
When you start doing Youtube videos for money, you have to ask yourself something before you start. Are you doing it because you love what you do, and money is just an extra part of it? Or are you doing it for money and doing what you love doing is extra.
DragonKnight  +   668d ago
@creatchee: Your logic would invalidate over 80 years of television broadcasting, as people pay to watch people do all kinds of things all the time with television.

Let's Plays are an extension of that idea, and for some people offer the service of an impartial review of the game, helping them to decide whether they want to play the game themselves or not. It is a setting where a gamer is simply playing a game as a gamer, with no rules or regulations or deadlines to publish a review filled with information many may not care about, such as pixel count or frames per second.

No one is paying to watch Let's Plays, advertisers are paying Let's Players for exposure. This means that the person isn't getting paid for doing what they love in a technical sense, instead they are getting paid because people like to watch what they're doing.
In any case, your argument is invalid.
cell989  +   668d ago
@DragonKinght Im sorry but when you have some people making 200k+ per year by just playing videogames, I dont think theyre doing it just for fun. Once money gets involved a lot more than fun is at stake. Lets see how many of these people actually continue to make videos without getting paid.

The truth is it started as a hobby just for fun and turned into a full fledged business where 1000 of dollars matter more than "my favorite hobby"

I have no problem with people getting paid for tips and tricks, reviews. People getting mad amounts of money just by doing a play through and uploading it, I do.

Play it, record it, upload it, and forget it. Easiest money making machine ever
creatchee  +   668d ago
Not only is my argument valid, but your comparison to 80 years of broadcasting is both invalid and asinine. Surely even you can tell the difference between television program production and some kid hooking his console up to a capture card and playing a video game.

If you tried uploading either a tv show or a tv show with you commenting on it, chances are you'll get a copyright violation and have your video removed. Why is it different for somebody playing a single player campaign? Even if you could argue that it isn't subject to copyright protection, can you sit there and say that the person playing the game SHOULD BE PAID?

I know everyone hates to see the big guy stepping on the little guy, but come on - sometimes the little guy is actually in the wrong, or at least doesn't deserve to be paid for whatever he's doing.
DragonKnight  +   668d ago
@cell989: People make far more for doing far less in this world. Where does this attitude come from that making money off of doing something you enjoy doing, and something that's easy to do equate to being bad? That attitude sounds like someone who is upset that they didn't think of it first and now has sour grapes because of it (not saying that that's you, just speaking in general).

Everyone in this world wants that job that's easy to do, that they enjoy doing, and that they get paid a lot of money to do. People have turned playing sports into a profession where players earn millions a year over, say, a doctor whose job is vastly more difficult, vastly more important, and has a vastly lower pay. The examples have parallels. For some, playing sports is easy, they love to do it, and they get paid obscene money to do it. Why is it wrong for others to find another way to do the same?

And how do you know they don't love doing it just because they may make 200K a year? Are you them?

@creatchee: No, sorry, your argument is still invalid. A user can't just plug in their console to a capture card and make money on youtube. They have to provide entertainment or something worth watching. Simply playing the game will make exactly no one money. Again, television is paying to watch someone either act a certain way, or provide information. Let's Plays offer both. Your grudge is that it doesn't cost as much to make, and anyone can do it, but that's not the fault of the Let's Player. If people find entertainment in it, it isn't your right to tell them they're wrong and to degrade Let's Players for finding a way to do something fun and make money from it.

The person isn't being paid to play the game. The person is being paid for the exposure they are receiving, which they only receive because while playing the game they are entertaining. Take a look at the difference in views between a simple gameplay trailer with no commentary, and a Let's Play of that same game and you'll notice a stark difference.

I want you to explain to everyone how it is wrong to get paid to do something fun. And do so without injecting your own opinion on what constitutes hard work. Because as far as I know, capitalism is a system in which you get paid for offering something that people want to pay for. In the case of Let's Players, advertisers pay them because they are entertaining enough to draw in an audience of people that enjoy the commentary ALONG WITH the gameplay.

Sour grapes doesn't equal legitimacy.
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KillrateOmega  +   668d ago
I love YouTubers as much as the next guy, but let's not fool ourselves, guys. They are doing it for money.

If you love to play video games, then fair enough, but why would you go so far as to bother to go buy a video capturing device, hook it up, install and learn some recording software, learn the tedious art of video editing, and then go through the process of successfully uploading a video to YouTube on an irregular or regular basis?

The answer: you are looking for attention and, by extension, money.

And I will admit, I do find it somewhat disconcerting that someone can potentially be paid so much for doing so little. There are people out there who have spent years saving up money so they can pursue an education and have spent many an hour studying themselves to sleep who get paid less than some guy who uploads gameplay videos. It just seems...wrong.
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kornbeaner  +   668d ago
Yeah I have seen this as well on my channel. I have been cited before on major inclusions of VG music, due to that being the subject matter of some of my videos, but now it seems like the slightest background tone of music gets all my vids cited. It really sucks, cause I don't do it for the money, I just do it for the love.

And these citations usually block my videos from being viewed on anything but the Youtube's main page.
FantasyStar  +   668d ago
I know you said you don't 'do it for the money', but have you checked which publishers' whose music you're taking it from?

Like if you're taking VG music from Nintendo and they flagged you, that's weird. Which channel is yours? I'd like to check it out.
#12.1 (Edited 668d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kornbeaner  +   668d ago
My channel is mainly unboxings for whenever I get a new product, some tutorials for different things that people might be interested in and random thoughts that might pop in my head relating to the NFL and other random stuff.

Lately since I don't have time to really plan anything I just play games and talk, so that people have something interesting to watch other than my ugly mug.

But everything I have put up after the launch of the PS4 has been flagged for something, either audio, visual or both.

Funny thing is its never from the big wigs like Sony, EA, 2K or other. It seems to be from lawyer groups or some third party acting on the "Better" interest of these companies.

Honestly if Sony, EA or any other company, even if it was the music company behind the licensed music in these games I would be like "Okay, I can confirm your claim" and be done with it. But it's never the actual company who in my eyes have all the rights to the material, so that's what really bugs me. Same thing happen when I posted some GoW: Acension vids, some Chinese or Korean company claimed copyrights because at some point our play-throughs matched frames. Even though on their play-through it was clear they were on a Asian version of the game and I was clearly on an American version of the game. That really pissed me off.

Anyways sorry for the rant here is a link to my channel:

JessiePinkmanYo  +   668d ago
YouTube is like Americas Funniest Home Videos. The show was fun and wildly popular at first, but you can only watch someone get nailed in the nuts so many times before people get tired and move on. Same parallel can be with YouTube and shitty pet clips. They can move on and join us in the new age, or snub us and get left behind by another medium willing to support us. Their call.
PixelNinja  +   668d ago
They make take our videos down, but you can't beat the majority.
When the time comes we will move to a different service, YouTube has had its day, we will move to a service that doesn't diminish creative talents.
metalmatters  +   668d ago
how is playing a game and uploading it to monetize it creative?
MegaRay  +   668d ago
They can take our videos. But they can never touch our memories ^^
Loadedklip  +   668d ago
This blows ... all my favorite youtube channels are gaming channels.
BLAKHOODe  +   668d ago
My wife filmed our daughter doing the Chicken Dance with some generic, Chicken Dance music in the background from some super old kids show and YouTube took down the video for copyright violations.

I'd hate to imagine what they might do if you happen to have a McDonald's cup sitting on a table in the background of your video.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   668d ago
Damn just stop fans Either way we can't Youtube is just dumb now so it useless
Gondee  +   668d ago
Well, they technically did break copy right law, and if YouTube, I.e google doesn't appear to be doing something, it will have its balls sued clean off. Long term, i think the music industry needs to allow this, its like radio, free advertising. The people that still do buy music, buy higher quality audio. And no, youtubes 1080p 192kb/s does NOT sound good on any car stereo lol.
Soldierone  +   668d ago
It's like music, its not always the publishers flagging music videos, its Vevo. Why? Because Vevo gets more money if they attack the competition.

Same thing happening here. People want views, so they attack their competition through "legal" means....

A lot of gaming channels were mad as is, now this on top of comment issues.... Google what are you doing?
a08andan  +   668d ago
Okey from now on I will sing all the songs I want to use myself!
e-p-ayeaH  +   668d ago
This was bound to happen someday people have to accept it the hard way.
#22 (Edited 668d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kryteris  +   668d ago
As for theradbrad, I get how he might be receiving drama from youtube and publishers. His videos are complete walkthroughs.

If he would offer just walkthroughs to challenging parts, that would be more fair. But as is, someone could just go to his channel and watch the entire game, and feel no desire to actually play it apart from multiplayer. I intend to do this with BF4 as my games have become corrupted 4x now.
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CuddlyREDRUM  +   668d ago
Considering many of these people have the talent of a slow gerbil, I could care less.
ScepticTankAvenger  +   668d ago
Only things I go on YouTube for are Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth, ModernWarNegro, and Epic Rap Battles of History. I'll just start watching those videos on their sites. F**k YouTube.
Arturo84  +   668d ago
I think difference there is that RoosterTeeth has a actual relationship with MS so I really cant see them being affected
thecowsaysmoo  +   668d ago
I am tired of everyone keep saying "fair use" but do not know what it means. Yes, you can upload gaming videos on youtube, but fair use doesnt mean you can make money off it.
chaosdemon09  +   668d ago
Bingo... Lets face it..lets plays while fun to watch...everyone seems to be doing it now..which eventually means the bubble will burst.. These youtubers better get into something else before there money is stopped by google.
GSKerns  +   668d ago
If Youtube is no longer a viable platform for these people... they should just focus their content on Twitch.tv... max CPM baby.
Arturo84  +   668d ago
the copyrights agent will follow soon enough the pay2game tubers just need to realize that their employment was on shaking grounding waiting for copyrights to pounce and most will have to leave their dreams of creating income from plahing
aLiEnViSiToR  +   668d ago
If things go as they have for the past few years YouTube in maybe less then 10 years will be a thing of the past...
GentlemenRUs  +   668d ago
Touch any of my videos and I'm done with youtube... Why should people have to put up with BS like this?
GSKerns  +   668d ago
It seems many game companies are now taking to twitter about this... NamcoBandai and Naughty Dog have already asked anyone flagged to contact them to fix it.
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