Project Cars New Screenshots

Guide4GameS: Slightly Mad Studios has released the bunch of new screenshots of it upcoming title in racing named Project Cars. The project is expected in 2014 on PC , PS4 , Xbox One and Wii U .

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GT671559d ago

What????? no ps3 version ahhh crood.

cyguration1559d ago

Technically, the community released new screenshots for the game. But it's all good!

Orbilator1559d ago

Same great photos, but its all an illusion. I wanna see gameplay video with a spec sheet of the system its running on. Gran Turismo has a photomode that makes these shot look similar so why would we get excited? Gameplay videos please

Orbilator1559d ago

yeah nice videos on youtube ,they look ok to but theres nothing really special about the driving experience that sets it apart. Audio is lovely thats for sure but even the most recent are just ok graphics wise, replays rock for sure but who watches replays after the first few times, like i said already, the media machine has done a good job hyping up something that just aint that special unless your a pc gamer craving a decent driving game. Cosnole gamers are spoilt for great driving games and next gen is gonna be the same.

manic_maniac1559d ago

Screens are nice, but in game still looks good just not that good. Plays alot like gt and forza.
Still nice though. Wonder how it will fare on consoles as big rig needed for full effect.

hiredhelp1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

I wish youtube vids be soo much better im member i can say the builds you play see are same as these look.
Intel core i5 2500k @ 4.6ghz
Thermal right Venemous x
AMD HD7970 Ghz
8gb RAM
windows 8

Ill find some more update here

Orbilator1559d ago

Really that's a great video ? Oh dear again average in game visuals and some nice replay footage.

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The story is too old to be commented.