Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Gold Guide: How To Make Money Quickly

Gold is crucial in Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag (AC IV), every new item and upgrade costs certain amounts of gold, as well as other resources. Making money is not hard in this pirate game; however it requires patience and determination. The main trick is to be extremely active between main quests. Exploring and doing side assignments are the most profitable ways towards financial ascension.

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SeanScythe1467d ago

So play the game is all this is saying. There are not real hints or tips, he's basically telling you all the ways there are to make money. So just play the game and you will make money from different activity's.

Senyra1467d ago

Well, the only way to make mass money is repeat most of these points or throught cheat codes.

SeanScythe1467d ago

I've made most of my money just by plundering ships. I made nearly 100,000 in just a few hours.

GameSpawn1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

The two fastest ways to make money is taking over ships and utilizing the Kenway's Fleet minigame. Between the two you'll easily be bring in more money then you can spend.

Also, concentrate on getting money and materials for ship upgrades first. Once you have eliminated your need to keep cloth, metal, and wood for ship upgrades you can sell these resources with rum and sugar and begin raking in serious money.

With a maxed out ship Man-o-Wars carrying 1000-1500 Reales are a joke and rarely take ANY of your ship's health off.

Lord_Sloth1466d ago

Article title
How To Make Money Quickly

Your comment
he's basically telling you all the ways there are to make money

The article does exactly what it's title suggests. Shocking!

Bathyj1467d ago

My ship is all but maxed out and I've found an area where the ships carry 1500R as well as about 4800R worth of cargo. Thats a pretty good payoff for one boarding.

uncharted561466d ago

Wanna share this area with me lol. I have mostly been sticking to north part of map because I am having trouble taking out brigs with ease up close. I usually stay far away and use mortars. Only have lvl 2 hull armor and lvl 3 broad side cannons. Know any good area where I can rack up some metal?

Bathyj1466d ago

I think its SSW near the Big ship (but dont take on the big ship). Some of the boats are level 38 but, but I take them out pretty easy.

GameSpawn1466d ago

All the regions marked "Hard" have level 36 and 49 Man-o-Wars that are carrying tons of cargo and money. Royal Convoys (the ships marked "R" on your map) will net the most money in these regions, but don't pop up all the time. The Man-o-Wars are pretty consistent and respawn quickly.

To get level 60 Man-o-Wars (either for their cargo or for collecting for Kenway's fleet) there is one non-respawning one outside New Bone (I've never seen it respawn on my game anyways) and they will always show up at a maxed out 4 "cross" wanted level as hunters, usually with a level 38 Frigate in tow -- if your ship is maxed out you'll have no problems capturing BOTH.

The legendary ships, I believe, are all level 75 and even with a maxed out ship can rip you a new one if you go at them unprepared. The legendary ships CANNOT be captured and will give you 20,000 Reales each (the set of two ships, top right corner?, gives you 10,000 each for a total of 20,000). REMEMBER to pickup the cargo they drop when they sink!!

Besides the legendary ships the highest level ships are level 60 Man-o-Wars.

Bio_Mod1467d ago

Agreed I've made loads from just plundering, but now I've got to find the plans to Max out.
Aaarrgghh the life of a pirate.

adventureghost1241467d ago

You get money WAY to easily in this game. I don't really see why you need a guide to show you how to make more faster. You almost always have plenty

andygee19871466d ago

I'm the richest Pirate in the world on PS4 :p