Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes European Box Art Released; Kaz Has Been Removed from The Cover

A few weeks ago Hideo Kojima stated in an interview that he was considering to remove Kazuhira “Kaz” Miller from the western box art (he’s featured on the Japanese box art together with Snake) of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, because he stars prominently in Peace Walker, that wasn’t very successful in the west.

Unfortunately looks like the plan has been put into action, and today Konami Digital Entertainment Europe released the pack shots for the game: Kaz is indeed gone.

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Abriael1591d ago

I honestly hoped they wouldn't remove him in the end. The original cover was a bit more crowded, but looked better, IMHO.

Both still have nothing on the old ones.

xHeavYx1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I agree, the one with Kaz looks better (Dualshockers should have included a link to it)
My bad, didn't see it, goes to show how good Dualshoker article makers are ;)

Abriael1591d ago

xHeavYx: there Is a link to it :D Right at the top of the post.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1591d ago

@Abriael. I'm sure that MGSV: The Phantom Pain will most likely have a cover made by Yoji Shinkawa. There is no way Kojima wouldn't do that for the big, main game. This is just the prologue after all so it really doesn't surprise me that we got this cover art instead.

Welshy1591d ago

Even my Metal Gear Rising steal case had Yoji Shinkawa art work.

You can't bring the big guns and not at least have a steelcase edition with the proper artwork on it.

I feel for Americans though, you guys get more or less every game with a close up of the protagonists face or looking slightly off camera.

Don't drop the ball on this Konami! I've been a huge fan of the series art since MGS1, don't give it up now!

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Edvin19841591d ago

When is this coming out?

Snorlax1591d ago

March 18 for Ground Zeros only

SageHonor1591d ago

Is ground zeroes a full game?

maddskull1591d ago

@sagehonor it is practically a prologue to the phantom pain and it is only 30$ retail 20$ digital

Kran1591d ago

Dunno if I like this...

curtis921591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

what happened to the amazing art style of past MGS boxarts?

NovusTerminus1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

That died alongside of MGS4.

Welshy1591d ago

The EU got a Yoji Shinkawa cover art of Old Snake switching on the solid eye. I think it was just the US who get the in-engine close up case.

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The story is too old to be commented.