Minecraft is now running on the PS3, PS4 and Xbox One

4J Studios have confirmed via Twitter that Minecraft is indeed coming to the PS4 and Xbox One Consoles. But they are currently working to fix the glitches with PS3 Editions first.

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donnieboy1592d ago


SilentNegotiator1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Bah. Any computer on the planet from this century can play Minecraft.

Wake me up when a mobile version releases that isn't 5 years behind the PC version, then I'll care about a non-PC minecraft.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1592d ago

there are benefits, split-screen, which is huge for me, and the vita's version, obviously, will be portable, and that means no more crappy touch screen minecraft, analog sticks baby!

Old_Prodigy1592d ago

I'd explain to you why you're wrong, but even you can't be this stupid, and delusional.

SilentNegotiator1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )


No, go ahead. Explain how I'm "delusional" for not personally seeing the benefit of a version of Minecraft that is neither anywhere near caught up to having all of the features and not portable.

iamnsuperman1592d ago

Next stop my toaster. Seriously Minecraft is practically on everything

mt1592d ago

I hope it is a cross buy for PS4/PS3/PSvita since it is the same game. it is the case it would be the best value.

iGAM3R-VIII1592d ago

Actually MineCraft on PS VIta would be quite amazing

guitarded771592d ago

Yeah, that would be awesome, but I wouldn't count on it. Sony has cross-buy for all their first party stuff, but can't think of any 3rd party doing the same. The Rainbow Moon devs gave a discount for buying the game on Vita if you owned it on PS3. If we don't get cross-buy, a discount would at least be nice. Personally, I burned out on Minecrack after a month long binge. But I think it's great that more people are getting the chance to check it out.

Old_Prodigy1592d ago

Highly unlikely fucking Mojang will penny pench you for every cent you have. I have never seen a discount on minecraft pooket edition, ever.

BattleTorn1592d ago

thus is the advantage of making a game that can run on anything

SilentNegotiator1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

The advantage being to make an extra Zillion dollars each time.

3-4-51592d ago

Minecraft in a cylon ?

SilentNegotiator1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

You know what they say; "All toasters toast toast" (although they actually toast bread, not toast). Minecraft is the natural next step.


I'm betting on Japanese TOTO toilets before toasters though...

KnottaTroll1592d ago

At least if you had a PS4 you wouldn't have to buy it for the vita. You could just stream it from the PS4.

Lord_Sloth1591d ago

PS3 allows remote play too for many games.

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parentsbasement1592d ago

My boy will crap his pants when it comes to X1.....and I guess we can retire the 360 at that point......I kinda like it but mostly cause its something we play together......of course, it will look better on PS4 but I can live with the sub-par graphics I guess.......

SlapHappyJesus1592d ago

Nice attempt, but still an obvious troll.
Step up your game or GTFO!

parentsbasement1592d ago

But it multi-platform.....and all multi-platform games are now and will forever be better on PS4....aint that what ive been reading on this very site?

pacosanchez881592d ago

you like.... to use these.... too much....

NobleTeam3601592d ago

This is Minecraft hardly a graphical intensive game were talking about here.

mrbojingles1592d ago

I was really hoping for this to be out at PS4 launch. I'm still saving my $10 code for this. Hopefully early 2014. I mean, it has to be ALMOST done or else they wouldn't have said "at launch" back in August.

Aleithian1592d ago

Hah! I'm saving my $10 for that too. Really looking forward to it.

Pogmathoin1592d ago

Need it on X1, my son will not give me back 360 version, hes always trying to build titanic.... Hope my save game does transfer.... Was this actually confirmed?

ragincrinz1592d ago

I think its going to be a whole new game as they have made it better like the pc version with bigger high limits and maybe a never ending map like pc version

XiSasukeUchiha1592d ago

Bro, Mojang like a Progenter you can control everyone's hype

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