PS4 sells 80,000 in Spain since launch

Spain SONY Computer Entertainment has unveiled a MeriStation the sales data Playstation 4 in Spain since its launching him on 29 November. The machine, which is only about two weeks on sale, has placed 80,000 units.

James Armstrong, CEO of Playstation in Spain, said in an interview this morning that the ratio of units sold compared to machine competition, Microsoft Xbox One, is nearly four to one (3.5 to 1).

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mikeslemonade874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

"We're selling at a rate in comparison with competitors from 3.5 to 1. About twelve days of sales and them maybe 18 or 19 days of sales," adds Armstrong, remembering that new machines are being distributed each week."

No problem with supply and sold more while launching a week later in Spain. With a reported 3.5:1 that even surpasses my wildest views.

raytraceme874d ago

Sony Dominates in Spain and pretty much everywhere else in europe at that.

BALLBAGS874d ago

Even though nearly 4 to 1 against x box sales is crazy

Sony are hurting themselves not producing enough machines for the UK,Australia and America.

They haven't even launched in Japan yet..

ArmGunar873d ago

Nice for Sony and the PS4 :)

Eonjay873d ago

The world clearly wants its game consoles. I remember Sony saying that they were going to sell 3 million before the end of the year. That means that they have 900k to go... which means more stock is coming lol

maddskull873d ago

dont forget that this Friday they will launch in even more countries so the must control their supp;ies

MWong873d ago

@ ray
Yea the big test for Sony was in the US & UK. Those have typically been M$ dominated markets. I think the might get close to 3 million by January.

Salooh873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

2 more days and the ps4 will release in middle east. That's at least 300k if they put that amount of ps4's in middle east..

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assdan873d ago

Wasn't sure if that was a little or a lot at first lol.

HaHa_Ostrich873d ago

Exactly my thoughts. After all the "one million sold in 24hrs" articles, 80k did not sound like a lot.

Raccoon873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

80k sold at 400 dollars each is a huge amount! thats like selling 400 bwm 7 series sedan cars.

Baliw872d ago


Spain currency are euros, mate.

So 80k * $551

Visiblemarc873d ago

@BALLBAGS it's just not possible to produce at that kind of rate, yet. They are currently producing at 100% capacity. The current rate of production is pretty good actually, just not enough to meet demand. It would seem they produce about half a million a month, there is definitely room for improvement there, especially if things continue to go all ps2 up in here...but if sales quiet down after the launch-rush then they'd regret dramatically expanding production. Tough call for them, though the Ps4 seems to have a big future, more units can only help, imo.

nukeitall873d ago

Not just that, but once you ramp it up, you just don't ramp down either.

The demand right now is artificially high due to launch and then going into Christmas, so this is the highest demand part for a while, until the next holiday, so don't expect blockbuster sale for any console manufacturer after Christmas.

Ramping up can cost a lot if they are unable to shift those consoles next year, and that undoubtedly will happen.

BALLBAGS873d ago

At mark,yes very true...I think Sony should have thought this through maybe even delayed the launch,it's not like launch games on either system are mind blowing at present

But once drive club, infamous and titan fall hit that's when these systems are going to be desirable in my opinion

ToyboxDX873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

@ nukeitall, how can demand be artificially high when Sony is still struggling to meet the pre-order quantity?

The PS4 will be launched in Asia this month, which will drive up further demand.

And the PS4 will also be launched in Japan in Feb which I would say to fully expect blockbuster sales as well.

Plus between now to Feb, Sony still need to produce enough units to fulfill pre-order, to put decent amount of units on retail shelves in US, Europe and Australia etc. So, yeah, I would expect Sony to ramp up production BECAUSE of demand.

MS, on the other hand, is struggling to push XBone units into the consumer's hands and as such I foresee them to scale back the production quantity, as obviously it wasn't selling as well as MS hoped.

MS is probably now rethinking their strategy on how best to remarket the XBone moving forward.

mikeslemonade873d ago

I believe Sony always supplied the PS4 better overall because they chose come out one week earlier indicating they were more ready.

Clunkyd873d ago

I found an xbox one at my local Walmart in Houston.

rocky047586873d ago

Where at in Houston? Is that in the Galleria area? I'm in Houston too.

Pillsbury1873d ago

Global domination is imminent *puts pinkie to mouth*

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kayoss873d ago

Just imagine if Sony made more PS4, this number could be higher. Take in consideration that most of the people who buy the PS4 are gamers or "Hardcore" gamers. Unlike the situation with the Wii, where most consumers were just following the trend.

Majin-vegeta873d ago


Give me an S give an O give me an N give me a Y.

What does that spell?Sony

Yay Sony.

OT:Man Sony must be working overtime over9000!!

ashcroft873d ago

That was so lame, you should be embarassed!

The Killer873d ago

i support ps4, but that comment was so childish.

i think after some years he will grow up, so give him time.

ThunderSpark873d ago

I think his little sister stole his laptop again smh

KakashiHotake873d ago

I'm digging the humor. Give me a P, give me S, give me a 4...What does that spell? Greatness Awaits!

Majin-vegeta873d ago

Apparently the people above don;t have humor.I hate to be at a party with them.Seems like they're the party poopers -_-.

GirlOnFire873d ago

Burn! Xbox how are you going to catch up now? ;)

KakashiHotake873d ago

lol I'm with you man. I wanna see the Xbone burn too.

jjonez18873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

Everyone knows that destruction is in the Uchiha blood ;)
Nah but seriously, xbox hasn't been the most consumer-friendly console maker. But each side has their own radicals, and each has something to gripe about.

DigitalRaptor873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

They aren't - it's that simple.

Sony started working on PS4 in 2008. Microsoft on Xbone, in 2010. Sony was going to release this year, and Microsoft wasn't. Xbox One had slip ups, and 180s that have caused the console to receive a number of pretty awful setbacks and I don't think they were even remotely prepared for the consumer reaction to their anti-consumer policies and their plans and the way in which Sony cleverly won the people over.

Remember all those awful negatives PS3 had on its side? Terrible marketing, high price point, a perception of no games, a problematic online network, slow installs, insane journalistic/media bias. It still managed to outsell the 360 year-on-year for the majority of its time on the market, and has outsold it in recent years. Sony consoles have always sold better.

And now that none of those negatives are really in Sony's side of the court, there should be no surprise that Sony will continue to stomp them year-after-year - especially after all the bad decisions MS has dragged along with them, as well as the negative publicity that goes along with that.

Sony has the dedicated gaming console on their side. They have the better policies for developers and for gamers by an English country mile. They have the best support from all facets of game development. AAA, indie, MMO, free-to-play, Japan etc. They have the most powerful and flexible console that will continue to grow each year with services, just as XBL grows and sorts out its part chat problems and adds features that were also selling points of the console. Microsoft is behind in so many respects that I find it strange they are meant to be the one touting "future-proof".