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Project CARS Trailer Features Enya's Only Time With Beautiful New Footage

Gaming Blend "Anyone with early access to the alpha of Project CARS due to the crowd-funding drive by SMS can cut, edit and publish videos and screenshots of Project CARS for public consumption. The latest trailer for the game is a beautifully cut trailer from Terminator-SSD on YouTube, who edited together his gameplay footage and matched it up with Enya's timeless “Only Time”." (PC, Project CARS, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   663d ago
Damn looks good man
donman1  +   662d ago
Why does Nintendo own this developer?
Theyellowflash30  +   662d ago
Why should they?
chikane  +   663d ago
Really looking forward to this game.

One question i thought i was coming to the ps3 and 360 as well did they cancel those versions?
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theWB27  +   663d ago
I do believe it's PC,WiiU,X1 and PS4 now. Current gen was canceled. http://www.gamespot.com/for...
muffinbutton  +   662d ago
Wouldn't PS3, 360 and Wii be considered last gen since next-gen is already here? Just a thought.
starfox079  +   663d ago
Yes SMS said then 2 consoles were holding them bk....
UncleGermrod  +   663d ago
The lighting effects in this game are really accurate so far, from what I can tell. Should be really cool to see how it turns out.
peterdawa  +   663d ago
honestly this game just doesnt look that good to me. It just never looks that good in motion. Are the creenshots from a newer build? I find forza and the currrent driveclub build graphically more consistent...
ATiElite  +   663d ago

Ok granted you DO NOT have a Gaming PC and have NOT played Pcars in 1600p like myself.

I think you like just bright colors that pop and YOU do not realize the amount of photo-realistic detail that is in Pcars.

Forza and DC have bright colors and nice graphics meanwhile Pcars has realistic colors, real-time lighting EVERY WHERE which imposes shadows to make some colors seem darker while Forza and it's static lighting and Drive Club with it's semi-real time lighting makes everything always BRIGHT.

If you look at the finer details of Pcars you will see and understand the difference.

Now if you just like Bright colors and no real time lighting then YES Forza and DC are for you

Pcars has fine details, realistic shadows and lighting. Pcars looks fantastic in real time even in it's alpha build that gets updated weekly.

People have different taste in graphics so you liking Forza and DC is no problem but I do think Pcars looks better as I play it and study DC a lot. Forza is out of the question because of static lighting.

Gameplay wise Pcars KILLS all with it's incredible physics engine that makes driving very realistic

Edit - this is an OLD build because track debris is there but very little movement. The current build has a ton of track debris and physics.
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windblowsagain  +   663d ago

Has the best lighting yet.

Fully dynamic, hence day/night cycle. Realtime sky's etc.
JackieCruise69  +   663d ago
Looks pretty good. I don't usually go for the racing games, but I might give this one a try.
MidnytRain  +   663d ago
That pop-in was atrocious.
OsirisBlack  +   663d ago
Glad someone else noticed that .... it was really bad from :58-1:03 probably an oversight that they will correct.
theshonen8899  +   663d ago
I would like to politely remind people that this game is currently in alpha and the trailer is fan-made.
Hazmat13   663d ago | Trolling | show
Destrania  +   663d ago
Is it just me or does Project CARS seem lifeless and kind of boring? I haven't seen anything from it that's even been remotely close to blowing me away either... Meh...
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ooquis  +   663d ago
Wow 1:02.....terrible draw distance. I'm disappointed. With so much hype behind this game and the environment looks like something GT6 can pull off.
Destrania  +   663d ago
DriveClub is goimg to be the only true next-gen racer for a while. The bar they are setting is going to be tough to beat.
2pacalypsenow  +   663d ago
when are they actually gonna release this game?
darkstar18  +   663d ago
cant wait to play this on my WII U!!
kingPoS  +   662d ago
Project Cars eh. Dosen't look half bad; I just didn't think they would chose Enya for a cover song though.

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